Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hom Menswear

Mio Destino now shopwcases the new Hom Collection. HOM was established in 1968 in Marseille by Charles Belpaume & Gilbert Anselme. In 1986 HOM was bought by lingerie leaders Triumph and expanded worldwide. In 1997 HOM invent happiness for men with H01, their first brief with a horizontal opening. French politicians are invited to wear test H01's and give them the thumbs up and The Fashion Museum at the Louvre in Paris displays a pair of H01's in recognition of their innovative design. Since 1997 many more designs have been added and H01s top best-seller lists throughout Europe.
Modern designs evoke a sexy and masculine feel such as the HOM Males Red Hipster and the HOM Energy Maxi Red and White Pants .

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