Sunday, May 18, 2008

Useful Tips For Everyday Lingerie

By Simona Tarabildaite
Most of us choose bra set as our usual undergarment. Some of us use suspenders with thigh highs. Suspenders support thigh highs and help them stay in place.

Everyday bra set colours that we wear are usually white (first choice), black (second) and nude (third). Then follow red and pink and other colours.

Most females (aged 18-30) prefer g-strings to fuller panties as they are more comfortable, seamless, seductive and fashionable.

Lingerie ribbons are not so popular among everyday lingerie. We prefer undergarments styled with bows, ribbons and other pretty details when we are going on dates, holidays or on weekends.

Everyday Lingerie Tips

If you wear a dress or top that is sheer, go for nude colour bra set. If your outfit is just a little bit sheer, you can choose dark lingerie, as it looks sexy. But it is easy to cross the line here - if you wear dark underwear and you can see it through your dress quite easily, it may look a bit too provocative.

Do not wear low cut top with really pushed up bra - it may look as you are going to a party rather then the office. It may also look like a desperate attempt to attract more attention! However, when you are going out, you can allow much more for yourself.

Go for lingerie that you feel really comfortable in as then you will feel your best in everything you do. It will give you more confidence and self-esteem. What you wear can really affect your mood and set it for the whole day, so try to choose really comfortable and neat underwear.

Before you put your top on, check if your bra is not too tight or too loosely fitted. It can be really annoying to keep adjusting it all day long.

Do not wear panties that are too small or too tight around the waist area, as the figure looks really unflattering in tight thongs. It makes your waist loose its shape and it looks larger than it is.

However, this is not the case with bras. Although generally it is advised to buy bras that exactly match your cup, it does look really sexy when the bra cup is just a bit smaller, and the bust looks nice and perky.

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