Friday, April 4, 2008

How Lingerie Could Work in Your Favor

There are many ways to discover how sexy lingerie works in your favor. You can talk to the man that it's designed for or to the women who uses it daily. Lingerie is designed to make women, of all sizes, look and feel sexy, but it also has practical uses as well. The main goal is to accentuate a woman's body and make her feel good about herself. The lingerie industry strives to give people what they want. Because different people want different things, there are several types of lingerie.

The first type is practical lingerie. This kind is more logical than sexy, and is bought with logical thoughts in mind rather than erotic thoughts. If you prefer this type of lingerie, it doesn't mean you are not sexy, it just means you believe that your clothing serves a specific purpose rather than a whimsical purpose. And because you tend to lean this way doesn't mean that you can't have a wild side once in awhile. Just to make sure his pulse is still beating, you might want to put on a skimpy piece of lingerie once in awhile - let him know there is a sexy side waiting to emerge.

Another type is your basic sexy lingerie. This type gives you the sensibility of everyday underwear while also giving you an inner power of sexy. There is nothing like wearing something sexy underneath a chic outfit that no one but you knows about. Wearing sexy lingerie will build your confidence like nothing else can do. And if you are really brave, you can let your man know that you are wearing something special underneath the exterior and give him something to think about all day long. And then when he comes home that night ... well, just use your imagination.

The last kind of lingerie is erotic lingerie which is generally worn on special occasions. This type of lingerie is usually worn on anniversaries, special days, or when the kids are at grandma's house. Use naughty lingerie when you want to get his attention and have a little bit of fun. This is where you let that sexy side emerge. Sexy lingerie is not just for the slim and trim. Many plus size women enjoy the benefits of lingerie. Just because some women are a little fluffy as I like to call it, doesn't mean they shouldn't have fun too. As a matter of fact, these women are the ones who seem to have more fun as they are generally more endowed than other women.

Speaking of plus size women, what bothers me the most is that most stores don't consider BBW in their merchandise. It can get frustrating for a large woman to find something sexy in a store. And then there's the fact that some sales clerks smirk at these women when they are browsing through skimpy items. That's why it's easier for a plus size woman to go online and purchase at a lingerie boutique rather than hunt down a store that caters to them. Have you ever seen a plus size woman in Victoria's Secret? And why not? Because they don't care about servicing the plus size woman. And what a mistake they are making! Statistics state that 62% of the women in the United States are size 14 or larger.

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