Sunday, May 18, 2008

Your Body And Your Lingerie

By Priyanka Arora
What is it with women and lingerie? There is definitely more to what meets the eye. Wearing sexy lingerie has a way of making a woman feel sensual and enticing.

Women come in different shapes and sizes and the good news is that there are various designs and styles that would cater to her body type and her personality. The popularity of online shopping has opened doors of opportunity for women to privately explore the thousands of stores that flourish in cyberspace.

Picking sexy lingerie can be tedious to the first timer but with expert advice she can turn her first shopping experience into a stress-free, memorable one. Sexy lingerie is one thing. Comfort is another. But rest assured, they could go together.

With color, it should match the color of your skin tone and hair color. Blondes would stand out in pastels. The rich hues of sapphire blue and emerald green would make a brunette feel like a queen. Redheads would look more seductively fierce in earth tones, blues and greens. Combine these colors with fabrics of silk, satin, lace, velvet, sheer materials or even leather.

Most importantly, your body type is crucial when considering lingerie purchase. Of course nobody wants to be caught, for example, an ill-fitting bra that makes your breasts look droopy. We all want to accentuate our assets and downplay the negative. Use minimizer bras if you have large breasts, push-up bras when you have small breasts. Check out online lingerie stores for more suggestions.

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