Monday, March 24, 2008

What is Special in Rogaine for Men?

Rogaine for men has been around for quite a while now, helping men with thinning hair or baldness. By using the main ingredient minoxidil, Rogaine helps to stimulate hair regrowth as well as to halt any additional hair loss. But what's so special about this particular hair loss treatment?

Most men who use Rogaine will tell you that the convenience of Rogaine is what drew them to the product as well as kept them coming back for more. By being available in grocery stores and local retailers, there's no need for an embarrassing doctor's appointment. You can even order Rogaine online, further helping to protect your privacy. The price of Rogaine is reasonable, which is good because it's something that you need to use on a consistent basis in order to see the maximum results.

To apply Rogaine for men, you simply need to have a dry scalp. Apply the lotion or the foam to your scalp and massage in. Allow to dry and you're ready to go. Rogaine needs to be applied twice a day, though applying it more will not hasten the overall effects. With new hair growth visible within four months, this fast acting hair loss treatment is not only approved by the FDA, but also shown to be effective time and time again.

Another special feature of men's Rogaine is that you don't need to stop any current hair styling habits you have in place. All you need to do is to follow the directions on the package and then style your hair as usual. No one needs to know that you are using Rogaine - except you.

Sometime you will want to keep in mind is that Rogaine can often cause hair loss in the beginning weeks that you use it - this is normal. It's just your body adapting to the treatment and things will quickly turn around in a few weeks.

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