Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Many people, especially women are leery of ordering clothing, shoes, or lingerie through mail order or on the Internet, because they are afraid that they won't fit right. I order things from all kinds of sources, Internet, or mail order, all the time, and, I have always been satisfied. Maybe once in all of my years of ordering through these sources, did I have a problem...

If you carefully read the sizing chart, which is just above the item you are interested in, you will have pretty good luck. I have ordered from Frederick's of Hollywood for years, and, each dress I order is unique; I get plenty of compliments on each. So, don't let something like this worry you, it will be alright, you just have to read the chart for each item as many things come from different manufacturers and, therefore, run differently in size. I have always ordered Med. from most places, having only to return one item...

The great thing about ordering your lingerie on-line is that you can do so in privacy. With Girlfriends Lingerie, the size charts are above each item. And, the prices are way lower than shopping at your local lingerie shop, or mall. I was attracted to Girlfriends Lingerie, first, for their styles and selection, secondly, their prices, and, thirdly for their sizing charts, which make a world of difference in considering ordering something from this type of company.

Girlfriends Lingerie, to me, offers a wide variety of styles, materials, colors, accessories, and, they are just so nice to deal with. Their site is very reader friendly, you can find out almost everything you need to know, and, if there is a question you need answered, they are more than accommodating in this area too.

Lingerie has been a large part of my life since I was quite young; I love it~ While I have found some great companies featuring lingerie and other related products, I have to tell you honestly, that I am most impressed with Girlfriends Lingerie, for the reasons above and for their over-all effort to provide customer satisfaction, from the building of their site, to the quality and selection of their products, to delivering wonderful and wearable products. Yes, I am serious, I love this company, and, you will too... Just click on one of the ads and see what I mean; you will probably write a letter saying much the same as I just did...

Check it out Girlfriends Lingerie and enjoy~~~

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