Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The worst of the worst (NSFW reader submission)

This tattoo is so bad and so NSFW that I can’t show it above the jump.
Alex wrote to me, and said “the bet was high card draw best 2 out of 3 winner got to pick, but had to pay for the losers tattoo.”
Click to find out what the winner picked for him, but remember, it’s graphic.


Sin City Bikini: This high glam Triangle Top and Keyhole Tie Bottoms have a metallic glow and a sensational feel. Comes in metalic gold or metalic red, sizes XS to 1X...

Sin City Triangle Top..
Adjustable sliding triangles
Tie at neck and back
Fully lined

Metallic stretch fabric Sin City Bottom..
Scoop front
Sits low on waist
Peek-a-boo side with tie
Low cut legs
Full rear coverage
Fully lined
Metallic stretch fabric

This is a great suit, isn't it? One in thousands for sure! I like the cut on the bottom, with the tied peek-a-boo side. You will look like a Diva in this finely crafted suit, and you will feel like one too!

The metalic material will further enhance your figure, as it sculpts every curve, making sure your assets are high profile, indeed. You will be shining like the Sun, and all eyes will be upon you, this suit is not for the timid or bashful types, no way!

With a bit of attitude, you and this suit will sizzle the Summer months. Your tan will look fabulous in this great bikini, and, your partner will know that you are all that!

This is a playful, flirty, seductive, and sexy suit which will make you feel extraordinarily feminine. It is a suit of female statement, of alluring acclaimation, and sensuality. There will be few other suits which will make you feel quite like this one...

Summer is a time for baring it, for being comfortable in your own skin, and with such a bikini as this, your skin will be like a diamond on the sand, sparkling, refined, and one of a kind...

Girlfriend's Lingerie has such a great selection of some extremely different and sexy suits to choose from, so, be sure to find the ones to meet your every Summer mood and fantasy....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Lace Baby Doll set comes with satin ribbon tie front, off the shoulder sleeves, matching panty. Available as shown, in burgundy. Comes in sizes Sm. to 3X...

This set is just lovely, soft and sexy, feminine, and full of promises. It is elegant, seductive, and surely one which you will love wearing, time and again, plus, it is a great warm weather essential, and, the color will make it seem all the hotter, for it is rich and the detail is exquisite...

Most of us will be very busy this season, so, romantic nights alone will be very welcome for a change of pace, and when you step out in this gorgeous outfit, fireworks are sure to explode all night long...

There is nothing better than looking like a lady, proper and beautiful, with the element of fantasy and intrigue, and when you wear this great lingerie baby doll, you will make certain that your partner knows that you are the best of both worlds...

This is one of the best gifts you can give to your lover. The gift of being a lady provocateur, one of substance and fire. One of quiet devastation, and levels of excitement which sizzle hot, hotter, and hottest. Your partner will not be able to resist you when you are the lady of the house and the babe of their dreams; there is just no better combination, no better formula for keeping it hot and sexy, or for making the best of love...

Girlfriend's Lingerie has so many gorgeous essentials for romance and for enhancing love and life. From soft and sexy lingerie, to swimwear, to fiery hot essentials, and accessories, GL has it all. Be sure to check out this item and many more today...

Roll a d20 for awesome tattoos.

I finally did a new tattoo post, but this one is AWESOME and not AWFUL!
Roll a d20 for awesome tattoos
This entry is dedicated to my new d20 tattoo, inspired in part by the quote from the X-Files episode Jose Chung's From Outer Space, "I didn't spend all those years playing dungeons and dragons and not learn a little something about courage!"

You can digg it here if you are so inclined.

I know I've been neglecting posts but I promise I'll get better.


Friday, April 18, 2008


Looking for some game this weekend? Why not have a poker night, just the two of you? The stakes will be left to the imagination when your partner sees you in this sexy 3 piece Poker Girl Costume, which includes a dress, hat and a deck of cards. Hose also available. It comes in sizes Sm. to XL, and as you can see, is very figure flattering, different, and fun!!!

The imagination is the limit in finding ways to keep it sexy, hot, and exciting. Poker night is a great way to bond, have some fun, and be one of the guys, though certainly, in this delicious outfit, you will never be mistaken for one of the guys....

Life is so short, love needs cultivating, nurturing, and variety, and we owe it to ourselves and our partners to be as inventive as we can be that there is rarely a dull moment. I am not saying that we must constantly create excitement, I am saying that we should create enough to keep it interesting and add intrigue, which will last a while as your partner recalls all the many ways you find to keep them happy and smiling...

Girlfriend's Lingerie has a vast selection of costumes, lingerie, swimwear, accessories, and even more, which makes it the perfect one stop shopping experience that all of your dreams are easier to realize. Visit today and find that perfect outfit, baby doll, or costume to keep it sexy, hot, and exciting...

Saturday, April 12, 2008


You will be sure to sizzle in this basic but eye popping suit. Classic Black color with a shock of pink. Comes in regular and plus sizes (4 - 16). Features, keyhole neckline, spaghetti straps, ties at neck, mid scoop back, low cut legs, is fully lined. Nylon / Lycra material. Comes in black with pink.

Another soft and sexy suit. I love it! It is graceful, ladylike, different, enhancing, and hot!!!

Having several suits, both one piece and two piece, is essential for the warm season; when they are quality material, design, and sensational, they can be worn for another warm season or two. I have many suits, some of which I just save for that perfect time, that perfect scenario when such a suit will make a statement for me. It is funny, but, really, there are suits that you might not want to wear certain places, while others are fine, so, it is good idea to have a least a few, and since suits are well made, it is a good investment, for they last for a long time...

This particular suit will turn heads as it is stunning, yet not overstated. It is perfect femininity. It is sensational though in a very elegant manner. You will feel fabulous wearing this great swimsuit, and it will flatter you in every way, which will make the experience of wearing it all the better.

Girlfriend's Lingerie honestly has some of the best swimwear I have seen anywhere this season, plus, they are different. Be sure to check out all of the fine suits, the lingerie, the accessories, and there is even more. This lingerie company is serious about keeping it sexy and hot, and making dreams come true!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Skirted garter embellished with satin bows, satin ties, ruffled trim, adjustable and detachable garters. Underwire bra with adjustable straps and hook and eye back closure. Includes matching g-string, available with hose. Comes in sizes 32 - 38...

The styling is very soft and sexy, but the cut is compelling. I love the delicate detail on the bra top and the skirted garter, lending a lavishness to the overall effect...

Bra sets are so popular, and truly a girl cannot have enough of them. This one is especially likable, as it is light, sexy, and hot looking. It is great for those warm months, for it is sheer, unpadded, and just as cute as they come...

Such a set as this would be great for a cozy weekend brunch at home, or a fiery hot night with just the two of you, enjoying the best of the warm season; it is truly inspiring and intriguing, perfect for those times when you want to take it up a notch or two...

I tell you, Girlfriend's Lingerie has so much to offer. Plenty of options for keeping it sexy and hot, for making dreams come true, for making love sizzle day and night, for once your partner enjoys the sight of you in these fine lingerie ensembles, their mind will be with you 24/7! What more could we hope for? Check out all of the great selection, you will love the prices, and, the customer service is awesome...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


This spirited Halter Top and Low Cut Bottoms will look so good on you with its stars and stripes.

American Spirit Halter Top
Halter style
Ties at neck and back
Fully lined
Stars n Stripes Nylon/Lycra fabric

American Spirit Low Cut Bottom
Scoop front
Sits low on waist
Full rear coverage
Fully lined
Stars n Stripes Nylon/Lycra

'Tis the season to look and feel sensational, and this great bikini will certainly make you stand out in a crowd, plus, it is flattering and easy to wear. It comes in sizes XS - 1X, so it is designed for most body types...

I had a suit similar to this one before, and I loved it! I felt so comfortable and attractive in it, and, it wore and wore and wore. I probably still have it stashed somewhere...

Bikinis are a wonderful part of life, and, while some are like way expressive, with too much body showing, suits such as this are perfect for getting a tan, for keeping us motivated to get or stay in shape, and, they just make the season more exciting, more fun!!!

Girlfriend's Lingerie has a very good and large selection of swimwear, be it bikinis or one piece suits, and, they are all quality material, great design and style; perfect for the female form. I can't imagine buying suits anywhere but from Girlfriend's Lingerie as they are each special, each exquisite, and each priced to sell. Check us out today, you will love what you see, and when you purchase one, you will be a walking, talking vision of feminine beauty. Keeping it hot, making dreams come true, with soft and sexy styles is what we are all about, plus, great prices, and excellent customer service. So, what you waiting for???

Monday, April 7, 2008


Being a better lover involves many factors, and, it definitely takes imagination, creativity, and effort...

Everyone should read about making love. Everyone should study Kama Sutra, for it is important to understand the way to the inner soul of our lover; it is important to know how to reach them in such a way that they remain spellbound with our love; it is important to know how to keep their fantasies within the realms of the bond shared by the love you have together, and to keep the flames so hot that there is little chance of them being extinguished. It is the way to make your love life so intense that even fables of love could not compete...

Kama Sutra is the mastery of body, mind, and soul, and, while there is sexual context and content in the translated versions of Kama Sutra, that is not the intention of the author, though, because the information was so useful for gaining expertise in making love, and going beyond the norm, it became extremely popular for its sexual lessons...

In becoming a content and fulfilled couple, it is necessary to learn about the factors which make a couple grow in the healthiest state possible, and, the Kama Sutra lessons teach us how to become one with nature, life, people, and circumstances, plus, how to employ wisdom's of love and love making between husband and wife. The most widely read version containing positions and understandings of pleasure, in giving and receiving...

One of the reasons so many couples fail in their union, is that neither is instructed in the arts of love or love making; they merely follow their own selfish need and want, which often leads to boredom and discontent. If partners study, learn, examine, and experiment with love, and love making techniques, on whatever level is mutually acceptable, there is a greater sharing of purpose, commitment, excitement, and adventure, which further bonds the relationship by bringing each to a point of deep and internal connection, on the level of friendship, lover, spouse, and fantasy come true. There becomes no need to ever become bored, tired, or dissatisfied, for the options are endless, and, regardless of age, if love making is carried out in total respect for the other, it will never become stagnant or less than it was before, for as the heart grows fonder, with experience, so shall the body grow more passionate in a state of understood and appreciated love and love making...

Friday, April 4, 2008

How Lingerie Could Work in Your Favor

There are many ways to discover how sexy lingerie works in your favor. You can talk to the man that it's designed for or to the women who uses it daily. Lingerie is designed to make women, of all sizes, look and feel sexy, but it also has practical uses as well. The main goal is to accentuate a woman's body and make her feel good about herself. The lingerie industry strives to give people what they want. Because different people want different things, there are several types of lingerie.

The first type is practical lingerie. This kind is more logical than sexy, and is bought with logical thoughts in mind rather than erotic thoughts. If you prefer this type of lingerie, it doesn't mean you are not sexy, it just means you believe that your clothing serves a specific purpose rather than a whimsical purpose. And because you tend to lean this way doesn't mean that you can't have a wild side once in awhile. Just to make sure his pulse is still beating, you might want to put on a skimpy piece of lingerie once in awhile - let him know there is a sexy side waiting to emerge.

Another type is your basic sexy lingerie. This type gives you the sensibility of everyday underwear while also giving you an inner power of sexy. There is nothing like wearing something sexy underneath a chic outfit that no one but you knows about. Wearing sexy lingerie will build your confidence like nothing else can do. And if you are really brave, you can let your man know that you are wearing something special underneath the exterior and give him something to think about all day long. And then when he comes home that night ... well, just use your imagination.

The last kind of lingerie is erotic lingerie which is generally worn on special occasions. This type of lingerie is usually worn on anniversaries, special days, or when the kids are at grandma's house. Use naughty lingerie when you want to get his attention and have a little bit of fun. This is where you let that sexy side emerge. Sexy lingerie is not just for the slim and trim. Many plus size women enjoy the benefits of lingerie. Just because some women are a little fluffy as I like to call it, doesn't mean they shouldn't have fun too. As a matter of fact, these women are the ones who seem to have more fun as they are generally more endowed than other women.

Speaking of plus size women, what bothers me the most is that most stores don't consider BBW in their merchandise. It can get frustrating for a large woman to find something sexy in a store. And then there's the fact that some sales clerks smirk at these women when they are browsing through skimpy items. That's why it's easier for a plus size woman to go online and purchase at a lingerie boutique rather than hunt down a store that caters to them. Have you ever seen a plus size woman in Victoria's Secret? And why not? Because they don't care about servicing the plus size woman. And what a mistake they are making! Statistics state that 62% of the women in the United States are size 14 or larger.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Cassie_Hughes

Wearing Camisoles and Teddies Can Give You A Boost Emotionally

Okay, I know what you're thinking, how in the world could someones self esteem rise just by wearing something different. Well, it has because I never thought that wearing inner-wear, or lingerie (camisole lingerie and teddy lingerie) as outerwear would make me feel sexier and happier. How? My girlfriend, who is up on all the fashion trends, suggested I try wearing some camisole lingerie, camisole tops, or teddy lingerie as a way of redefining myself. I wasn't too sure at first, but I thought I would give it a try. I didn't go out and change my dressing habits all that much. I was extremely selective about what type of camisole top or camisole lingerie I was going to put under one of my blazers in place of my typical blouse.

First I combed the internet looking and researching about just what camisoles and teddies meant. A Camisole or cami is a women's undergarment that covers the top part of the body. It is sleeveless and tight fitting. A camisole is sometimes worn cropped allowing the midriff to be exposed and can be made of a variety of fabrics such as silk, satin, lyra, nylon, etc. They can be worn over a bra or without one. Some camisoles come with a built-in under wire bra which eliminates the need for a bra. Here is the real exciting part: Camisoles are now very popular as outerwear. A teddy is an all in one piece of lingerie. Teddy lingerie provide for an alluring, seductive look and can be matched with a camisole and panty.

I didn't realize I had been complimenting so many co-workers on tops that turned out to be camisole and/or lingerie. Well, if they could do it so could I! I didn't know of any real stores in my area to shop in so I decided to order from the internet. I found some really sexy camisole/teddy lingerie (of course) and some very fitting camisole tops, camisole and teddy lingerie that would fit my needs at work.

Once the packages arrived I became a bit nervous about actually trying the camisole and teddy lingerie on. Almost every piece fit and I was amazed at how flattering each piece looked on me. It made me feel like I was in fashion for the first time in years. I called my girlfriend and she came over to give me the once over. She gave me a glowing review and her comments made me feel important. I was looking forward to going to work for the first time in years.

Monday came and I walked in the front door. Immediately I received a compliment at how nice I looked. Someone asked if I had gotten a new hairdo...something looked quite different... they said I looked spectacular. The entire week went this way, thanks to my camisole tops, camisole and teddy lingerie tucked beneath my suit jackets and blazers. Even the days that followed when I didn't find occasion to wear camisole tops or camisole lingerie beneath my suits I felt better and it seemed as though my co-workers treated me with greater respect and with greater interest.

The most important thing is I felt so important wearing the new items and it made me feel great. It SURE was great getting a jump start with my self esteem and as a result it had a cascading effect. I was able to hold myself with more confidence and so other people treated me accordingly. Owning and wearing camisole and teddy lingerie has been a win win situation for me.

Mary Shane is the owner of Silk and Satin Lingerie which features a wide variety of teddy lingerie, camisoles, and corsets.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mary_Shane

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Jacquard satin print underwire bra with adjustable straps and hook and eye back closure. Waist cincher has boning, velcro closure and a chiffon bow. Matching g-string included. Garters are adjustable and detachable. Shown with optional Hose, FREE with purchase of this item. Bra sizes 32 - 38, and is pink...

This is a great set, as it is romantically soft and sexy, it is seductive, yet, has feminine mystique and charm. I love the waist cincher, for it is delicately designed and cut just so, that it actually does enhance the natural curves of the female form. In short, this ensemble is sweet and lovely...

We all have days when we feel less than perfect, especially in the mid-section, and, I don't care if you are a size 0, I have been there, and know for certain, even the smallest of waists feel huge at certain times, and, this gorgeously designed outfit will make you feel much better...

This is one of those sets which will work well under a robe, a dress, a night shirt, with heels, a boa, or with many other accessories. It would be a great outfit to striptease with, start out with a sexy dress, or top and skirt, and you will have lots to tantalize your partner with, as there will be many pieces to remove, slowly and seductively...

Girlfriend's Lingerie has so many fine selections to choose from; there is something for every personality, and, for every mood. Excellence in materials, styling, and pricing, plus, absolute perfect customer service, so, be sure to check out all of the ways to make dreams come true, and, find something special to keep your relationship sizzling hot...

Virtues of a Bra That Fits

We've all been there. There is the bra strap that perpetually falls down, the strapless bra that migrates to your mid-section, and even the Grand Canyon shoulder strap crevasse. It all comes down to finding a bra that fits.

A bra that fits well is a priceless piece of lingerie! Because of that, here are "The Virtues":

1. Comfort
2. Confidence
3. It frees you of pesky underwire that can dig into your skin
4. It makes your breasts look like assets instead of liabilities
5. It enhances what you have instead of what you don't when the cup size is too big
6. It keeps your ample girls from spilling out the top on too small cup sizes
7. It keeps cleavage in the front, where it belongs, instead of on your back. You'll avoid that ghastly back cleavage caused by too BIG band sizes. (Go down a size and wear it lower on your back. It will eliminate back cleavage)
8. It supports your breasts and fights off the dreaded gravitational pull
9. Straps stay put instead of slipping down the side of your arms, leaving your breasts with lop-sided support. We all know that means "no support." (Most likely your bra band is riding up and you need to go down a band size)
10. It creates a better support for your back
11. It enhances your curves in ways that you never thought possible
12. It's a mood enhancing experience
13. Your confidence in how you feel and look is an instant aphrodisiac to your spouse, boyfriend or lover

There is an art to finding a good bra that makes you feel comfortable, assured, and luxurious all day. Before you can find that perfect bra, you have to know your bra size. You'd think it was a national phenomenon when Oprah showed a segment on how to find your bra size and it was announced that "85% of women in America are wearing the wrong bra size."

What is a woman to do? Get measured!
Go to a local boutique, measuring is one of the special services provided at the select stores. To find one near you, do a search online.

If you don't have a boutique nearby, you can also check out the following department stores where you can get measured:

- Neiman Marcus
- Nordstrom
- Barneys

The other option is for you to measure your own breast size. It's a simple and easy two component process.

To measure yourself, go to http://www.evesapples.blogspot.com and look up the article called, "Sizing Your Girls Up: How to Find Your Bra Size" in the December, 2007 edition.

Now that you know your size and the virtues of a bra that fits, go "Celebrate Your Inner Eve" in a bra that makes you feel luxurious, comfortable, and confident!

Gayvin Powers is a writer and lingerie guru. I've been addicted to finding gorgeous lingerie ever since I bought my first hideous training bra. If I'm not dreaming about lingerie, I'm perusing stores for it, seeking it online or designing it. I just can't get enough!


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Gayvin_Powers

Icing on the Cake - Lingerie Accessories - Part 4 - Fans

The feathered fan is the quintessential lingerie accessory, and there are so many words to describe it. It's seductive, sensual, playful, and expressive. In truth, it's all of that and more.

Fans have been around for centuries, and with Dita von Tesse leading the revival of burlesque, having one in your boudoir has never been more fun! There are multiple options with it, from doing a stripe tease, to fan dancing, to using a blindfold and caressing your lucky love. The soft, delicate feathers can only enhance an already intimate situation, making it more erotic.

Fans come in a variety of sizes, colors, and feathers. Alison Rubke, co-owner of Faire Frou Frou, says that the fans fly out of her store. Some of the more exquisite and one-of-a-kind ones can sell for a couple hundred to thousands of dollars. You can also pick up a quality, luxurious fan for under $100. Believe it or not, I've even seen them priced as low as $20. Although, remember that the large price difference varies based upon the quality and size of the it as well as type of feathers used.

For those of you wanting more versatility out of your fan, you can take them out of the bedroom too. "Pocket fans," smaller versions of their larger sisters, are recommended for this. At a black tie or formal event, the addition of a one will add a luxurious, extravagant look to your overall attire. With wedding season and summer coming, feathered pocket fans are perfect for outside of the boudoir.

Whether you're into a big production, dressing up an outfit or simply enhancing your bedroom play, feathered fans are an enjoyable way to "Celebrate Your Inner Eve!"

Gayvin Powers is a professional writer, lingerie guru and owner of Eve's Apples (a lingerie line). I've been addicted to finding gorgeous lingerie ever since I bought my first hideous training bra. If I'm not dreaming about lingerie, I'm perusing stores for it, seeking it online or designing it. I just can't get enough!

View Gayvin's articles at: http://www.evesapples.blogspot.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Gayvin_Powers