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Get your man involved in fulfilling some of those fantasies, with such costumes as this men's 6 piece costume with shirt, vest, eye patch, bandana, sword and boot covers, which comes in sizes S/M or M/L...

I love swashbuckling men, Aye matey...

There are fun times to be had with each of you dressed in such fashionable attire as pirates: for women there are many different pirate costumes, and for him, well, this one is a pretty nice ensemble, and you could get him some sexy underwear, as he loses his salty wits to you...

Role playing should definitely be a combined effort, for the action will be all the more exciting, stimulating, and adventurous. Men are very adept at taking on roles, especially if they are in the mood to overpower a woman, or to rescue her love, or to prove how much her love means to him...

Take to the high seas as pirates of the hottest kind, make dreams happen, keep the fantasies alive for one another, and, create some memories which will live beyond time...

Girlfriend's Lingerie has so much to offer for you and for him, with the promise of passion, cherished moments, dreams come true, and soft and sexy realities. So be sure to check out all of the wonderful, high quality selection today, and keep it hot!!!

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Bustiers - Your Secret Weapon to a Sexier Figure

Prepping for a party? Wanting to wear that sexy figure-hugging dress but getting a bit worried about unsightly bulges? If it's too late to go on a crash diet, here's the next best solution: bustiers.

Yes, a bustier is your secret weapon to make those lumps and bumps disappear for a while - until you get home from the party, that is. Seriously, a bustier can instantly make you look smooth under anything you wear. It's made to give your breasts a lift and define your waistline, giving you a curvier and shapelier silhouette.

Bustiers are tight-fitting garments with bra cups. They offer support to your breasts while, at the same time, shaping your tummy and waist. Bustiers may be made using elastic fabrics or would have boning to help sculpt your figure. There are those that are made seamless, so people won't notice you're wearing a bustier underneath.

They could have closures using hooks or lace or strings, depending on its design and purpose. While there are bustiers that have back closures, many modern designs incorporate front closure so you could open and close them more easily. It is usually strapless, but many still come with removable shoulder straps - just in case you need extra security. The sexier bustiers have garter clips to hold your stockings up, making them perfect to wear if you want to catch your partner's attention.

For a lot of occasions, a bustier is a great garment to wear under your dress. Bridal bustiers can be worn under your wedding gown to give you curves at the right places - and they can even heat up your honeymoon night. There are low-back bustiers for those formal dresses that offer shaping and support even for those almost-backless and strapless fashions. You can wear them under almost anything!

Just remember, as with all lingerie and shapewear, a great fit is essential to feel comfortable and look beautiful. So get yourself measured and buy a bustier that fits your size. An ill-fitting bustier will just make your figure not-so-flattering under that dress. The right-sized bustier will give you the benefits of a smooth, curvaceous look. And that's exactly what you want, right?

If you want a bustier that enhances your assets, visit Lauren Silva Fine Lingerie. We also have regular and plus size bras, shapewear and lingerie for every occasion.

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Friday, March 28, 2008


This absolutely gorgeous pink Polka-Dot Bra Set comes with ruffled trim and satin bow, adjustable straps and back closure, matching skirted garter with attached g-string and ruffled sides, adjustable and detachable garters, and, comes in 4 sizes (Sm. to XL)...

This is a feminine and flirty, soft and sexy, yet, totally enticing outfit, which will definitely grace the female form. I love the detail on the bra top, with the demi cut cups edged with just the right amount of ruffles, it is very sensuous...

This is a great outfit for Spring and Summer months! It will look great against sun kissed skin and hair, and, will be refreshing to wear, and, your partner will be sure that you are a Goddess of the sweetest kind...

Such an ensemble as this requires little or no accessorizing, for it is a statement in its own right. You will be sure to add more heat to the already warm months when you appear in this delicious set, and, you will further convince your love of the reason they chose you in the first place...

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What do men want??? Mostly it depends upon the man, but, there are some things which run true for most men...

They want a woman who is secure, confident, comfortable, likes to have fun, a friend, lover, playful, independent (at least to most degrees), cares about her appearance, takes care of herself, is understanding, caring, willing to baby him when need be, can handle her responsibilities, is sexy, adventurous, and self-motivated. I am sure there are other things a man wants in a woman, but, this is a generalized list...

Men want a woman who is a lady most of the time, but, when he needs her to be, she can be wild, daring, enticing, and, on the edge. This is what keeps them intrigued by us. They want it all, they really do, and, if a woman can handle the many roles a man expects from her, he will be happy and content, which means that he will stay put...

This is where lingerie, and accessories come into play. A man loves a woman who will break out of her usual role and become a hot, sassy, sexy diva. They are mesmerized by the power of a woman unleashed. They are like children in a candy or game store, they lose their senses and want more and more...

The warmer months are optimal for excitement, for we are in better spirits, shape, and, we bare more. Make this a season to remember; buy some great swimwear, lingerie, costumes, and accessories, and, have fun seeing just how much you can drive him crazy. It doesn't matter how long you have been married or together, he will come to life when you become the girl of his quiet, yet smoldering dreams, and, he will never forget how, after all of this time, you were able to stir in him the fires which he thought were a thing of the past. Make it a time to remember, and, let him know that above all, he is all there is...

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This is another great one piece swimsuit, I love the cut, the detail and the color blocking, as it is totally figure flattering! It features square neckline, spaghetti straps, belt detail, scooped back, with high cut legs, and is fully lined. Nylon / Lycra fabric. Comes in 3 great color choices and sizes 2 - 18...

I never have enough swimwear, it seems, and while I love bikinis, for those times when you want to look more sophisticated, or don't want full body exposure, there are some fabulous one piece designs available such as this one...

The back is cut to the waist, which is important to me, for I do not like suits on which the back is covered, for I like lots of color on my back for those more revealing clothes of the warmer months...

This suit is gorgeous. I like the way the color block runs down the middle and gets more narrow towards the hips, for this is a great slimming effect, and, even if you are in perfect shape this will make you look even more perfect, and, for those of us with less than a perfect shape, it will definitely add some gracious curves, and make you look soft and sexy, and intriguing...

Spring and Summer months are for baring our assets, and in doing so, we should choose that which enhances and entices. Girlfriend's Lingerie seems to have a handle on what we want and need to keep it sexy and hot, and, to make dreams come true. So, check out all of the great lingerie, accessories, swimwear, and, much more today. When you go to checkout enter code Spring 2008 for 10% off your swimwear purchase...

Conditioners For Hair Loss

Stop worrying over hair loss by using Conditioners for Hair Loss from New Generation that has been proven effective time and again for all the various types of hair loss.

New Generation brings to you a range of hair growth and hair care products that not only promise to stop your hair from falling out but also helps in fast growth of long and thick hair that shines with health.

One of the highly successful hair growth products are conditioners used for hair loss in different kinds of hair and scalp. These conditioners can be used just like you use normal everyday hair conditioners.

The market is overflowing with various conditioners for hair loss and most of them are spurious or are meant for a particular type of hair or scalp. You have to be wary of such products. Before you zero in on any kind of hair loss products, you have to be careful about the manufacturer and for what type of hair loss is the product meant for.

At New Generation, you will find hair loss treatment products for all types of hair and hair loss. The New Generation hair loss solutions have one common Original Formula with extra ingredients added like Witch Hazel, Nettle and a balanced concentration of our main active ingredient Polysorbate 60 to suit your hair type.

In the line of conditioners for hair loss, we have increased the concentration of Polysorbate 60. Polysorbate 60 is an active ingredient in each of the Cleanser/Conditioner and Overnight Formulas. This is required to keep the cleansing formula balanced in accordance with the elements in the atmosphere enveloping us.

The Cleanser/Conditioner has a formula which helps your scalp to absorb the benefits where the cleansing action is needed. The Cleanser/Conditioner for hair loss also includes moisturizing agents that give a proper balance for healthy hair and scalp, shiny lustrous hair while facilitating the natural growth of your hair.

Each of our products, especially the conditioners for hair loss are developed after thorough research and experiments in different cases. Plus, we also concentrate on diet and food habits of our various customers and suggest a dietary supplement that will work in tune with the medicated conditioners for hair loss to enhance hair growth and stability.

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Hair Extension In NY Can Give You A Makeover

Who would not love to hair that is easily manageable and never goes bad? Well everybody would love to have such hair and style them daily just as they want to. However most of us know this is something which is not so easy to achieve. Hair extensions are a relatively new technique which is being used to give a new hairstyle and length to people who are not satisfied with the type of hair that they have. Looking good and appearing presentable is crucial for being successful and your hair style ahs a big say in the way you look.

Hair extension NY is a simple method that can be made use of by women who are staying in that city. Hair extensions have come a long way due to the use of many new techniques and innovations. For someone who has not heard about this, the term may be very confusing and you might be thinking what on earth hair extensions are? These are the initial responses, but believe me once you come to know all about this new technique, you will realize how wonderful this is. To get knowledge about hair extensions, you need a proper source. Make sure that source is authentic; you do not want to be put off about something that is so amazing just because you do not have proper info on that.

The web is a good source from you to about gathering all the information which you want about hair extensions. Hair extensions are nothing, but external hair which is added with your natural hair to give you an entirely new hairstyle, look and feel. You can use either natural human hair or artificial synthetic hair for this that is up to you. However hair stylists suggest using natural human hair is the best option as you can easily find hair which will suit your hair color and texture easily. Also the artificial synthetic hair can look like a wig, if the procedure is not done properly.

With the passage of time certain amounts of damage can also be caused to the synthetic hair. So you have to make sure that you have all the knowledge about the procedure and make a wise choice regarding whether you should undergo the procedure or not. If you decide that you want to undergo the procedure, make sure that go to a hair stylist who is professionally qualified to do this. You would surely not want to take a risk by going to a stylist whop does not have the requisite qualification and experience to do hair extensions.

After undergoing the procedure, make sure that you listen to all that the stylists asks you to do. Follow all the aftercare procedures dutifully, if you want your hair to stay healthy for a long time. After all this is your hair and you will surely do what is best for it. Hair extension can not only give you a new hair style but also help in increasing the length of your hair and adding volume to the hair, if your hair lacks that.

Peter Symcox is a professional writer, who has an extensive knowledge of hair extensions and their necessity in the fashion world. He works for Jaiainc and likes to disseminate his knowledge of hair extensions to people suffering from hair loss. To know more about Hair Extension Brooklyn,Hair Extension Manhattan, Hair Extension NY visit

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Hair Extension In Brooklyn Can Give You That Amazing Look

There are different means through which one can change their looks. One of the ways by which you can get a new look and appearance is hair extension. This procedure is common among many women, who are willing and ready to experiment with their looks. This procedure of hair extension is relatively new in the field of cosmetology, and so many people are willing to experiment with this procedure. After all, looking good is very important these days, and many people are willing to try out newer methods and technique for this. Who does not want to have hairs, which are silky and shining? It is needless to say that you have always wanted to sport that haircut, which your friend has and has been getting compliments. Well who does not like to get compliments?

For hair extension, Brooklyn is an ideal place. The main reason for this is that you can find several beauty salons there that have trained professionals to do hair extensions. Remember this is a special and new procedure, so you must go to a professional to get the procedure done. You would surely not like to risk anything by not going to a professional. Hair extension can be used either in Brooklyn or any other city to alter the length of your hair. The best part about using hair extensions is, through hair extension you can clatter the length if you have to spend a special occasion. You would surely like to look your best if you have to attend a wedding, a party, prom or any formal get together. Remember there is no age bar for a person if he wants to undergo the procedure of hair extension, whether it is in Brooklyn or any other place.

One thing you must be careful about before going for hair extension, that not everybody is an ideal candidate to undergo the procedure. Before you undergo the procedure, you must find out if you are a good candidate or not to undergo this procedure. The stylist will see what type of hair you have and then determine if you should undergo this procedure or not. You would surely not like to undergo the procedure if you the hair stylist say that you are not suitable for this. Hair extensions are done both real human hair and artificial hair made of synthetic. Most stylists recommend that going for real hair extensions is the best as you can get hairs that match your hair texture and color easily.

Aftercare of your hair is vital, if you want to keep your hair extensions in a proper condition for a long time. If taken well care of, hair extensions can last about four to six months. Remember to use the conditioner, shampoo and moisturizers which are prescribed by your stylist. However take caution; you must not wash your hair for at least two days after you have undergone the procedure. Your hair is a vital aspect of your overall looks and you must take all the care that you can to keep them in good condition.

Peter Symcox is a professional writer, who has an extensive knowledge of hair extensions and their necessity in the fashion world. He works for Jaiainc and likes to disseminate his knowledge of hair extensions to people suffering from hair loss. To know more about Hair Extension Brooklyn, Hair Extension Manhattan, Hair Extension Salon NY visit

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Are You Prepared For Hair Transplant Surgery?

As with any other type of surgical procedure, there are some things you need to consider to prepare you for hair transplant surgery. It is important that you understand the difference between laser transplants and the other options. The process of a standard hair transplant surgery involves the surgeon cutting the scalp so that they can move the hair to a different area. It is important that you understand the process as well as the recovery so that you won’t have complications.

Make sure the surgeon is aware of any medications that you take even if they are only over the counter items. You need to disclose anything you have taken in the past three months. This issue is very important so don’t forget. Anything you have taken could still be in your system and cause a complication when mixed with those medications given prior to and during the surgery. Your doctor will be able to prevent this from happening if he as the right information.

Anyone taking a blood thinner, medications for stroke or heart conditions, they will have to stop taking them a week before the surgery takes place. Blood thinners can result in bleeding that is dangerous while in surgery. It is important to schedule someone to give you a ride home after the surgery. In most cases the procedure will last about three hours. You can generally leave the hospital the same day but you will not be able to drive.

Make sure you get all your questions answered completely before you show up for the surgery. You want to be relaxed and know exactly what to expect before, during, and after the surgery. This will help ensure you and your doctor have a smooth process taking place.

Find other information on hair transplant in Thailand and medical hair transplant. is a comprehensive resource to help individuals with hair loss identify treatment options such as hair transplant.

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Permanent Body Hair Removal - Electrolysis

As we all know hair grows on all parts of our bodies except for the palms, lips and certain areas of our private organs as well as the sole of the feet. Usually the most commonly used methods for removing hair are waxing, trimming and shaving. However, for many people they are looking for ways to remove hair permanently and so are searching for permanent hair removal products that they know are safe and they can trust.

Currently, the most common permanent body hair removal products include processes such as electrolysis, laser hair removal, intense pulsed lamps and products which include oral medication or chemicals. However in this article I will take a closer look at electrolysis as a product to use for permanent body hair removal.

At present electrolysis is the only clinically proven method that can remove hair permanently and it does it by targeting the hair follicles and then killing them when they are at their peak growing cycle. However what you must remember is "permanent" does not mean "forever" and so a good hair removal technique should be able to keep you hairless for about a year or so.

Electrolysis uses hair thin metal probes which are carefully slithered into your hair follicles. Once in place the probes will introduce an electrical current to the follicles and this cause's localized damage to them and so prevents them from growing any further in the future.

However what is important is that when you are considering any kind of permanent body hair removal products you should remember that none of these are 100% effective for everybody. But where electrolysis is concerned it has a long history of producing satisfactory permanent hair removal and it is considered both safe and effective and has been used for more than 125 years. There are some disadvantages to using electrolysis as it can be both costly, tedious and painful and it may become difficult to use if there are large amounts of hair to be removed.

If you want to try electrolysis for permanent hair removal, then make sure to get someone who is properly trained in carrying out the procedure correctly. Another way is to get a personal electrolysis unit. However some experts recommend against it as it is difficult to use and it is ineffective if you do not have the right training to use the equipment.

I would highly recommend hair removal cream instead as it is easier to use and a lot cheaper.

Ricky Lim recommend trying hair removal cream before attempting other hair removal methods such as electrolysis. Visit his website for more recommendations on hair removal cream.

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Hair Loss in Women and Its Causes

Hair loss in women is a common problem. Women are usually unable to cope up with this problem because they feel that beautiful hair is an integral part of overall beauty.

There may be several causes for hair loss in women. Once we find out the real cause of hair fall in an individual, it becomes easy to provide an effective treatment and re-grow the hair from the affected area.

Here are some of the major reasons for hair loss in women:

a) Genetics

Genetics play a major role in the type of hair you have on your scalp. If you have a family history of hair fall then there are greater chances for you to suffer from the same problem. Check with your family and know about the history of hair fall.

b) Stress

Any kind of stress is bad for hair health. If you are suffering from emotional or physical stress, hair fall will follow as a consequence.

c) Hormonal imbalance

If you are suffering from androgen sensitivity, chances are that your hair will fall. Hormonal balance can be a big problem with hair growth. It can ultimately result in hair loss.

d) Cosmetics

Use of harsh chemicals and cosmetics is not good for overall health of hair. Certain chemicals may damage your scalp and eventually result in major hair fall. Excessive use of styling gels, scrums, topical creams, chemical based shampoos and dyes are not good for scalp and hair. These are the major elements of hair loss.

e) Health disorders

If you suffer from thyroid problem or are anemic, then there are chances that you suffer from major hair loss. Hence, it is important to keep a check on your overall health if you want to save your hair.

f) Drugs

If you are on medication, it would be wise to consult a trichologist. Certain drug may interact with the activities of scalp or interrupt the blood flow to the scalp. This becomes one of the main causes of hair fall.

g) Nutritional deficiencies

Deficiency of iron or vitamin A can result in major amount of hair loss. Healthy hair needs good nutrition in the form of vitamin A, C, B, E, foliate and Biotin. Make sure that you are getting adequate amount of nutritional value on a daily basis. Also consult your health care practitioner for prescription of supplements of iron and vitamin A.

h) Scalp infection

Scalp infection may cause a lot of trouble in the form of excessive itching, dandruff, patchiness, flakiness and hair fall. To promote healthy hair growth and prevent hair fall, the scalp needs to be infection free and squeaky clean. Also check your hair for traces of dandruff.

i) Surgery

Any type of surgery that you have undergone may result in hair loss. It is important to consult a professional to find the real cause of hair loss.

j) Radiation / chemotherapy

Patients undergoing radiation or chemotherapy may suffer from hair loss as side effect. Consult your doctor in charge to provide you a treatment for hair fall due to radiation or chemotherapy.

k) Hair styles Trying your hair tight or using harsh hair accessories may also result in temporary hair fall.

l) Shampoo

Using a shampoo that doesn't suit your hair type or contains some harsh chemicals can result in major hair loss.

Finding out the real cause for hair loss will prevent permanent damage to your scalp.

For more Articles, News, Information, Advice, and Resources about Hair Loss please visit HAIR LOSS INSIGHTS and HAIR LOSS ADVICE and VITAMINS MINERALS

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The Wonderful Effects of Laser Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss can become a nightmare, especially if not cured on time. You need make efforts towards providing expert treatment to your scalp as soon as you notice unusual and major hair fall that disturbs you. Some amount of hair fall is common, natural and healthy. We naturally shed our hair in a day. However, if the number is more than a dozen each time you touch your scalp, comb your hair or wash it, it's time to act. Hair loss can be easily treated where the follicles or roots are still in place.

These days, several effective treatments are available for hair loss prevention. Some include natural therapies and others are formulated with different chemicals.

Some people may get benefited by natural hair loss treatment while others need to go for chemical treatments for the same problem. These days, laser hair loss treatment is also widely available to treat hair loss.

Laser hair loss treatment is the latest marvel in the field of hair loss therapies. It uses low level, infrared cool laser light technology for therapeutic use on the scalp and hair. The therapy is great for promoting healthier, thicker and fuller hair.

A laser apparatus is used to provide this treatment. The apparatus looks similar to a hair dryer that you find in most beauty parlor and hair saloons. This approach is placed over the head of the individual. The machine operates via applying the cool laser on to the scalp directly. This process is great to stimulate blood flow and finally increases hair growth.

The increased flow of blood to the hair follicles provides required nutrients to hair. This helps in faster and better growing hair. You need to take care about your eye protection as soon as you are exposed to the cool infra red laser. Remember, that this treatment is meant for hair loss and not for baldness.

There are several benefits of laser hair removal. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy after interesting in to this treatment.

a) Easy to Use

This procedure is really easy to use. It utilizes the principle of light energy absorbed by dark matter such as hair. You need to contact a veteran laser technician to go for this treatment. He directs and fires a laser beam to enhance hair growth.

b) Widely Available

This treatment is widely available and affordable.

c) Promotes healthy hair

The treatment promotes healthy hair and makes your hair look fuller and thicker.

d) No surgery

This treatment provides you the best solution for hair growth without any surgery.

e) Harmless

This treatment does not have any side effects. It works towards providing your scalp a new life without doing any damage to it. In short, you would not have to face any side effects while giving the best advantages to your scalp.

Laser hair loss treatment has been very successful and in almost all cases, it has worked towards providing great advantages to the individual. You can find a hair salon that provides this treatment easily. The treatment is available widely these days.

You can visit your nearest hair salon and talk to a hair expert about their treatment.

The treatment promises to improve the flow of blood supply to the scalp after a single treatment. It also provides your hair, a healthy shine. Last, but not the least, the technology is medically tested to be safe and effective.

For more Articles, News, Information, Advice, and Resources about Hair Loss please visit HAIR LOSS INSIGHTS and HAIR LOSS ADVICE and VITAMINS MINERALS

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Products to Prevent Hair Loss - Men Can Now Have Peace of Mind

Hair loss problem has been a nightmare for both men and women for many years now. However, men tend to suffer from this problem more than women. Men go bald or get patchy areas on their hand. These days, when good looks and overall appearance have become extremely important for both men and women, men have become conscious about the overall health and body of their crowning glory. They constantly look for tips that will keep their hair in good shape and health.

Apart from simple hair care routine, several products are available for hair care these days. From shampoos to styling gels, these products promise to keep the hair damage free from the environmental hazards and other problems of scalp. This is not all. There are also some products that claim to enhance hair growth in men and prevent hair loss.

There is an overflow of hair products for men on the market these days. One can choose from a wide variety of these products and keep one's hair shine with health.

Here are some of the best products available for hair care exclusively for men:

a) Wash and rinse cleansing packs

This product claims to produce excellent results when used as directed by the instructions on the label. It is a complete kit packed with some impressive science. The hair wash is made of fatty acids obtained from plant that inhibit 5 alpha reductase enzymes prior to reacting with testosterone.

Other ingredients such as pro-vitamin B5 and zinc work towards providing back-up. This latch on to the binding sites available in the hair follicle where DHT may put some damage. The product is changed up with essential vitamins A, C and E for age. This is important to exterminate free radicals that may harm the tissue. The wheat and silk proteins nourish and provide strength to the follicles.

The product also contains glycerin and xanthan gum to maintain moisture level of the scalp that prevents dandruff. Aloe Vera is known to be the miracle herb for hair. The good news is that this product is packed with the goodness of omnipotent aloe Vera to ease scalp tension.

The process makes the hair more manageable. A rinse with this hair wash will do great wonders to the hair. The wash is power packed with tons of natural moisturizers. This helps to provide hair, and the model-like smoothness.

The best part is that the product contains an extra boost of vitamins fortified with green tea extract. This is great to remove any free radicals that remain on the scalp. The product is specially formulated so that it can be wasted off completely.

This indicates that there will be no residual build up on the scalp of the hair. You would also not experience any kind of heavy fragrance. Usually fragrance is hated by most people when it comes to hair products.

b) Grooming Crème

The product is ideal to provide the grip and excellent control of gel without being a gel. People who are looking for a light touch up without letting the hair firm will love this product. It makes your hair soft and provides healthy shine. It keeps your hair nourished for a long time.

c) Firm Gel

This product is used for serious styling. It keeps your hair healthy for a long time and keeps it away from DHT. It is non-sticky and alcohol free. The product is power packed with anti-DHT ingredients such as azelaic-acid, some palmetto and panthenol.

For more Articles, News, Information, Advice, and Resources about Hair Loss please visit HAIR LOSS INSIGHTS and HAIR LOSS ADVICE and VITAMINS MINERALS

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The Truth About Hair Transplant Surgery

The most common health problem suffered by most individuals these days is hair loss. This is a health problem that affects the self esteem of most people across the globe. Healthy hair plays an important role in displaying the overall personality of a person. Hair Loss can make a person lose confidence and even self esteem in some cases.

Hair transplant surgery has become really popular these days. People are opting for this procedure for hair restoration. This method is one of the most effective methods for coping up with male pattern baldness.

In this type of surgery, hair-bearing portion of scalp is removed. Thereafter, it is transplanted on to the bald patch. The technology has advanced a lot these days. This has resulted in easier hair transplant.

The surgery of hair transplantation is a delicate procedure. A series of precaution is required to taken care of. The whole surgery takes about four hours where the whole scalp is treated with certain antibacterial chemicals. Thereafter, the scalp is shampooed.

Doctors harvest a strip of hair from the hairy area of the scalp measuring 1-1.5 x 15-30cm. A lot of care is taken when removing this tissue so as to make sure that the important follicular cells do not get harmed. A close inspection is followed by using binocular microscopes when the graft receiving sites are punchered with a fine needle.

These are arranged in a density determined earlier. The grafts are placed on the patchy areas individually. Usually fifty grafts per square centimeter are considered adequate for providing good hair density.

When undertaken professionally and properly, the whole procedure can result in awesome results. It is no easy to make out whether the hair is natural or transplanted.

There are several precautions one requires to take when conducting hair transplantation surgery. The patient is informed about the kind of precautions he should take well in advance.

The patient needs to stay away from alcohol for a prescribed period of time. The operated area should not be shampooed or exposed to sunlight or some days after surgery.

There are several benefits of opting for hair transplant surgery. Here are some of the benefits:

a) Hair transplant surgery is quicker transplant procedure as compared to others as it saves a lot of time for separating follicular unit. Less time is required for the placement of these units.

b) This procedure prevents iatrogenic injury to the follicular units during the dissection phase.

c) The process reduces iatrogenic injury when placement is undertaken as follicular grouping are not fragile due to the more amount of tissue attached to them.

d) The procedure advances at a fast pace and it allows the grafts to be exposed from the body for a lesser period of time, thereby increasing their survival rates.

e) This procedure saves a good amount of money for hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation procedure is the best procedures if you want to get hair in natural way at lesser cost. However, you need to be sure that the professional you contact is well experienced and reputed in his area of profession.

The procedure will produce fruit only when undertaken by a veteran surgeon. You need to talk to people who have already undergone this type of surgery before prior to going for it. This will provide you an idea of the overall results and satisfaction rate of people with the result.

For more Articles, News, Information, Advice, and Resources about Hair Loss please visit HAIR LOSS INSIGHTS and HAIR LOSS ADVICE and VITAMINS MINERALS

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Hair Loss Prevention is Easy

The most common health problem suffered by most individuals these days is hair loss. This is a health problem that affects the self esteem of most people across the globe. Healthy hair plays an important role in displaying the overall personality of a person. Hair Loss can make a person lose confidence and even self esteem in some cases. It can also result in a good amount of stress and anxiety. Hair on the scalp is very important for good looks. It provides an aura to one's overall personalities. Hence, it is very important to get the right kind of treatment at the right time to save your crowning glory.

However, there is no need to panic for the receding hair line. There one several treatments and products available on the market these days to prevent hair loss.

Here are some great tips to stop hair loss. Follow them and save the aura and overall health of your crowning glory.

a) Say no to chemicals

Experts believe that exposure of hair to chemical products is one of the main reasons of hair loss. Frequent use of hair dyes, serums, hair sprays, gels, hair straightening machines and perming products result in breakage of hair. If you are serious about saving your hair, stay away from chemical based products.

b) Exercise

Working out makes you overall health glow. It also does a lot good to your hair. Working out regularly will increase the blood circulation and provide great benefits to hair.

c) Eat healthy

You need to strong from inside to get hair that shine with health. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and salads to promote hair growth. Include Soya products, sprouts, spinach, cabbage, carrots, fish, chicken, dairy products and papaya to promote hair growth prevent hair loss.

d) Vitamin Supplements

Including vitamin supplements will help a great deal in preventing hair loss. Include supplements of vitamin A, C, B and E in your diet to provide good health to your hair. Biotin is a good vitamin for promoting hair growth. Make sure that you consult a trained health care practitioners or trichologist before including vitamin supplements in your diet for supporting hair growth and preventing hair loss.

e) Pillow cases

Change your pillow cases. Switch over to satin pillow cases as these reduce friction and prevent hair loss.

f) Hair Style

Keep a note on the kind of hair style that you are using. Don't tie your hair tightly. Avoid using harsh hair accessories.

g) Dandruff Check

Dandruff can be the main cause for hair loss. Let your doctor or trichologist prescribe a special shampoo or medication to remove dandruff. Once your scalp is dandruff free, there would be no hair fall.

h) Take care of your health

Visit a doctor and get a routine check up. He may ask you to go for a blood test. Once an illness is detected, make sure that you take opt medication and wait for the results.

i) Be kind to your hair

Don't expose your hair to harmful ultra-violet rays, chemical dyes and complicated hairstyles.

Follow the tips mentioned above and you would prevent hair loss. It is equally important to consult a hair loss expert before using a product to prevent hair loss. All the tips mentioned above will be useless if you don't talk to a professional. The professional will definitely help you with your hair loss prevention plan.

For more Articles, News, Information, Advice, and Resources about Hair Loss please visit HAIR LOSS INSIGHTS and HAIR LOSS ADVICE and VITAMINS MINERALS

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Miracle Products to Prevent Hair Loss

Since hair loss has become one of the major problems these days, many companies and individuals are focusing on developing products that will work towards preventing hair loss. You can see several advertisements on TV commercials and classified columns of newspaper and magazines claiming to prevent hair loss. The market has been overloaded with products for prevention of hair loss.

If you want to prevent your scalp from hair loss, here are some of the best products available on the market for reducing hair loss. You can read about these products, compare, analyze and then decide to purchase one of these to solve your problem related to hair loss.

a) Rogaine

This is a famous product available for prevention of hair loss widely on the market. You can easily purchase the product from a drug store near your residence. This product needs to be applied twice on the scalp daily for three to four months in order to achieve excellent results.

b) Minoxidil

This medication is widely used for hair loss among younger men. This product is suggested to be extremely effective as a hair loss product. The product may come with some side effects such as itching. However, these effects are temporary. Consult a professional prior to using this product. This will save you from its potential side effects.

c) Dr. Proctor's Hair re-growth shampoo

This is termed as one of the best hair loss products derived naturally without any kind of chemical mixing. This is a guarantee that your hair will not get rash treatment. This product has been widely used by many people to prevent hair loss. People all across the globe have positive remarks for this product. It prevents hair loss and also supports healthy hair.

d) ViViscal shampoo

It is a great product and rated as the best hair treatment by experts in this field. The shampoo treats hair loss effectively and also maintains good health for hair.

e) Revivogen

This is a natural solution for hair loss. It is prescribed by dermatologist. It reduces thinning of hair by a remarkable amount. Both men and women can benefit from this product.

f) Loniten®

It is a prescription form of Minoxidil. It was prescribed for high blood pressure. Thereafter, it was discovered for hair growth.

g) Rogaine®

It is a brand name for the prescribed drug Minoxidil. It is a vasodilator. It has been approved by the FDA in order to reduce hair loss. It is also prescribed for reducing the appearance of baldness.

h) Propecia®

It is a brand name given for finasteride. It is an oral medication for hair loss. It reduces hair loss and in some cases prevents hair loss.

i) Proscar®

A brand name for finasteride solution, it is prescribed to treat prostate enlargement in men. It helps in reducing hair loss and also increases hair growth.

It would be wise to use the above mentioned products on the prescription of a health care practitioner or a or a trichologist in order to avoid any potential side effects. This will help you benefit in a good way and also save you from any severe side effects that may occur due to overdose of any of these vitamins. Take measures to prevent hair loss now.

For more Articles, News, Information, Advice, and Resources about Hair Loss please visit HAIR LOSS INSIGHTS and HAIR LOSS ADVICE and VITAMINS MINERALS

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Essential Vitamins and Minerals to Save Your Hair

There are certain vitamins and minerals that you can take to prevent hair loss. However, the flip side is that excessive intake of vitamins can lead to hair loss.

Some of the vital vitamins for preventing hair loss are B Vitamins as these are rich sources of Biotin, Magnesium, Folic Acid, Inositol, Sulfur and Zinc.

According to a research, intake of these vitamins in prescribed amounts will reduce thinning of hair. According to experts, a diet low in magnesium causes hair loss in patches. Similarly, diet low in biotin or Inositol results in total baldness.

When you take essential vitamins for hair loss, you will notice that there is an improvement in your hair quality. Vitamin A is very important for increase of hair growth. However, if you abuse it, it can reverse the benefit. Yes, it can actually result in hair loss. It is very important to consult a health care practitioner prior to taking any vitamins for hair loss or to increase hair growth. You may require to get a blood test done to determine the deficiency of these vitamins in your body.

There are some special foods that can help to promote hair growth. Fatty acids help in improving the texture of your hair and even prevent dryness and brittle ends. Make sure that your diet consists of foods rich in fatty acids.

You should also include good portions of vegetables such as carrots, cauliflower, peas, and beans to keep your hair healthy. Also include eggs, nuts and bran to your diet.

Here are some of the nutrient supplements that you can take to prevent hair loss.

a) Vitamin A

This vitamin will help you a lot in preventing hair loss and thinning of hair. However, you need to make sure that you take not more than 25,000 IU on a daily basis. Anything more than this amount will lead to excess hair loss.

b) Vitamin C and E

Both these vitamins are vital for keeping hair healthy, look fuller and shinier. These also keep your scalp healthy.

c) Vitamin B2

This vitamin is essential for enhancing the production of sebum on scalp that keeps the scalp healthy and promotes hair growth.

d) Biotin

This vitamin is found in grains, rice, egg yolk, liver, kidney, soy, milk, grains, yeast and barley. This vitamin promotes the production of keratin and prevents graying and hair loss.

e) Vitamin B6

Also known as pyridoxine hydrochloride, this vitamin is associated with healthy hair growth.

f) Vitamin B3

Widely known as niacin, this vitamin increases hair growth. Consult your health care practitioner prior to taking this vitamin.

g) Zinc

Zinc prevents hair loss. It provides nutrients to the scalp and also prevents premature graying.

Including the vitamins mentioned above will prevent hair loss and increase hair growth. However, it would be wise to consult a health care practitioner or a trichologist for the prescription of exact amount of these vitamins. This will help you benefit in a good way and also save you from any severe side effects that may occur due to overdose of any of these vitamins. Take measures to prevent hair loss now.

For more Articles, News, Information, Advice, and Resources about Hair Loss please visit HAIR LOSS INSIGHTS and HAIR LOSS ADVICE and VITAMINS MINERALS

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Top Remedies to Save Hair Loss

Hair Loss can make a person lose confidence and even self esteem in some cases. It can also result in a good amount of stress and anxiety. Hair on the scalp is very important for good looks. It provides an aura to one's overall personalities. Hence, it is very important to get the right kind of treatment at the right time to save your crowning glory.

Here are some of the natural hair loss remedies that can work wonders to your hair.

a) Massage

This is an age old remedy. Your grandmother must have been prescribing you this remedy for a long time. You can massage your scalp for a couple of minutes in a day. It will increase the flow of blood to the hair follicles. In some cases, this ritual will stimulate hair growth and also prevent hair loss. These days, you get different types of electric massagers on the market for scalp massage. You can purchase one of these to improve blood flow to hair follicles and prevent hair loss.

b) Aromatherapy

This therapy works better to prevent hair loss and also helps in improving hair growth. It is an amalgamation of six drops, each of lavender and bay essential oils blended in to a base of four ounces of either almond, sesame oil or Soybean in to the scalp. Once you apply it to the scalp, wait for twenty minutes and stimulate the scalp. It soothes your mind.

c) Rosemary and Sage

These are known to be miracle herbs for hair if used externally. You must boil rosemary, sage, peach leaf, nettle and burdock in water daily and then strain the herbs from the liquid. Now, use the liquid to wash hair daily.

d) Jojoba Oil

This oil is a good remedy if your scalp suffering from eczema, seborrhea, psoriasis or dandruff. This oil is known widely for its hair growth promoting properties. It also moisturizes the hair and works as the scalp's natural serum.

e) Aloe Vera

This is also considered to be the hair's miracle herb. Used by Native Americans, Caribbean's and Indians for ages, this herb promotes healthy hair and prevent hair loss. It can also heal the scalp and balance the pH level of the scalp in addition to cleansing the pores. You can combine Aloe Vera gel, coconut milk and wheat germ oil to be used as a shampoo to enjoy the real benefit.

f) Henna

It is a traditional Indian herb. This herb acts as a natural conditioner and is great for maintaining healthy hair. It works towards healing the hair shaft by repairing and sealing the cuticle. It also protects hair against breakage and loss of shine.

g) Psyllium husk

Fiber is a vital source of cleansing. Psyllium husk is a bulking laxative agent. One can use it to remove waste through the colon. It scrubs the walls of the colon gently to remove waste that has been stucked to the walls. This detoxification method promotes hair growth.

h) Nettle root extract

Nettles are rich sources of vitamins A and C. These provide great benefits to hair.

i) Exercise

Exercise may not have direct effect on hair growth but it works wonders to improve blood circulation and eliminate wastes from the body. This in turn promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss.

For more Articles, News, Information, Advice, and Resources about Hair Loss please visit HAIR LOSS INSIGHTS and HAIR LOSS ADVICE and VITAMINS MINERALS

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Superb Treatments for Bringing Your Hair Back to Life

Hair loss is a serious problem and one requires to go for immediate help. In most cases, hair loss is a temporary situation. However, when it becomes a daily routine, you need to go for a professional help.

Hair loss can be due to infection and also require using oral antibiotics or antifungal. Alopecia areata can be treated with injections of steroids such as triamcinolone in to the area.

Any kind of hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia has no cure at all. However, these days, several treatments are available.

For instance, finasteride or propecia is a type of prescription hair loss treatment. This is prescribed for men only. Another medication is minoxidil or rogaine. It is supposed to be rubbed directly on to the scalp. It works for both men and women. This medicine works best for hair loss pattern that appears at top & back of the scalp. This medicine is available in all leading medical stores & most pharmacies.

Another way to treat hair loss is to go for well choose hairstyle. You can go for partial hair pieces or wigs. These are specially recommended for severe hair loss is severe.

Here are some of the best options for hair loss treatment:

a) Treatments for hair loss

There are several people who have spent a lot of time in order to find effective ways to treat hair loss treatments. However, you need to know that are a lot many things important for treating hair loss other than medications.

b) Massage

Massage is a widely known treatment for hair loss. It has dual benefits. First, it works towards increasing the flow of blood to the hair follicles. This further increases the supply of nutrients to the hair and makes hair grow quicker and healthier. Additionally the increase in blood flow provides an exfoliating affect that unclog hair follicles. Hair growth usually suffers and gets retarded due to clogged follicles.

c) Ultra-violet or laser light

Ultra violet or laser light treatments have become very common these days. It is an effective technique used to stop hair loss. This technique works towards enhancing the flow of blood to the hair follicle. During this period the patient will notice some tingling feeling on the scalp. This tingling feeling may linger on after the treatment for some time. However, there is no need to worry as tingling is caused due to increased flow of blood to the scalp. This treatment will work wonders to your hair if the actual cause of hair loss is lack of circulation.

d) Hair shaving

This is an age old treatment. However, most people do not like to carry on this treatment as they don't want to go for a bald look or fear that the lost hair will never grow back. Experts feel that shaving the hair completely will not provide the effect one desires.

e) Trimming

Many beauty experts preach that trimming hair every two months prevent hair fall and improves the texture of hair fall. There is some amount of truth in this treatment. Regular trimming of the hair will prevent split ends and improve the quality of hair.

There are several hair loss treatments that you can go for in order to prevent hair loss. However, before deciding on a treatment, it would be wise to consult a trichologist to get suggestion on the best treatment for your hair type.

For more Articles, News, Information, Advice, and Resources about Hair Loss please visit HAIR LOSS INSIGHTS and HAIR LOSS ADVICE and VITAMINS MINERALS

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Losing Your Crowning Glory? Here are Some Reasons!

Hair loss has become a common problem these days. Both men & women face same problem. There are several reasons for this. People tend to take a good amount of stress. Stress plays a major role in hair loss. Using harsh elements such as shampoos, hair dye, straightening machines and chemicals also result in hair loss. According to experts, each one of us lose about 50-100 hairs on a daily basis.

It is very important to take preventive measures immediately before it is too late.

Here are some super tips to prevent hair loss:

a) Avoid stress

You should avoid stress. People suffering from extreme stress will experience a good amount of hair loss. It is very important to distress your life if you really want to prevent hair loss. Make sure that you get a good amount of sleep or eat the right diet. Exercise will also work wonders for you to get rid of work related stress.

b) Stay away from chemical products

Hair suffers damage from chemical based hair products. You need to stop using such products. Avoid getting your hair dyed frequently. Excessive use of hair spray gel or mousse can damage your hair and it finally leads to hair loss. You must switch over to hair products that are derived from natural ingredients such as sage, rosemary and aloe Vera.

c) Be gentle to your hair

Most people go for frequent hair dying sessions and complicated hair styles that include using hair straightening machines, chemical gels and serums. This deteriorates the quality of hair and even harms hair follicles. If you seriously want to prevent your hair, you should stop being cruel to your hair. Treat your hair gently.

d) Family history

Try to know your family history. Loss of hair may also be hereditary. Men usually suffer from male pattern baldness. This condition is often hereditary. In case, you have a family history of hair loss, take special care of your hair at an early stage. Don't wait for the condition to become worse.

e) Speak to a hair loss expert

You should seek professional help from a trichologist once you start noticing remarkable hair loss pattern. The expert will provide you some good information on dietary changes and lifestyle changes that you need to make in order to prevent hair loss.

f) Eat healthy You need to focus on eating healthy when it comes to preventing hair loss. Vitamin A and E can prevent hair loss. Have a lot of fresh fruits & vegetables to prevent hair loss.

g) Use satin pillow

Using satin pillow cases will help causing less friction and prevent hair loss.

h) Hair massage

A hot oil massage will increase flow of blood in your body and prevent hair loss.

i) Change hairstyle

Avoid using accessories. Don't tie tight ponytails or pull your hair harder.

j) Blood test

You can go for a blood test to check your hemoglobin count. Lack of hemoglobin in your blood will result in hair loss. Go for the best treatment once a disease is detected.

For more Articles, News, Information, Advice, and Resources about Hair Loss please visit HAIR LOSS INSIGHTS and HAIR LOSS ADVICE and VITAMINS MINERALS

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What is Special in Rogaine for Men?

Rogaine for men has been around for quite a while now, helping men with thinning hair or baldness. By using the main ingredient minoxidil, Rogaine helps to stimulate hair regrowth as well as to halt any additional hair loss. But what's so special about this particular hair loss treatment?

Most men who use Rogaine will tell you that the convenience of Rogaine is what drew them to the product as well as kept them coming back for more. By being available in grocery stores and local retailers, there's no need for an embarrassing doctor's appointment. You can even order Rogaine online, further helping to protect your privacy. The price of Rogaine is reasonable, which is good because it's something that you need to use on a consistent basis in order to see the maximum results.

To apply Rogaine for men, you simply need to have a dry scalp. Apply the lotion or the foam to your scalp and massage in. Allow to dry and you're ready to go. Rogaine needs to be applied twice a day, though applying it more will not hasten the overall effects. With new hair growth visible within four months, this fast acting hair loss treatment is not only approved by the FDA, but also shown to be effective time and time again.

Another special feature of men's Rogaine is that you don't need to stop any current hair styling habits you have in place. All you need to do is to follow the directions on the package and then style your hair as usual. No one needs to know that you are using Rogaine - except you.

Sometime you will want to keep in mind is that Rogaine can often cause hair loss in the beginning weeks that you use it - this is normal. It's just your body adapting to the treatment and things will quickly turn around in a few weeks.

You can find rogaine products and rogaine for men at hair loss products store.

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Anagen Effluvium

There are literally hundreds of different diseases commonly associated with hair loss. While most of them fall under the term of alopecia, there are others that are stand alone and can also be far more devastating to say the least. This is certainly the case when it comes to anagen effluvium. While largely a mystery in some cases, this form of hair loss has certain markers that make it unique among the other diseases that are currently known. The first part of this disease refers strictly to the cycle of hair growth that naturally occurs with in the human body. The second part of the name is the way in which the hair that is growing is lost and how fast it progresses through the cycle.

When anagen effluvium occurs it is the direct result of some traumatic occurrence in the body. The issue revolves around the division of cells as they relate to the growth of hair and the ways in which the hair will grow over time. The most common of these occurrences if the chemical therapy used to treat most cancers. Chemotherapy is actually the act of injecting poison into the body the will attack the cancer cells. The problem is that the poison also attacks other parts of the body, such as the cells that grow hair. When this happens the patient will lose their hair and will not re-grow any until the treatments have ceased. Most often the effects of this kind of therapy are only temporary and the effects will reverse when the treatments are no longer present.

Anagen effluvium is also a symptom of other problems that can occur in the body. Toxic plants are a common issue when it relates to this problem. Those who eat certain plants that are toxic will most likely suffer from this form of hair loss. Of course death is also a factor unless the person has built up a sufficient immunity to the toxins from the plants. This is very common in third world countries where certain plants are considered to be tasty treats and eaten in small amounts until the person can eat them fully with no chance of death. With this form of anagen effluvium there is little chance that the effects will reverse and the person will most likely suffer from permanent hair loss.

The breaking of hair rather than simply falling out is another common issue when it relates to this disease. Examining the scalp the doctor can determine if the person is suffering from another not so common condition known as telogen and it refers to the hair breaking at the base rather than falling out at the root. With this form you will find that there is very little in the way of treatment options.

Anagen effluvium is one of those diseases that can actually be treated in most cases. While the effects are often devastating, like the almost overnight hair loss that is seen with cancer patients, they can rest assured that they will have some relief when it comes to the hair growing back once the treatments are stopped.

Thinning Hair
Saw Palmetto Hair Loss
Vitamins for Hair Loss

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Alopecia Mucinosa

There are many conditions in the world that can affect a person and one of the most rare is alopecia mucinosa. This disease, related to others like alopecia areata, is directly related to hair loss and the methods by which the hair is killed off from normally healthy areas of the body. With that in mind it is easy to see why this particular disease is so distressing to so many people. The loss of hair, even in small amounts can result in severe depression and so on, leading a person to a dark place. There is hope for those who suffer from this affliction but they need to be sure they are following the steps as laid down by their treating doctor.

As it was said, alopecia mucinosa is very rare and because of that there is very little in the way of information bouncing around the world. Several doctors have written medical articles on the subject but they are of very little help to the layman who is looking for some simple answers to the many questions. Alopecia mucinosa was first discovered in nineteen fifty-seven by a doctor by the name of Pinkus. He first diagnosed this disorder where scaly patches of skin appeared around a balding area on the patient. It was first known as follicullar mucinosis as it is actually the appearance of the mucinosis around the area that gives this disease its name and title.

This disease normally presents itself in the face, neck and scalp areas of the body. However, there have been reports of other areas where hair grows to be affected. There is no way to accurately predict where the disease will present and how long it will be around. A flare up with this kind of disease can last a couple days to several months depending on the severity of which the patient has been affected in the past. Certainly people are not looking to have this disease for long periods of time, but there is very little that can be done about it. The fact is that a person may have this disease for years, even from birth and may never know it until the point when a flare up occurs. It has been reported that some people lived their entire lives without knowing they were affected by alopecia mucinosa.

Like its many cousins, alopecia mucinosa is related to the immune system or more to the point, the failure of the immune system in a certain manner. This disease is commonly referred to as an auto-immune disease. That has a special meaning and puts the disease in a class that includes other more serious diseases, like Crohn's or IBD.

Auto-immune diseases are so named because the body's immune system is attacking normally healthy cells in the body. This is counteractive to the normal procedure where the immune system is actually designed to prevent infection among the cells of the body. There is no known cure for the auto-immune part of this disease.

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Traction Alopecia

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Alopecia Areata

One of the many diseases that can strike people in this world is referred to as alopecia areata. This disease is not well known as the overall diagnosis of this condition was sketchy at best for the past twenty or so years. Thankfully, several research companies have finally found a way to point doctors in the right direction and enable them to give the proper diagnosis when it comes to alopecia areata. However one must take into consideration that alopecia areata is just one of the many alopecia diseases that can affect a person, which is the reason why the doctors have had such a difficult time nailing down the specifics.

Alopecia areata is actually a disease of the immune system and is commonly referred to as an autoimmune syndrome. This puts this disease into a class that also includes Crohn's disease as well as IBD and so on. The most common symptoms of alopecia areata is the hair loss on the head as well as the other parts of the body. The reason this occurs is the fact that the immune system starts to attack the hair follicles and stops them from growing hair or maintaining the root structure. When this happens the hair is no longer healthy and will fall out. With this particular form of alopecia you will normally have quarter sized patches of hair loss on the scalp and men can suffer from the same on the chest and so on.

Auto-immune diseases such as alopecia areata are so called because the immune system is actually designed to protect the body from such problems. Our immune system is the defense mechanism that prevents serious virus and bacteria infections from taking hold. When our immune system is diminished it allows attackers from outside to take residence in our body and cause health problems. However, with the auto-immune issue there is something all together different going on. The immune system itself is attacking healthy cells in the body and killing them which is counteractive to the way things should be. This is why the hair on the patients with alopecia areata will fall out, as the immune system has attack the otherwise healthy areas and caused them to fail.

Alopecia areata is one of the most mild forms of alopecia that has currently been identified. While there is hair loss it has also been proven that the hair will most likely grow back. The problem is that if the auto-immune issue is not resolved the hair will once again fall out, causing the same issue over again. But the most important point about alopecia areata is the fact that it is not life threatening at all. The only real issue with this disease is the hair loss and it is not a symptom of a more serious issue underlying.

Doctors will normally treat the hair loss at its center because there is no known sure for the auto-immune issue that is the cause of alopecia areata. Patients who under go the treatments will once again find a normal life because hair growth is stimulated for the bare patches on the scalp.

Thinning Hair
Male Hair Loss Treatments
Thyroid Hair Loss

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Why Should I Want To Purchase A Product Called Provillus For My Hair Loss?

You may not want to purchase the Provillus until you read this article.

Unfortunately, male hair loss, or female hair loss is common, natural, and a fact of life. And, yes the world accepts the bald person as a fact of life, although the one that is bald may not.

Types of male hair loss include the following:

1. Male Pattern Baldness: This is simply a receding hairline and/or a circular balding spot on the crown of the head. Causes can be many, including heredity, anxiety, stress, inactive lifestyle, diet, and the fact that we are growing older. The older we get the more susceptible we are to hair loss.

2. Temporary Baldness: This can happen following surgery, major life traumas, and certain diseases (e.g., diabetes). Chemotherapy can also cause temporary baldness.

3. Infection-Induced Baldness: Infections of the scalp can cause hair to come out in large clumps (more than 100-150 strands a day).

Your individual decision to do something about baldness depends upon your prospective. Some men choose to simply shave their heads and deal with baldness that way.

For some older men, hair loss can increase their look of "old age." Hair loss products, hair pieces and surgical procedures are available to help deal with the issues.

An effective solution may be a herbal remedy called Provillus. It can be used as an oral supplement. It blocks DHT, a form of testosterone that is responsible for 95 percent of hair loss. It stimulates the scalp and helps bring dead follicles back to life.

You can also purchase Provillus as a preventive supplement. You can start using the product before your hair loss becomes too severe

Experiencing any of these hail loss symptoms? You can access to learn more about natural products for male baldness. Thom Richards is retired, and at age 70 still has a lot of hair

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Hair Loss Cure - An Effective Way to Stop Hair Loss, Fast!

In this article you'll learn an effective way to stop your hair loss as fast as possible.

To start with you need to know what REALLY causes hair loss, so that you have the correct understanding as to how to stop to it EFFECTIVELY!

So what is the REAL cause of hair loss?

The popular understanding of the cause of hair loss is that excess testosterone converts into DHT (dihydrotestosterone), and the DHT destroys hair follicles in the scalp, resulting in baldness. This is incorrect, and is the reason why 97% of hair loss victims fail to do anything effective about their loss of hair.

DHT is what finally destroys hair folllicles, but it is excess ESTROGEN that converts into DHT, NOT testosterone. The solution to hair loss is to reduce levels of estrogen in the body, which if you suffer from hair loss, are elevated to higher than normal levels.

So estrogen is the enemy, but surely something causes estrogen? Now we're getting somewhere...

High amounts of estrogen are directly caused by toxin exposure. The mechanism is as follows:

Large amounts of toxins overwhelm the organ that is supposed to kill them, the liver, and once they by-pass the liver due to sheer quantity, they transform into the hormone estrogen. Then the estrogen to DHT to Hair Loss follows as a consequence.

But where do these toxins come from, and why doesn't the liver do it's job properly?

The toxins come from to 2 sources; the environment, such as car fumes, and from food, i.e. fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives, additives etc. Now the reason the liver gets overwhelmed is due to the fact that it gets exposed to more toxins that it was designed for. It's a sad fact that toxins are increasing in modern civilizations, and interestingly parallel the increase in hair loss sufferers.

So the liver is overburdened by abnormal levels of toxin exposure. But this can be handled. The liver can be improved in it's ability to destroy toxins, and this is by cleansing it. Think of it as a dirty sponge that will work much better once it's been cleaned.

To clean the liver the simply use a liver cleansing product for a few weeks. There are many good ones on the market.

By cleaning the liver you drastically increase it's ability to neutralize high amounts of toxins. These toxins then don't make it into estrogen, and you're estrogen levels will return to normal, resulting in consequent reduction in DHT levels. This is vital to stopping hair loss.

But there is an additional measure that must be taken in order to stop your hair loss. Whilst the step just described will stop NEW DHT production, you still have EXISTING DHT on your scalp. This will cause continued loss of hair. So you need to remove this DHT manually, and the way to do this is to use a DHT removing agent.

Now there are many expensive DHT removing agents on the market, but you can also make your own at home for a mere fraction of the cost. Either works well. Use a DHT removing agent for a few weeks.

Colin Montana has set up a free website about solving your hair loss problem. Check it out today at The Ultimate Hair loss Solution.

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Rapunzel's Locks

Women all want thick, flowing, shiny, and healthy hair that moves with a bounce and is the envy of many. If that were not true, there would not be so many products in hair salons and on the shelves of drug stores designed and promising to add body and fullness to our hair. Julia Roberts, Farah Fawcett (circa the 1970`s), Jennifer Aniston, and Andie McDowell are just a few actresses that have enviable hair that has been spotlighted and written about. Even in fairy tales like Goldilocks and Rapunzel, a big deal was made about the importance of their hair. It would seem that Rapunzel`s hair just kept right on growing to be able to reach the ground from high atop the tower where she was held captive. For her prince to be able to use her hair as a rope to climb up to her would inidicate some pretty strong roots! And how about Lady Godiva? She rode on her horse down the main street of Coventry covered only by her hair. That must have been quite a thick mane. The most prominent male character in history to have noteworthy hair was Samson. His hair was his source of his physical strength. He was supposed to be able to move stone pillars and break them too, that is until Delilah rudely went and cut it all off.

So both men and women attribute beauty, appeal, and even strength to luxurious hair. But for some people, their hair is not as thick or full as they would like it to be. Hair loss is not strictly a male condition. About 40% of American women experience varying degrees of hair loss. This can be emotionally traumatic for women affecting their self image and their emotional well being. Sometimes hair loss can be just temporary but sometimes it becomes chronic. Determining the cause can be useful in planning a course of action.

Temporary causes can be pregnancy and childbirth. A friend of mine said that her hair actually fell out in clumps during her pregnancy, which understandably horrified her. Luckily, it all started to grow back soon after she had her son. Hormone fluctuations also are an underlying cause of thinning hair. The hormone fluctuations could be caused by a thyroid condition or because of menopause and hormone replacement drugs. These drugs have an adverse effect on the development of new hair follicles. As if we already didn`t know that stress affects our bodies, emotional and physical stress - such as an illness, can be another reason for thinning hair. I bet in this case an extended vacation and a winning lottery ticket might bring back many happy follicles.

Another theory for thinning hair, besides heredity, is all the overprocessing we do to it. We blow dry, perm, color, and use hot curling irons on our hair. All of that damages the hair follicles. Don`t believe it? The next time you home color your hair, check the shower drain for your proof. The most significant and profound cause of temporary hair loss is chemotherapy. These powerful medications are meant to attack growing cancer cells in the body, but unfortunately that inlcudes the cells in your hair roots as well. Chemotherapy causes hair loss all over the body and not just on the scalp. Fortunately, hair begins to grow back about a month after treatments stop.

I`ve always been a believer that healthy eating, supplements, and herbs can only help our overall health. Studies have shown that certain dietary upgrades can also help us to have healthy hair. A balanced diet that includes whole protein rich foods is recommended. "Healthy hair vitamins" as they are known, include vitamins B, C, and E. Other helpful nutrients are calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, and iron. Scalp massages stimulate blood flow to the scalp and support follicle production. Plus they feel devine!

Studies have also shown that the nutrients taken orally for certain conditions, also have benefits if they are applied topically too. Some of the enriching topical solutions for hair re-growth, besides Minoxidil, will effectively "seed" the scalp to create optimum conditions for new, healthy hair to grow. We need nutrients in our body and our scalp needs some too. An ideal topical solution would contain absorbable nutrients and trace minerals to stimulate follicle production. Solutions containing a combination of even just a little Minoxidil mixed with B vitamins, biotin, magnesium, PABA (shown to specifically nourish hair), folic acid, and hair healthy herbs are the way to go. They have already helped millions of men and women to see dramatic results, but don`t expect them to be overly chatty about it. It`s just good to know that there are proactive solutions to this widespread problem.

Louise Green is a freelance writer and researcher concerned with many women`s health issues. Her site is packed with information about reversing hair loss regardless of the cause.

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Friday, March 21, 2008


I really like this female pirate costume, as it is a soft and sexy 2 piece costume, which includes lace dress with attached coat and telescope. Hat also available... Not sure about the hat, but, hey, that's me...

This is just too cute and too fun! Aye mate, off to the high seas we go, full sails ahead!

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Sensuality vintage-inspired flyaway baby doll trimmed in lace and unlined cups.Includes G-string. Comes in one size. Imported, 100% Polyamide...

This is a lovely, soft and sexy baby doll, which is sure to enhance the body in dramatic and sensuous ways. I love the cut on the bodice. The deep cut lace cups are very sexy, very feminine and very alluring, as is the open front with its ruffle trim...

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This great looking suit comes in 4 colors. It features dipped neckline, shelf bra, spaghetti straps, cross back, low cut legs, full rear coverage, is fully lined. Nylon / Lycra fabric...

I used to have a suit just like this, it was a great suit, I wore it so much when I lived on the beach, I wore it thin. It really makes your body look lean and toned, even if it is less than perfect, and the cut on it is soft and sexy, feminine, and, perfect for the female form...

I will be ordering this one, as I have to have at least one great 1 piece suit a year (bought 2 last year, wore them once), and a new bikini for tanning purposes. I have too many bathing suits, but, that gives me a suit for each occasion, such as one for boating, for sunning, for sporting, for strutting, or whatever. This one goes great with shorts for riding bikes, rollerblading, walking or whatever...

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This is a great Asian inspired robe. It features sheer gold painting, with wrapped satin belt. G-String and fan are included. Comes in one size, black...

Fans are great props in the romantic arena, as they can be used in a number of ways: you can flirt, tantalize, obscure, or dramatize with them. Props are very useful when setting the stage for a romantic scene, such as boas, feathers, canes, scarfs, and any other imaginable items...

Props aid in giving us grace, mystique, illusion, coverage, and are playful, dramatic, plus, they can aid in giving you confidence in that they can distract you from feeling too obvious as you use them to entice...

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This Asian inspired robe is very versatile. It could be worn with many different things in many different ways. I would like it with a pair of opaque leggings, just the right heels, perhaps a sheer bra, and perhaps without the belt. Also, it would be great over a body stocking, or perhaps a bustier and panties; there are simply many ways to wear this lovely robe, and, the Oriental effect adds a touch of fantasy...

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This charmeuse chemise with lace trim and satin ribbon detail, comes in Sea Foam Green color, as shown, and is available in regular and plus sizes...

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This soft and sexy mesh gown is gorgeous. It features embroidered underwire cups and adjustable straps. The back is a deep scoop with a bra-like strap which has hook and eye back closure. High side slit. Comes as shown, in white / turquoise. Available in S - XL.

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Model and Actress Hollywood - Angelina Jolie History

The daughter of an Oscar-winner, she was destined for stardom. Despite acclaim for her acting, it's her bizarre private life that keeps her in the headlines. Vial of blood anyone?

Angelina Jolie
born: 04-06-1976
birth place: Los Angeles, California, USA

Angelina Jolie Voight was born in Los Angeles, California. Her father Jon Voight was an established Hollywood actor, who had earned worldwide fame for his performances in Midnight Cowboy, Deliverance and Coming Home - the latter winning him an Oscar.

Angelina’s mother was the part-Iroquois, part-French actress and model Marcheline Bertrand, who now, incidentally, works as Angelina’s manager. Angelina’s parents split up before she was two years old, and her mother moved back to the East Coast with Angelina and her brother James, where they lived in the Palisades, in the state of New York.

Despite her parents’ divorce, Angelina remembers her childhood as being a happy one. She was a huge Star Trek fan, and showed her unusual tastes even at an early age, by having a crush on Mr Spock! Her taste in pets was highly original too, and she collected snakes and lizards. Her favourite snake was called Harry Dean Stanton, and her favourite lizard was called Vladimir.

At school, she joined a gang called the Kissy Girls, who hunted boys down and kissed them until they begged for mercy - until the school called a halt and the gang broke up! Money was tight whilst Angelina was growing up, but Marcheline made a point of taking her children to the movies as often as possible. Angelina claims that these family movie outings were what first inspired her to dream of becoming an actress.

When Angelina was 11, the family moved back to Los Angeles. Angelina decided to get serious about her dream of becoming an actress and enrolled for acting lessons at the prestigious drama academy, the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. But she didn’t enjoy her years at Beverly Hills High School, where she was constantly teased for wearing glasses and braces and for being so skinny. She also tried to get work as a model, but was turned down for being too short, too thin and too scarred. The teasing and rejection she experienced during her early teenage years had a disastrous effect on her sense of self-esteem, and at the age of 14, she dropped out of high school. She dyed her hair purple, moved in with her punk rocker boyfriend, adopted a Gothic dress code of black, black and more black - but more seriously, began to self-harm and cut herself. She even once asked her boyfriend to draw a blade along her jaw line - and still has a faint scar to mark the occasion.

At the age of 16, Angelina split up with her punk rocker boyfriend, and decided to revive her childhood dreams of becoming an actress. She moved into an apartment opposite her mother, and secured her first on-stage role, as a German S&M dominatrix! For the first time ever, she also began to make the peace with her father. She realised that when it came to acting, he had a great deal to teach her. With her braces and glasses gone, she even succeeded in landing work as a model, and even appeared in the video for Meat Loaf’s Rock’n’Roll Dreams Come Through. She also appeared in promo videos for Lenny Kravitz and the Rolling Stones.

Jolie’s brother James (who now called himself James Haven) had pursued his ambition of going to film school, and Angelina gained her first taste of screen acting by starring in no less than five of her brother’s student films. She made her movie debut proper in 1993, when she was offered a starring role as Casella “Cash” Reese, acting alongside Jack Palance in Cyborg 2. Angelina’s role capitalised on her screen charisma and brash, upfront sex appeal, and before long she was offered another plum role in Hackers, a sci-fi computer thriller. Whilst on set shooting Hackers, she met British actor Johnny Lee Miller, of Trainspotting fame, who played a computer wizard on the run from the police. Jolie and Miller worked closely together (she played a member of his team) and before long, the couple were announcing their engagement in the press.

The Hollywood gossip columnists ventured the opinion that Jolie’s marriage was all part of her quest to find some stability in her life, since she’d lacked a father figure whilst she was growing up. But she and Miller were an outlandish and unconventional couple, and Jolie wasted no time in telling the press all about their exploits - in bed and out of it! Her professional life began to blossom, and the offers to star in new films started flooding in. Jolie co-starred with David Duchovny of X-Files fame in the glitzy thriller, Playing God; this film also starred Timothy Hutton, whom she also dated some time later.

Then came a road movie called Mojave Moon, where she played a young girl called Eleanor Rigby, who falls in love with Danny Aiello - who happens to be in love with Eleanor’s mother (played by Anne Archer). Next came Foxfire, where she played a teenage girl who belonged to a gang who set out to kill a teacher who is bothering them at high school. By now, the major producers in Hollywood had begun to notice that Jolie was able to bring an impressive palette of emotions to her acting, and she began to be offered more complex and demanding parts.

In 1997, she played the role of George Wallace’s wife , in the biographical movie, George Wallace, which told the story of the segregationist Governor of Alabama who was shot and paralysed during his campaign to become President, a performance which achieved considerable critical acclaim. But whilst her career was going from strength to strength, her private life was starting to fall apart. Johnny Lee Miller was finding her emotional excesses harder and harder to deal with, especially whilst she was playing the lead role in Gia, a biopic about the life of Gia Carangi, a lesbian supermodel from the 1970s, who eventually died of AIDS. Jolie was awarded a Golden Globe for her performance in this movie - and to celebrate, she jumped into a swimming-pool whilst fully clothed, ruining her expensive designer ball gown. Eventually, Miller decided he couldn’t take any more, and the couple finally split.

In the wake of her marriage bust-up, rumours were flying about Jolie’s sexuality, and she fanned the flames by openly admitting that she was bisexual. She even confessed to having a relationship with the actress Jenny Shimizu. None of this distracted her from her work, however, and she was soon starring in a comedy drama about air traffic controllers, called Pushing Tin. Her co-stars were John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton, and by the time the film wrapped shooting, she was already in love with Thornton, who was 15 years older than her. Once again, Jolie enjoyed an outrageous, high-profile romance, with Thornton openly admitting that he liked to wear Jolie’s underwear, because it made him feel closer to her!

Just as she found happiness in her private life, Jolie also struck gold in her career. She accepted the role of a mental asylum inmate in “Girl, Interrupted”, co-starring with Winona Ryder, and won an Oscar for her stellar performance. The Oscar ceremony was marred by rumours that she’d had an incestuous relationship with her own brother - which Jolie denied. She went on to tell the press that she’d only ever slept with a handful of people.

Next came Jolie’s first blockbuster role - Tomb Raider. This was probably her most challenging role to date, for she not only had to learn how to speak with an English, upper-class accent, but also had to master a wide range of physically demanding disciplines, including kick-boxing, street fighting, yoga, ballet, car-racing and dog-sledding. Her character Lara Croft was faced with the challenge of defeating the illuminati who were trying to use a magic triangle in order to control Time - and interestingly, the role of her English upper-class father was played by her real-life father, Jon Voight. Lara Croft marked Jolie’s real breakthrough as a big Hollywood name in her own right - even though she failed to win an Oscar on this occasion.

Having reached a peak in her career, Jolie then decided to pursue her humanitarian interests and began to become more and more involved in campaigns to help people in the Third World. In 2001, she adopted a Cambodian child named Maddox, and was made a Good Will Ambassador for the United States. She took her role very seriously indeed, and took time out from her acting career to visit Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Tanzania and the Western Sahara.

She began campaigning for peace in troubled Sri Lanka, got involved in helping refugees from Chechnia and Thailand, and donated $5 million to an environmental wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia. When she turned her attention back to her career, she was offered the chance to make Tomb Raider 2, for which she was paid a staggering $12 million.

Although she was flying high in her work, her private life was in trouble again, and Billy Bob Thornton left her in May 2002. She subsequently claimed he was far more interested in his career than he was in her and Maddox, whilst she was more keen to balance family life and her philanthropic interests with striving for box-office success. After filming Tomb Raider 2, Jolie bought herself a house in Buckinghamshire, and was occasionally be seen out on the town with her ex-husband Johnny Lee Miller.

She continued to give a considerable amount of time to the United Nations, as well as working hard at her career. After the highly successful Tomb Raider sequel, she accepted a part in Beyond Borders. Here she played the daughter of a wealthy businessman who meets a visionary doctor and travels with him to war-ravaged Africa to help save lives - it sounded very much like a case of Jolie’s art imitating her own life. Somehow, she even found the time to write a book, called Notes from My Travels, which was published in 2003.

In 2004, she starred in Taking Lives, where she played an intuitive detective, and co-starred with Ethan Hawke. Hawke’s marriage to Uma Thurman collapsed around the same time, and Jolie was blamed - but she denied the rumours, and was later proved right.

Jolie then took a voiceover role of a glamorous fish called Lola in Shark Tale, rapidly followed by the futuristic period piece, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, where she played a sexy pilot captain. By coincidence, Jolie had recently gained her pilot’s license, although on this occasion, she didn’t fly the plane for real, but acted mostly against empty screens.

Sadly, Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow wasn’t a great box office hit - and nor was Alexander, Jolie’s next film. Here she played Olympias, the mother of Alexander the Great, who inspires him to become a great leader and empire builder. But the offers kept coming for Jolie to star in new pictures. After starring in The Fever, a political piece directed by Vanessa Redgrave’s son, Carlo Nero, she was offered the starring role in Mr and Mrs Smith, where she was cast opposite Brad Pitt.

They played a bored couple whose lacklustre marriage gets a shot in the arm when they discover that they are both secret assassins who have been hired to kill each other. Improbable though the plot sounded, the film was a massive hit - not least perhaps because romance had once again blossomed for Jolie during the shooting of the movie, and Brad Pitt’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston broke up around the same time.

Although rumours ran rife, Jolie and Pitt remained silent about their alleged affair, and did not go public about their involvement until a full twelve months later. By this time, Brad Pitt was fully embroiled in the full horror of a high-profile Hollywood divorce. Jolie denied Aniston’s claims that she was a marriage-wrecker, and told reporters “I was just a shoulder to cry on”.

Also during 2005, Jolie found time to get involved in Live8 and also visited post-earthquake Pakistan. She also adopted Zaharah Marley, a little Ethiopian girl as a sister for Maddox, and to her delight, Brad Pitt decided to adopt both children as his own. And in May 2006, Angelina also gave birth to her own child by Brad Pitt, Shiloh Nouvel, who was born in Namibia whilst the couple were over in Africa.

With Brad Pitt, Jolie has finally found a partner with whom she can share her humanitarian goals and ideals, as well as her dazzling Hollywood success. Whilst it’s certain that the twin challenges of her motherhood and her charity work will continue to take up much of Jolie’s time, the movie offers just keep coming. 2006 has seen the premiere of The Good Shepherd, directed by Robert de Niro, which tells the story of the history of the CIA through the eyes of a key operative (played by Matt Damon). But Jolie herself confesses: “It’s getting harder and harder to go back to work after time with children and my United Nations projects.”

In 2007, Jolie made her directorial debut with the documentary A Place in Time, which captures the life in 27 locations around the globe during a single week and features fellow actors such as Jude Law, Hilary Swank, Colin Farrell and Jonny Lee Miller. She also voiced the of part Grendel's mother in the animated adaptation of Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf, directed by Robert Zemeckis.

An Oscar-winning actress, humanitarian ambassador, femme fatale, author, pilot and now mother, Jolie has proved herself brilliantly adept at juggling her many roles - and hopefully will continue to do, for many years to come.

Jane Bowles