Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bustiers - Your Secret Weapon to a Sexier Figure

Prepping for a party? Wanting to wear that sexy figure-hugging dress but getting a bit worried about unsightly bulges? If it's too late to go on a crash diet, here's the next best solution: bustiers.

Yes, a bustier is your secret weapon to make those lumps and bumps disappear for a while - until you get home from the party, that is. Seriously, a bustier can instantly make you look smooth under anything you wear. It's made to give your breasts a lift and define your waistline, giving you a curvier and shapelier silhouette.

Bustiers are tight-fitting garments with bra cups. They offer support to your breasts while, at the same time, shaping your tummy and waist. Bustiers may be made using elastic fabrics or would have boning to help sculpt your figure. There are those that are made seamless, so people won't notice you're wearing a bustier underneath.

They could have closures using hooks or lace or strings, depending on its design and purpose. While there are bustiers that have back closures, many modern designs incorporate front closure so you could open and close them more easily. It is usually strapless, but many still come with removable shoulder straps - just in case you need extra security. The sexier bustiers have garter clips to hold your stockings up, making them perfect to wear if you want to catch your partner's attention.

For a lot of occasions, a bustier is a great garment to wear under your dress. Bridal bustiers can be worn under your wedding gown to give you curves at the right places - and they can even heat up your honeymoon night. There are low-back bustiers for those formal dresses that offer shaping and support even for those almost-backless and strapless fashions. You can wear them under almost anything!

Just remember, as with all lingerie and shapewear, a great fit is essential to feel comfortable and look beautiful. So get yourself measured and buy a bustier that fits your size. An ill-fitting bustier will just make your figure not-so-flattering under that dress. The right-sized bustier will give you the benefits of a smooth, curvaceous look. And that's exactly what you want, right?

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