Sunday, November 25, 2007


The Christmas season is in full swing. This is the time of year for presents of all kinds, but, for sure, most people get some kind of pajamas, robes, slippers, or lingerie. I love to get lingerie; it is so feminine and it just makes you feel good about yourself to slip on something really beautiful and soft to the skin...

Maybe it goes back to 'dress up' days, but, I yet love putting on a baby doll with the perfect cut and color, some maribou slippers and walking around the house. Even if it so cold that I have to slip on a silky robe, I love it. There is something definite about the experience, there is empowerment and confidence in the action...

Any one can look good in lingerie. It is a matter of choosing the right pieces for your body type. Even the models do not look good in every style of lingerie, each body has its own unique way of wearing certain things, so, do not ever feel less than worthy of some gorgeous lingerie. It is part attitude, you know? If you are confident when you slip into something like a long sheer gown, a flowing robe, then the lingerie will come to life~

Yes, there is something definite about wearing lingerie. It has a mystique all its own, which coupled with your own unique flavor, makes everything come to life~~~

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