Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hot News! More New Designs from Luxxa

This new is really straight off the press. These designs are so new that pricing has not been set on all of the items yet. That said, stock will be coming through to www.ever-so-sexy.com in the next ten days, so you will know where to lay your hands on these glamorous and sexy new Luxxa designs.

First Bastia: Bra and thong (with an open option0, a Body - also with an open option. A babydoll, described in a straight-laced way as a robe, which really belies its naughty but nice nature. And last but certainly not least a cute and cheeky camitop. The jigsaw type design on the lace is contemporary and distinct and the frills and bows add a touch of flirty femininity, while the signature cross ribboning that Luxxa are known for, makes its appearance on the open bra and the body. Prices start at a very reasonable £49.95 for the cami top which is remarkable value for this top quality luxury French lingerie. Remember Luxxa only make limited quantities of each of their designs, which maintains the special and individual nature of the line and makes each new design a real collector's item. If you love lingerie, you will adore Luxxa.

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