Monday, March 24, 2008

Hair Loss Cure - An Effective Way to Stop Hair Loss, Fast!

In this article you'll learn an effective way to stop your hair loss as fast as possible.

To start with you need to know what REALLY causes hair loss, so that you have the correct understanding as to how to stop to it EFFECTIVELY!

So what is the REAL cause of hair loss?

The popular understanding of the cause of hair loss is that excess testosterone converts into DHT (dihydrotestosterone), and the DHT destroys hair follicles in the scalp, resulting in baldness. This is incorrect, and is the reason why 97% of hair loss victims fail to do anything effective about their loss of hair.

DHT is what finally destroys hair folllicles, but it is excess ESTROGEN that converts into DHT, NOT testosterone. The solution to hair loss is to reduce levels of estrogen in the body, which if you suffer from hair loss, are elevated to higher than normal levels.

So estrogen is the enemy, but surely something causes estrogen? Now we're getting somewhere...

High amounts of estrogen are directly caused by toxin exposure. The mechanism is as follows:

Large amounts of toxins overwhelm the organ that is supposed to kill them, the liver, and once they by-pass the liver due to sheer quantity, they transform into the hormone estrogen. Then the estrogen to DHT to Hair Loss follows as a consequence.

But where do these toxins come from, and why doesn't the liver do it's job properly?

The toxins come from to 2 sources; the environment, such as car fumes, and from food, i.e. fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives, additives etc. Now the reason the liver gets overwhelmed is due to the fact that it gets exposed to more toxins that it was designed for. It's a sad fact that toxins are increasing in modern civilizations, and interestingly parallel the increase in hair loss sufferers.

So the liver is overburdened by abnormal levels of toxin exposure. But this can be handled. The liver can be improved in it's ability to destroy toxins, and this is by cleansing it. Think of it as a dirty sponge that will work much better once it's been cleaned.

To clean the liver the simply use a liver cleansing product for a few weeks. There are many good ones on the market.

By cleaning the liver you drastically increase it's ability to neutralize high amounts of toxins. These toxins then don't make it into estrogen, and you're estrogen levels will return to normal, resulting in consequent reduction in DHT levels. This is vital to stopping hair loss.

But there is an additional measure that must be taken in order to stop your hair loss. Whilst the step just described will stop NEW DHT production, you still have EXISTING DHT on your scalp. This will cause continued loss of hair. So you need to remove this DHT manually, and the way to do this is to use a DHT removing agent.

Now there are many expensive DHT removing agents on the market, but you can also make your own at home for a mere fraction of the cost. Either works well. Use a DHT removing agent for a few weeks.

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