Monday, January 14, 2008


Monday is not the easiest day of the week for many. It means having to get back into the routine; meetings, irritable people to contend with, and well, it is just not any one's favorite day, but, you can melt all of the day away with this lovely chemise, with laced edging.

This is an easy to wear, yet, totally soft and sexy lingerie set to wear on such a night as Monday. It surely will mellow the mood and put each of you in a state of shared bliss...

Sexy isn't always about impact. Sometimes it is a quiet statement without any intent except to lighten the load and make someone glad you are there...

Romance has so many levels, we have to find a level for every day and night, that we never lose the essence of romance. It takes skill and thoughtful consideration to know what it will take for any given day/night. The resources are available in your mind, in your heart and from Girlfriends Lingerie. You only need to think it for it to come to life, and, that is what soft and sexy is all about..

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