Friday, August 29, 2008

Helen Flanagan Sexy and Sultry Photo

Helen Flanagan Photo from Coronation Street
A busty looking Helen Flanagan
Haven't really any new news about Helen Flanagan so thought I'd better at least publish another photo of her looking sexy and sultry.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008


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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Helen Flanagan All Loved Up With Daniel Scott

Helen FlanaganHelen Flanagan has admitted that her footballer romance was all a bit of a red herring.

She's really loved up with 21 year old builder Daniel Scott.

Helen said, "We've been together about three months and we are taking it slowly, but no, we have no plans to get married." Is that a double negative?

The couple met at a local gym in Bolton.

She said, "For a while I was at the gym all the time just so I could see him. We actually saw each other first in the sauna and I remember thinking, 'He's well hot.'"

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Helen Flanagan Official Framed Print
Helen Flanagan Poster

Friday, August 22, 2008


I LOVE this dress, I find it really hot, exciting, and different! Sexy and comfortable bandeau vinyl and mesh mini dress, comes in sizes Small to Large...

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I was just thinking and I got curious; what kind of lingerie would you like to see more of? I know I would like to see more dresses, chemises, babydolls, and even tops and skirts. There seems to be lots of vinyl, leather, corsets, and other such, but, the softer side is what I am about, and what I seek... Any opinions here???

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


What is your lingerie style? Or do you really know? Have you experimented with all of the different styles, materials, and designs to see what works best for you?

I know for sure that chemises are best for my body, although, some baby dolls are even better. Some corset styles make my broad shoulders look even more broad, and Cami's are alright, but, have to have certain features in order to enhance my body. I can wear certain bra sets, and I look great in hosiery style dresses, body stockings and such. I used to be able to wear all of the styles and looks, but, I am no longer young, nor perfect. I am more curvy, more full breasted, and with my big shoulders and Bertha butt, I have to choose what I wear...

I LIKE my body, for the most part, my shoulders serve a great purpose, and my Bertha butt wears well in tight fitting clothes, but, I am still different than I used to be, therefore, adjustments to attire must be made. It is so important that you know what your lingerie style is, that you feel comfortable, look fabulous, and that your partner catches on to what you like, and what looks best on you. This is true for colors too, although, I wouldn't follow closely to the rules, for there are always exceptions to the rules. For instance, I am blond, but, I look better in darker colors than I do pastels, though I look great in tans, beige's, and some blues, certain pinks, but never any really light colors, though certain white items do me justice too. So, you see from my examples, there is much to contend with when suiting your personality and body to lingerie and clothes...

To look sexy, you have to feel sexy, and if you are wearing something which does not fully flatter you, you are not going to feel all that sexy, so, experiment with different styles, designs, materials and colors. Go to your local lingerie shop and try on different things; take your partner or a friend to get a true opinion of their taste as well, though, you know what you feel best in, so, don't let them dissuade you if you feel hot in what you have decided works...

Personally, I think that ordering lingerie online is the best way to go. I have never been disappointed, not once. The stores have big overhead which way raises their prices, and it is not as exclusive or private. Now, many of my friends prefer the stores for they can see what they are buying, try it on, and so forth, but, a few of them have tried the online products and find them to be better quality, great fit, and much better prices. Still, I will say, that in order to know your lingerie styles without ordering the wrong looks, go to your favorite lingerie store and try on all kinds of different looks, then, you will know exactly what to order, and pretty much what size. Most online stores have great sizing charts, and while sizes might have changed, if you follow the charts, you will find a great fit, time after time. Be aware though, that some manufactures do run smaller than you would guess, which means that if you have an ample chest, and usually wear a medium, you might want to order a large so that it fits. You will learn as you go, but, truly, online lingerie is the best thing going...

To enhance yourself is an effort that will pay off for years to come. It is not something that will quit with age unless you decide that. To enhance yourself you MUST know your style, and the looks which will work best for YOU, not for what you wish you could wear, but, that which truly brings out the best of your body, features and assets...

Graeme Hawley Bans Mention Of Helen Flanagan At His Wedding

Helen FlanaganGraeme Hawley, who plays John Stape, in Coronation Street is getting married in September to actress Elaine Byrne.

Graeme has banned his best man from making any jokes about the controversial story-lines that he has been in, including his character's illicit affair with pupil Rosie Webster played, of course, by Helen Flanagan.

Graeme told the Daily Record, "I can't say I'm looking forward to the best man's speech. He has along list of things he's not allowed to talk about. But I'm sure there will be something about the Rosie storyline. I'll have to grin and bear it."

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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Pre-season Football has begun, so be ready for the season with this sexy 5 piece costume, which comes with mini skirt, elbow pads, jersey crop top, knee pads and inflatable football. Comes in sizes Small to Large...

Create some sideline, or half-time fun, with this soft and sexy player costume. If your partner doesn't take notice of this, hit them in the head with the inflatable football; in fun, of course...

This dream team outfit is really darling, and will surely grab some attention from even the most devoted fan, although, I must admit that many of us have tried everything from stripping to standing before the screen nude, and some fans just don't have time for us when their team is playing, win or lose. Hahaha, it is the funniest involvement ever known, and regardless of your stature, if your partner is a true fan, you are invisible for those hours...

It is funny stuff the way die hard fans ignore their entire household from the moment the scrimmage begins, until after the Super Bowl, but, it is nothing to get uptight about, there are plenty of other hours in the day...

I love Football, so, I can take an active interest in the game itself, and make myself half way noticeable, still, not enough to get more than a grunt or nod of the head.... I find it hilarious the way these fans tune out the entire world around them, but, I also find that this is a great season in which to pursue other interests, hobbies, or visit with the girls. Too many women make a huge fuss over the partner's love of the game, but, know what? If he is at home enjoying himself, then that is all good. Part of the reason women get so upset? They are bored, or insecure, and each of these is manageable in various ways...

Some girls are lucky enough to have a partner who is considerate during Football season, but, they are far and few between. For the rest of us, there are alternatives, and we can make our own fun all the while they are lost in pigskin land, think???

Anyway, this is a great statement for any woman; it is playfully flirty, seductive, and will make the days of Football a bit more amusing than they already are. I would love to hear some of the scenarios which occur when you wear this great outfit... Hahahaha...

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Helen Flanagan's Rosie Rebutted & Trouble Follows

Helen Flanagan kissedAs we said yesterday Helen Flanagan, in the role of Rosie Webster, tries to get Tony Gordon (Gray O’Brien) between the sheets, so to speak. More action will follow this as Rosie storms out after being rebutted and leaves her mobile phone behind.

Coronation Street's Tony looks through the phone and sees photos of Carla Connor with Liam kissing and he's none too pleased - which is probably an understatement. So Tony plots their downfall ...

You'll have to watch Corrie to see what happens.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Helen Flanagan To Strip To Underwear On Corrie

Helen FlanaganIt looks like we are going to be seeing a lot more of Helen Flanagan next month - flesh wise that is!

The producers want to 'sex up Coronation Street' and one of their weapons is Helen. So we shall be seeing her in just her bra and knickers as Rosie Webster strips to try and tempt Tony Gordon away from Carla Connor.

A Coronation Street source told the Sun, "Since Tina O'Brien left we've been short of a really beautiful young star. Now Helen's grown up, she fits the bill perfectly."

He continued, "Rosie's a great character as she's sexy and sassy and completely ruthless. She's going to be one of Corrie's greatest femme fatales."

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


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The Helen Flanagan Way To Happiness

Helen Flanagan happinessSo what is the Helen Flanagan formula for happiness?

Quite simple really, this is what she said:

"The key to happiness is to surround yourself with your family. They boost your confidence, make you feel secure and are there for you when things go wrong. I'd feel lost without them."

It's difficult to argue with that - dependent on what sort of family you actually have of course!

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Helen Flanagan's Red Pearl Dress Video

We've seen in a couple of posts recently photos of Helen Flanagan shopping in Manchester. It seems that one of the places she shops is the Vicky Martin fashion boutique at The Triangle, Manchester.

The video below is with thanks from the Manchester Evening News and is a tour of the Vicky Martin Boutique.

As you will see and hear there is a red pearl dress (£165) shown as worn by Helen.

Other shoppers at the boutique include: Kym Ryder also of Coronation Street and Roxanne Pallet of Emmerdale.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Helen Flanagan's Beauty Secrets

Helen FlanaganSo what is Helen Flanagan's favourite perfume?

Helen told Fabulous magazine, "I love the Cacharel perfume Amor Amor. The smell reminds me of boys, house parties and being at school when everyone wore it."

She said about her hair:

"My naturally curly hair is damaged from using hair straighters and dyeing it black for the part of Rosie Webster. I use Aveda Damage Remedy Treatment which helps repair and re-moisturise it. It's a miracle worker."

And finally Helen's skin:

"I used to have severe acne. My doctor prescribed Accutane tablets and now my skin is completely clear. I love md formulations Facial Cleanser because I never get a spot when I use it."

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Helen Flanagan Shopping In A Short Skirt

Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan shopping in Manchester
It's a similar style photo to yesterday which has been sent to me. It's Helen Flanagan shopping in Manchester again.

Judging from this, and the last photo, it looks like she's switched emphasis from cleavage to legs!

Professionally stretched canvas print of Helen Flanagan filming Coronation Street. Photo by Mark Campbell / Rex Features.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Helen Flanagan Photo: Shopping This Week

Helen Flanagan Shopping
Helen Flanagan shopping
A happy looking Helen Flanagan spotted this week shopping in Manchester City centre. Guess who shops at Boots? Photo: WENN.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Helen Flanagan 12th Sexiest Soap Star

Helen Flanagan 12th Sexiest Soap Star
Helen Flanagan
I'm not too sure how such things are arrived at without voting but, anyway, a list of the 100 Sexiest Soap Stars has been arrived at by Soaplife magazine. You can see the full list - with photos - at

Looking through the list, it's been a slow day, I see that at number 12 is, yes you've guessed, Helen Flanagan so a round of applause please. Number one incidentally went to Michelle Connor / Kym Marsh.

It's strange that the sexiest seem to be the more current crop of UK soap stars but that's how these sort of lists usually go. Completely meaningless of course!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Correction on the Dell tattoo

Okay, so a while back I posted here about really bad logo tattoos. One in particular stood out, a Dell tattoo:

To me, Dell is a kind of lame, nothing-brand-- not one that I thought anybody would be stoked about enough to get it branded on them for life. So I made fun of the dude with the Dell tattoo. He emailed me today:

"i am emailing you. about your post about tattoos, 1 special one tho, the dell tattoo, see that tattoo is actually my tattoo, see my name is Todd Dell, in my life i always got the DUDE YOUR GETTING A DELL. and stuff like that i always laughed it off, so my friend was like dude you should get the LOGO tattoo on you i was like sure, thus knowing i could get away with it, no im not a nerd, i dont even own a dell computer, im actually a mma fighter lol."

So, I take it back. Sorry, Dell guy. You have a sense of humor about your name and you got a tattoo to prove it. You are officially awesome.

Helen Flanagan's Snogging Leads To trouble

Helen Flanagan kissingRosie Webster kissIs this the moment that sends John Snape over the top as he sees Rosie Webster kissing outside of a nighclub? Is the green eyed monster aroused?

What happens next is soemwhat secret. It's been said that Helen Flanagan's character Rosie is kidnapped, whereas other reports say simply that Graeme Hawley's John pushes her into his taxi and delivers her home.

The Sun newspaper, for example, reports it this way: "Snape grabs Rosie and pushes her into his cab before whisking her back home - but she is upset by his behaviour, especially as she was simply getting close to her new beau Saj"

Like a lot of things, the truth is out there and, being a soap, it'll all come out in the wash.
John Snape bundles Rosie Webster into his taxi
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Who Is Helen Flanagan's Favourite Man?

Micah Richardshelen FlanaganIt's all a little confusing as to the truth about Helen Flanagan's love life, there are a few red herrings being bandied about.

Her favourite man appears to be the Manchester City footballer Micah Richards who, the Sun claims, she has been dating for about six months. She has been seen at the soccer player's luxury Cheshire home but ...

... she has been caught out supposedly 'passionately snogging' Adam Thomas from Waterloo Road, who is the brother of Corrie's Ryan Thomas but ...

... she is quoted as telling The People about a builder called Daniel Scott. She said of him, "It's hard to explain, but since he has been in my life, it's been the best times for me. And of course, he's really really hot as well." but ...

... she's denying anything to do with Micah Richards - which is where we started. Does she protest too much?

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Helen Flanagan Contact

Helen FlanaganIn answer to an enquiry: If you want to contact Helen Flanagan probably the best address to use is the following:

Helen Flanagan
c/o Coronation Street
Granada TV
Quay Street
Manchester M60 9EA

As with contacting any celebrity don't expect a quick reply, often this can take two to three months. Always enclose return postage or a pre-paid envelope.

For fans of Coronation Street in general pop along to the Coronation Street Blog. It's a Corrie fan blog with Weekly Updates - which you can have sent by email if wished. Well worth a visit.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


This sexy baby doll with a sheer skirt, maribou trim and a matching g-string, comes in Black, Red, White, or Pink, and sizes, One Size or Queen Size...

This is one of those classic styles that all women should own, for it is very soft and sexy, feminine, and full of allure. Add some maribou slippers, some bling, and you are Hollywood come to life...

Because of the design and the sheerness of the skirt, this is figure flattering and easy to wear, which means it will be all the more enchanting, for you will shine with confidence...

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A perfect lingerie essential which you will wear again and again, as it has that timeless quality and appeal which will always make it seem fresh, plus, the mood will make it work each and every time...

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A Sexy But Sophisticated Helen Flanagan Photo

Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan cleavage
Photo today from a Helen Flanagan photoshoot, and away from Coronation, looking a lot more grown up and even sophisticated.

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Friday, August 1, 2008


Being sexy has to start from the inside. It is being confident, secure, and yet, maintaining a sense of mystique...

It is like a smoldering fire, warm and inviting, as opposed to a raging fire. It is the essence of the person within making contact without, in soft and indirect ways. It is releasing a glimpse of the kitten inside, purring and playfully awaiting the time to roar. It is looking and feeling your best. Now, this is where it gets tricky, as how many of us really know HOW to look our best, let alone feel our best?

Blatant sexiness, that is, obvious sexiness is easy to pull of visually, but, how do we pull of a quiet storm? First of all, confidence and comfort in your own skin, mind, and spirit. Secondly, we should really study what we look good in, find the perfect hairstyle, makeup, and accessories which keep us unique and intriguing. Most of the women I admire for their sexiness is because of their mannerisms, and their pulled together looks....

I am changing, and so, my style must change along with me. I am no longer that young tigress who could turn heads with a sack on. No, I must pay attention to what most flatters my body, my personality, and yet looks warm without being overly attention grabbing. I am working on this slowly and surely, as I am stuck with a wardrobe which though, cost a fortune, no longer represents who I have become. It is frustrating, for I so love the things I own, but, fact is fact, I need a new, fresh, and less impacting look...

I already got my hair cut, and while it was way too short for my taste, it is now coming into itself, and I am liking it more and more. I am eliminating some of the bangs I wore, instead, training them to the side, which is much more flattering for my face and eyes. I am pretty convinced that this style will be with me for a while. I am also experimenting with my makeup, as I am the makeup Queen, and am trying different looks to tone it down a bit without appearing washed out. Since I am a natural blond, I tend to look washed out without makeup as I have green eyes, and my skin coloring is close to the shade of my hair, so, I really NEED makeup in order for my eyes to show...

People seem to find that easy, laid back, or classy pulled together style extremely attractive. Yes, even the ones who hang out at the local strip joints, seem to be attracted to women who reek sexy from the inside out, without letting it all out...

So, back to the statement of finding a look that is you, all you, full of comfort, style, and with a uniqueness. Try on different things, especially if you have always stuck with one look. I know most women tend to stick to a certain look, which would drive me crazy, but hey, that is me. It would be ideal to have looks for all of our feminine moods, think? I would like to look like the girl next door, the sexy secretary, the smoldering socialite, the attractive anchorwoman, the seductive stripper, and the outdoors adventure girl all in one. So, you see, there is much work to be done...

For myself, I tend to look best in classic lines, and the plainer it is on a hanger, the better it looks on me. I don't exactly know why this is true, but, it is. I have, for years now, ignored that, instead going for the more eye popping styles, but, know what? I am tired of them, and, they are making me look tired, so, back to the drawing board....

Sexy from the inside out, and dressed to quietly enhance that, interesting combination, which we will discuss more in coming posts...

By the way, being subtly sexy does not mean that you should never go to the extreme, for that too, has purpose...

Helen Flanagan Photos From Her Dressing Room

Helen Flanagan pictures from Helen Flanagan's Coronation Street dressing room.

New: For Coronation Street fans, also at the bottom of this column is a new Video Widget showing Coronation Street Previews and Updates.

Helen Flanagan pictures
Helen Flanagan dressing room
Helen Flanagan boobs
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