Friday, April 4, 2008

Wearing Camisoles and Teddies Can Give You A Boost Emotionally

Okay, I know what you're thinking, how in the world could someones self esteem rise just by wearing something different. Well, it has because I never thought that wearing inner-wear, or lingerie (camisole lingerie and teddy lingerie) as outerwear would make me feel sexier and happier. How? My girlfriend, who is up on all the fashion trends, suggested I try wearing some camisole lingerie, camisole tops, or teddy lingerie as a way of redefining myself. I wasn't too sure at first, but I thought I would give it a try. I didn't go out and change my dressing habits all that much. I was extremely selective about what type of camisole top or camisole lingerie I was going to put under one of my blazers in place of my typical blouse.

First I combed the internet looking and researching about just what camisoles and teddies meant. A Camisole or cami is a women's undergarment that covers the top part of the body. It is sleeveless and tight fitting. A camisole is sometimes worn cropped allowing the midriff to be exposed and can be made of a variety of fabrics such as silk, satin, lyra, nylon, etc. They can be worn over a bra or without one. Some camisoles come with a built-in under wire bra which eliminates the need for a bra. Here is the real exciting part: Camisoles are now very popular as outerwear. A teddy is an all in one piece of lingerie. Teddy lingerie provide for an alluring, seductive look and can be matched with a camisole and panty.

I didn't realize I had been complimenting so many co-workers on tops that turned out to be camisole and/or lingerie. Well, if they could do it so could I! I didn't know of any real stores in my area to shop in so I decided to order from the internet. I found some really sexy camisole/teddy lingerie (of course) and some very fitting camisole tops, camisole and teddy lingerie that would fit my needs at work.

Once the packages arrived I became a bit nervous about actually trying the camisole and teddy lingerie on. Almost every piece fit and I was amazed at how flattering each piece looked on me. It made me feel like I was in fashion for the first time in years. I called my girlfriend and she came over to give me the once over. She gave me a glowing review and her comments made me feel important. I was looking forward to going to work for the first time in years.

Monday came and I walked in the front door. Immediately I received a compliment at how nice I looked. Someone asked if I had gotten a new hairdo...something looked quite different... they said I looked spectacular. The entire week went this way, thanks to my camisole tops, camisole and teddy lingerie tucked beneath my suit jackets and blazers. Even the days that followed when I didn't find occasion to wear camisole tops or camisole lingerie beneath my suits I felt better and it seemed as though my co-workers treated me with greater respect and with greater interest.

The most important thing is I felt so important wearing the new items and it made me feel great. It SURE was great getting a jump start with my self esteem and as a result it had a cascading effect. I was able to hold myself with more confidence and so other people treated me accordingly. Owning and wearing camisole and teddy lingerie has been a win win situation for me.

Mary Shane is the owner of Silk and Satin Lingerie which features a wide variety of teddy lingerie, camisoles, and corsets.

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