Sunday, May 18, 2008

How To Make Sure You Buy The Right Size Bra

By Alan Katz
One of the lingerie items every woman needs is a bra. At the Lingerie Exposure eBay store you can find a wide diversity of brands, designs, and color to please even the pickiest persons. One can get a bra or a set comprising of a bra and matching panties, bikinis or briefs. Lingerie in general and bras and sets in particular seem to be the preferred gift especially for certain holidays like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or Christmas. They are also one of the number one gifts men give women when they celebrate the couple's anniversary.

If the black or red lingerie is considered a classic but yet very sexy, the bras and sets can be chosen according to the buyer preferences or the beneficiary preferences. If the material and the color can be nice even if they are not the most wanted by the beneficiary, the size is the one that matters the most. If you decide to buy a bra or a bra and panties set you should make sure you know the exact size. For a man there is nothing more embarrassing than buying the wrong size of lingerie for his loved one. One should not be satisfied with guessing or approximating the size.

There are different ways to find the size of a bra. Of course the easiest one is to go to a store and try one. But what happens if the one you like is available only online? Looking at the size of the bras you already have might not be very helpful because bras are made in different countries and they have different ways of sizing their products. However the most common bra conversion charts offer sizes from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France and Italy.

A conversion chart is available online and offers information about the cup size and the band size. However in order to be able to use it you must know your size at least in one of the countries sizing methods. If the cup is the same at almost all sizes in all countries, the band size differs according to the system measured used. For example in the United States the band size is given in inches while in Europe is given in centimeters.

A bra conversion chart is very important when you purchase the bras online. They are not only important for the bras, but also for the bustier or other pieces of lingerie that cover your breasts. Most of the online stores that offer famous brands lingerie like Victoria's secret, Felina, Lily of France, Wacoal or Warner's offer size charts and measurement formulas so that you can get the size you usually wear without actually trying on the product. Of course most of the times the items bought online like the ones purchased from the stores have a return period and can either refund you or send you the right size of bra that you actually need.

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