Friday, November 30, 2007


Attitude is everything when we attempt to keep our love life alive. We have to have an attitude of confidence, strength, will, and, sensuality. Confidence makes people much more attractive, plus it gives them an added allure. As with anything, moderation prevails...

Attitude also is so important when we 'dress up' to keep our object of affection mesmerized. We cannot just put on something sexy and expect it to do the work for us, no, it takes an attitude of wearing it. The clothes don't make the person, the person makes the clothes. This is why it is so important to take the time to pick styles which enhance and 'dress' your body type and your own personality... There are some people who look good in many things, but, even they do not look good in everything; the rest of us have to pick and choose. It is better to have a few pieces that will knock your lover out, then a bunch which do not flatter just so....

There are flattering pieces for every body, for every age, for every personality. There are some really sexy older people around these days, and, part of their allure is that they know how to 'dress' their body type; they know what looks good on them, and, they wear it well. The same is true for fuller figures; there are lots of gorgeous plus size women and men these days who know how to 'dress' what they have, and, how to use it...

Men who are shopping for lingerie for their woman are inclined to pick out pieces which they are attracted to, instead of clearly deciding if said woman would look good in that particular piece, and, that can lead to feelings of discomfort for the woman, as, she will feel that she should wear it, just to make him happy, but, if it does not fit her body type, she is not going to feel sexy in it, and, her confidence level will not be such that she can make it work. It is a no-win situation...

Therefore gentlemen, take time to really look at your woman. It need not be a complicated ordeal, it just needs to be a considerate and conscious one... The whole picture. Her body, her hair, her face, her skin tone, her personality, and, her overall esteem level. The key here is to 'dress' her body in a way which will make her more beautiful; in a way which will enhance her entirely. It should be that her flaws are 'dressed' that she radiate confidence and sensuality....

Take time to take into consideration her weight, what she considers her flaws, her age, her physical attributes and strengths, her coloring, and, her personality. If she is a quiet, timid woman, do not bring home a g-string and corset; instead, bring home something which matches her nature, such as a lovely and sheer gown. If you play your cards right, that quiet, timid lady might eventually become a quiet riot... So, think about who you are buying lingerie for; if you are buying it solely for your pleasure, but she doesn't feel good or attractive in it, you have wasted your money, for it is probably going to be worn once, just to please you, and then, it is going to hang or lay around, useless...

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Wow! I think winter is surely here to stay. It is soooooooooooooo cold that I just cannot get warm enough. Time for cuddling, for sure...

To warm up the nights of winter, lingerie plays an important role, as it will make each of you forget how cold it is outside for it will be sizzling inside. A beautiful chemise with a long silky robe, some sassy footwear, and whatever else pleases your fancy, can turn even Arctic nights into the sensation of the Tropics. Sometimes, I like to wear Daisy Dukes and a perfect top. Or, even a swimsuit which will make the temperatures rise. There are just so many ways to heat up the winter....

I managed a bar for years, and, in the winter, I would always have nights of fun; partly to distract us from the winter blahs, and, partly to spark some fire into the coldest months. Swimwear, and, certain lingerie would set the stage for this. It was a lot of fun, and, I had such great response and participation, which built the business rapidly. Even in the summer time, I would host parties such as BBQ's where I, and, everyone else would be in beach attire. So, you see, lingerie has a wide array of purpose and uses...

When it comes to lingerie, there are endless options in selection, feel, price, and, usefulness. It is just one of those areas of life which lends magic, excitement, and, happiness. With some imagination, creativity, and, playfulness, you are sure to light the night on fire, regardless of the elements outside, and, anyone is able to do this. You simply have to choose the right pieces, with the right material, in the perfect color, and, you will be shining like the brightest star in the night sky, only, your partner won't be scanning the night sky, for they will only have eyes for you...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Many people, especially women are leery of ordering clothing, shoes, or lingerie through mail order or on the Internet, because they are afraid that they won't fit right. I order things from all kinds of sources, Internet, or mail order, all the time, and, I have always been satisfied. Maybe once in all of my years of ordering through these sources, did I have a problem...

If you carefully read the sizing chart, which is just above the item you are interested in, you will have pretty good luck. I have ordered from Frederick's of Hollywood for years, and, each dress I order is unique; I get plenty of compliments on each. So, don't let something like this worry you, it will be alright, you just have to read the chart for each item as many things come from different manufacturers and, therefore, run differently in size. I have always ordered Med. from most places, having only to return one item...

The great thing about ordering your lingerie on-line is that you can do so in privacy. With Girlfriends Lingerie, the size charts are above each item. And, the prices are way lower than shopping at your local lingerie shop, or mall. I was attracted to Girlfriends Lingerie, first, for their styles and selection, secondly, their prices, and, thirdly for their sizing charts, which make a world of difference in considering ordering something from this type of company.

Girlfriends Lingerie, to me, offers a wide variety of styles, materials, colors, accessories, and, they are just so nice to deal with. Their site is very reader friendly, you can find out almost everything you need to know, and, if there is a question you need answered, they are more than accommodating in this area too.

Lingerie has been a large part of my life since I was quite young; I love it~ While I have found some great companies featuring lingerie and other related products, I have to tell you honestly, that I am most impressed with Girlfriends Lingerie, for the reasons above and for their over-all effort to provide customer satisfaction, from the building of their site, to the quality and selection of their products, to delivering wonderful and wearable products. Yes, I am serious, I love this company, and, you will too... Just click on one of the ads and see what I mean; you will probably write a letter saying much the same as I just did...

Check it out Girlfriends Lingerie and enjoy~~~

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


She says, "What do you want to do tonight?" He smiles, for he has been waiting for that question all week. He loves it when they have those 'special' nights where she puts on one of the outfits he has bought for her (him), and, they have a romantic night of fun.

He bought her a pole not too long ago and she has been practicing. In fact, he has been practicing as well. They take turns driving each other to the happiest pleasure they have ever known. While they have been together for years, they have one of the hottest relationships ever known, because they take the time to seduce, entice, and, enchant one another...

I know many couples who are making things happen in their relationship by taking the time to have hours of romantic fantasy each week. It is nothing new, that is for sure, but, more and more people are seeing the necessity for such times....

Costumes, lingerie, props, and more have heated up many households of the world, keeping relationships alive and full of love. What could be better than sharing desire of the best kind with the one you love?

Isn't it time for you and your partner to get into the groove? Wouldn't it be fun to have a whole wardrobe of fun and exotic clothes to enhance that time? And don't forget the accessories, which add allure to the already wonderful pieces. Make it soon; just you and your love, having lots of sensational play-acting together, you will be all the more happy for it...

Monday, November 26, 2007


I think that all couples should have a 'once a week time' when they live in fantasy land. It should be a time of fun and play. Acting and enjoying. But, if that seems too unrealistic, at least once a month should be scheduled for sensuous restoration.

There are many attributes to having such times. The relationship blossoms, the fire is rekindled, and the very act of sharing such times reaffirms the bond between two...

This is one reason that pole dancing has become so popular. It is one of the hottest trends in urban America right now as women try to appeal to their lovers sultry side, in hopes of keeping their love alive and well...

And, you see, here lingerie takes the role of enhancement again. There are just not enough ways to describe the many advantages to having lots of lingerie. It is for ' the good times'. It is for pleasure. It is for feeling that special feeling that only lingerie can provide. Within each of us lives an actor or actress and one of the easiest ways to take center stage is to dress for the occasion. Oh, it is fun, and, it makes you feel seductive and irresistible...

With any good lingerie, we need the right accessories; that is, shoes, jewelry, gloves, and other such. There is just no limit to how far you can go to tantalize your object of affection, and, if you have the necessary props, the sky (or the ceiling) is the limit...

Sunday, November 25, 2007


The Christmas season is in full swing. This is the time of year for presents of all kinds, but, for sure, most people get some kind of pajamas, robes, slippers, or lingerie. I love to get lingerie; it is so feminine and it just makes you feel good about yourself to slip on something really beautiful and soft to the skin...

Maybe it goes back to 'dress up' days, but, I yet love putting on a baby doll with the perfect cut and color, some maribou slippers and walking around the house. Even if it so cold that I have to slip on a silky robe, I love it. There is something definite about the experience, there is empowerment and confidence in the action...

Any one can look good in lingerie. It is a matter of choosing the right pieces for your body type. Even the models do not look good in every style of lingerie, each body has its own unique way of wearing certain things, so, do not ever feel less than worthy of some gorgeous lingerie. It is part attitude, you know? If you are confident when you slip into something like a long sheer gown, a flowing robe, then the lingerie will come to life~

Yes, there is something definite about wearing lingerie. It has a mystique all its own, which coupled with your own unique flavor, makes everything come to life~~~

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Every person and every couple has times when they need to show their sexiness. We all have fantasies, and, while some go beyond that need, most of us like to keep it soft and sexy. Lingerie plays a large role in that arena. With lovely baby dolls to costumes, there is a wide range of ways to make even the coldest of nights sizzle like the Sahara Desert...

Join me as I bring you some of my favorites. There are many ways to make anyone 'unforgettable'. It only takes some creative inspiration, and, I will be your guide...

In love and war, there are certain charms which we use to make our point silently. When we use playfulness, we are opening a whole new side of ourselves to our lover, therefore, making it almost improbable that they will wander too far from the fire of the heart...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

More Axami at Ever-so-Sexy

Axami - a great alternative to Luxxa. Super sexy, romantic and glamorous that is Axami lingerie.

Axami offers a range of high quality bra sets and basques in small, medium or large sizes but with a choice of cup size. Ever-so-Sexy are bringing in more of the Axami lines, and although stock may not arrive in time for Christmas, Valentines Day is only a few weeks away after Christmas and Axami lingerie would make a wonderful romantic gift.

New Kiss Me Deadly Design in Stock

Sirena - super sexy and sophisticated - a new limited quantity design from Kiss Me Deadly is now available from stock at A combination of dark blue satin and black lace this lingerie is a combination of beauty and practicality. As the label says, "Dangerously seductive for onlookers, totally secure for wearers." Kiss Me Deadly Sirena now available at but stock is limited.

Di Murini Lingerie Christmas Competition

Di Murini Lingerie Free to Enter Christmas Competition

£500 of Di Murini Lingerie - 4 chances to win!
The Christmas season has arrived, snow is in the air and it is a great time to get romantic in luxurious new Di Murini silk lingerie.

Mio Destino is giving away four sets of lingerie to four lucky people - a total value of £500. By entering the competition, you have a chance to win one of two Di Murini chemises (£110 each) or one of two camisole and French knickers sets (£140 each).

A hint of fun, a touch of elegance, total enchantment. Di Murini offers classic and sensual lingerie for the woman who demands style and luxury.

Inspired by the opulent glamour of old Hollywood, Di Murini is a divine blend of sumptuous ivory Italian silk and stunning black Chantilly lace. Competition closes at 11:59 PM GMT on December 24th, 2007.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Di Murini Lingerie Exclusive to Mio Destino

Di Murini , Location: London, EnglandStyle: A hint of fun, a touch of enchantment. Di Murini offers classic and sensual lingerie for the woman who demands style and luxury.
Inspired by the opulent glamour of old Hollywood, Di Murini is a divine blend of sumptuous champagne silk and stunning black lace.
The Di Murini collection is a delicious combination of desirable pieces, all designed with the utmost in old style sophistication and indulgence in mind. Think of the irresistible allure of iconic women such as Rita Hayworth, Betty Grable and Dorothy Lamour ­ women whose timeless beauty and sophistication are imbued throughout this collection of graceful boudoir style lingerie.
Made from Italian silk, each piece is trimmed with black eyelash lace and only the finest trims. The first collection comprises of a stunning chemise, a decadent camisole, an elegant plunge bra, sumptuous French knickers, a tantalising thong, a sexy suspender belt and an eye mask.
Vintage details include charming silk ribbon bows on bra straps and knickers, elegant pleating on the plunge bra and overlaid lace giving comfort and style.
Sure to be a must-have for any Christmas list!

Available to express ship to the following towns:

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