Saturday, December 8, 2007


'Tis the season for parties. Many Holiday parties to attend. While the celebrations spark good will and cheer in most, what could be better than surprising him at the end of the night with something such as this?

Upon arriving home, to create some sexy drama, you simply shed your outwear, leaving on the heels and other accessories, and, watch his mouth drop in awe, while his eyes shine with delight...

This beautiful set comes with lace trim and satin ties at the bodice. Straps are adjustable. Includes matching thong. Comes in black. I love the way this is designed, it is easy to wear beneath most clothes, and, will make a sure impact when we disrobe, lending an air of tempting desire.
Romance is so easy when we take that extra step, when we care enough to make it a standard of each day. It is simple to find great pieces of lingerie to work into your daily life, and, you need not spend a fortune doing so, though, the results are priceless...

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