Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sexy Lingerie Materials for Comfort

By Janice Richards
Sexy lingerie, a term which is so popular that has brought technology, research and introduction of different materials into the lingerie sector to manufacture a better line of lingerie that is demanding. The main thing that what female customers seek from lingerie or bra is comfort, apart from all the styles. To ensure the comfort and design quality, proper materials need to be chosen with care. This is also important when it comes to launching a brand new line of lingerie.

Seamless design, lingerie that hugs the body and free from straps or underwires that cause discomfort are some of the characteristics being introduced to provide extra comfort for lingerie users. Even though such technologies do help a lot in terms of providing comfort, the most important element of a set of lingerie is still the material. The following will be three types of textile materials that are commonly used as the fabric for lingerie, bras and panties today.

Sexy Lingerie Material #1 Satin

Satin is a man-made fabric which is shiny and the touch of it is more of the same as its counterpart, silk, which will be explained later. Satin is popularly used as a fabric on lingerie because it is not expensive like other materials do and the quality is not that bad, considering the low price that you have paid for it. Women like lingerie made of satin because the lingerie will last much longer and rough washing is not a problem since the fabric itself is very durable.

Satin is commonly used for sexy lingerie because the smooth touch of the fabric is able to pick up and boost the results of seductive intimate physical contacts. Also, satin lingerie is also able to serve and to be seen as silk lingerie with a low price tag because of the similarities that both of them have.

Sexy Lingerie Material #2 Silk

Silk is known widely as an expensive textile material. However, the prices are seen as just because of its unique ability to keep your body cool and at the same time, being close to your body. This unique feature made sure that the lingerie or bra that you are wearing will not irritate your skin that much. Apart from this, silk lingerie, at the first glance, the sleek touch will give the sense of luxurious which cannot be found on other fabric.

Sexy Lingerie Material #3 Cotton

When we bring cotton into the lingerie market, we think of the ability to absorb massive amount of sweat and utmost comfort. Cotton is a fabric that is cheaply available on the market nowadays. With the abilities cited above, cotton are normally used on sports bra and teen bra as women and girls who wear these are normally very active in their daily life or for a certain period of time. Lingerie and bra which is made out of cotton is also popular among girls who put comfort as their top priority. However, cotton bra face a problem, which is not able to support the breasts that well compared to bras made out of other materials.

Hopefully, the three explanation of fabrics that are used widely in today's manufacturing of lingerie will help you choose better during your next lingerie shopping. Know your priorities when buying yourself lingerie and with the knowledge that you have gained from the above, try not to get cheated in terms of prices for the type of lingerie that you are buying.

Janice Richards has been in the lingerie field since 14 years old, setting up an online lingerie store called Seduction Queen at the age of 18. Due to the demand of her customers, she is also now raising the awareness of women and girls all around the world on the knowledge and basic knowings about lingerie, bra and panties. Apart from these, she is also providing consultation services for women on how to use lingerie effectively as an seduction tool.

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