Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Have a mid-week crisis going on? This red hot dress will be sure to melt all your troubles away.
Vinyl mini dress that laces up the front and back, with a slight flare from the hip, will look great on most body types. Vinyl looks best when it hugs the curves, and, this one is definitely a curve hugger.
Make the mid-week come alive, as you dominate his thoughts with this beautiful and stylish dress...
Put on some hip moving music and get your groove on. He will be at attention for hours, marveling in your ability to make him forget everything else but you. Set the stage for some molten fun with you center stage. You will be sure to be the star of the night and for the rest of the week. His co-workers will wonder why he is always smiling and kinda spaced out. It will be because you have captured his mind and heart with your sensual creativity and timely delivery. You just know when he needs some distraction and this vinyl mini-dress will be sure to make you unforgettable...

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