Thursday, January 31, 2008


I love this sheer nightshirt with satin trim and matching panty! Available in sizes Sm. to 3X, and 5 different colors...

This is a perfect addition to your lingerie wardrobe, and, will be something you wear time and again. You could even use it as a layer on a hot teddie or bra set. It is versatile, soft and sexy, easy wearing, and, beautifully designed...

Many nights, especially in these frigid temperatures of winter, we choose comfort over seductive, but, with this lovely nightshirt, you can have the best of both worlds...

This would make a fine Valentine's gift, in fact a couple of them in different colors would be perfect...

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Valentine's Day is like 14 days away. This beautifully styled bikini would make a great gift, as, spring is rapidly approaching...

Figure Shaper Banded Halter Top, ties at neck and back,
banded at bustline, and fully lined...

Matte Black Nylon/Lycra Figure Shaper High Sliding Bottom, with adjustable sliding sides, full rear coverage, and fully lined ...

This beautiful suit is listed under plus sized bikini's but, is sold in XS to 2X... You have to remember that lingerie runs small to medium in most instances, and, even a large item, might be like a typical medium, so be sure to keep that in mind when shopping for lingerie and read the sizing charts, which are available with each item...

Because of the cut and materials, this is the kind of suit which the less than perfect woman would look great in, as it enhances the figure instead of over exposing it, and, even if we are not a perfect size 6, we still like to get our tanning in, while looking great...

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Methinee Kingpayome and Helena Headlee beauty model from Thailand

Methinee Kingpayome and beauty skin model from Thailand

Methinee Kingpayome swimsuit or swimwear model from Thailand

Methinee Kingpayome panty model from Thailand

Methinee Kingpayome panties model from Thailand

Methinee Kingpayome thong model from Thailand

Methinee Kingpayome thailand lingerie, bikini, thong, panty model

Methinee Kingpayome thailand thong model

Methinee Kingpayome thailand lingerie model

Anny needs a patient man

And then we get to the standard question about what is your spec in men. Anny answers that the only thing she needs is a man who is understanding. She says she has had boyfriends in the past but could not get along. Sounds like she is hard to understand. She is currently single so if you are very patient you might have a shot.

Sexy photos career risk

The interviewer asked Anny if she is concerned about the risk to her image of doing these sexy photos. After all, we know that doing something a little to sexy can end a young Thai entertainers career pretty quickly. Anny answers no, she's not concerned, because the photos are not really very sexy, more cute than sexy. I guess you have to decide for yourself if these photos have a pretty large helping of sexy in them.

Anny Monthirapha with beauty swimsuit

Anny Monthirapha says she feels so much more mature after graduating from college. And the interviewer said Anny looks so much more grown up now. Uh, yeah.

Anny Monthirapha with beauty face action

Anny was not working in Thailand for a while because she was going to school overseas. Now she's back and in addition to Project H and her sexy photo layouts she wil be appearing in a lakorn (soap opera) soon. She says she isn't much into acting, however, likes singing a lot more..

Anny Monthirapha with panty

Anny Monthirapha did a little photo layout and interview in which she talks about the usual things like what she's been doing and her taste in various things, blah blah blah. To start off with, they say she gives fresh new look to Project H, an album or band, I'm not really sure since I wasn't that curious to go look for more information on it. But I do like her fresh look.

Methinee Kingpayome thailand model Profile with bikini

Work: Methinee Kingpayome
Loogkade or Kathy
11 June 1972
174 cm.
Model and Actress
- Klong

Famous Tv-series:
- Saneh Hah Pah-ya-bard
- Marn-ya Ridsaya
- Peek Tong (2000)

Methinee Kingpayome thailand bikini model

Methinee Kingpayome with beach party swimsuit

Methinee Kingpayome with blue g-string

Methinee Kingpayome with red swimsuit

Methinee Kingpayome with swimwear

Methinee Kingpayome with swimsuit

Methinee Kingpayome with blue lingerie

Methinee Kingpayome with dot purple bikini hair laser removal

Methinee Kingpayome with white bikini