Monday, March 24, 2008

Losing Your Crowning Glory? Here are Some Reasons!

Hair loss has become a common problem these days. Both men & women face same problem. There are several reasons for this. People tend to take a good amount of stress. Stress plays a major role in hair loss. Using harsh elements such as shampoos, hair dye, straightening machines and chemicals also result in hair loss. According to experts, each one of us lose about 50-100 hairs on a daily basis.

It is very important to take preventive measures immediately before it is too late.

Here are some super tips to prevent hair loss:

a) Avoid stress

You should avoid stress. People suffering from extreme stress will experience a good amount of hair loss. It is very important to distress your life if you really want to prevent hair loss. Make sure that you get a good amount of sleep or eat the right diet. Exercise will also work wonders for you to get rid of work related stress.

b) Stay away from chemical products

Hair suffers damage from chemical based hair products. You need to stop using such products. Avoid getting your hair dyed frequently. Excessive use of hair spray gel or mousse can damage your hair and it finally leads to hair loss. You must switch over to hair products that are derived from natural ingredients such as sage, rosemary and aloe Vera.

c) Be gentle to your hair

Most people go for frequent hair dying sessions and complicated hair styles that include using hair straightening machines, chemical gels and serums. This deteriorates the quality of hair and even harms hair follicles. If you seriously want to prevent your hair, you should stop being cruel to your hair. Treat your hair gently.

d) Family history

Try to know your family history. Loss of hair may also be hereditary. Men usually suffer from male pattern baldness. This condition is often hereditary. In case, you have a family history of hair loss, take special care of your hair at an early stage. Don't wait for the condition to become worse.

e) Speak to a hair loss expert

You should seek professional help from a trichologist once you start noticing remarkable hair loss pattern. The expert will provide you some good information on dietary changes and lifestyle changes that you need to make in order to prevent hair loss.

f) Eat healthy You need to focus on eating healthy when it comes to preventing hair loss. Vitamin A and E can prevent hair loss. Have a lot of fresh fruits & vegetables to prevent hair loss.

g) Use satin pillow

Using satin pillow cases will help causing less friction and prevent hair loss.

h) Hair massage

A hot oil massage will increase flow of blood in your body and prevent hair loss.

i) Change hairstyle

Avoid using accessories. Don't tie tight ponytails or pull your hair harder.

j) Blood test

You can go for a blood test to check your hemoglobin count. Lack of hemoglobin in your blood will result in hair loss. Go for the best treatment once a disease is detected.

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