Friday, May 2, 2008


It is the weekend! Time to dance the night away, rest, get closer to your honey, and just feel good!
Weekends should include some alone time for couples. Time without family, friends, and other interruptions. Time to get closer, time to feel the love which often takes the rear seat throughout the week, time to get sexy, time to make dreams come true!

The atmosphere you create for nights of romance are very important! The rooms you use to create the mood should be clean and cleared of reminders of the hectic week, that is, all work papers, briefcases, and all other distractions should be put out of sight. In fact, your cell phones should be turned to mute, unless you are leaving the kids somewhere and need to be available...

If you really want to make the weekend sizzle, book a room in a hotel. One with, or without, a hot tub, one with charm and class and style. Get a suite if you can afford it, and make a night of pleasure for the two of you. Take your favorite beverages, flameless candles, some incense or other form of scent, your favorite lingerie, some massage oil, and well, you get the picture. To make it even more romantic, you could arrange to meet for dinner near by, or there. You could go and get it all set up, slip on something sensuous, chill some wine, have your favorite love music playing, and make a date of it, actually, either of you could go and get it ready, but it is more romantic if the woman does, at least for the man! There are so many ways to enhance this scenario, but, I will leave it to the imagination, I am sure you will know how to make the night sizzle. Oh, and don't worry if your partner is not 'in the mood', go ahead and do it anyway, spend time together without the stresses, watch a movie, grab a massage, just chill together, they may feel like being more romantic later, and if they don't, they will still feel better, and will be grateful for the tender loving care you gave them...

One thing I know for sure is that we need a change of pace on the weekend, else they become like every other day of the week. Romance is something which requires constant effort, imagination, willingness, and spontaneity, it is that which keeps our love lives alive, hot, and memorable, and, it should always be worth the effort...

Get on the phone, tell your partner that you want to rock their world this weekend. Give them something to think about, something to look forward to, and something to remember. Life is short, love has dips and turns, and romance is the answer to keeping it all in perspective and balance. Have fun and make dreams come true!!!

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