Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Who Is Helen Flanagan's Favourite Man?

Micah Richardshelen FlanaganIt's all a little confusing as to the truth about Helen Flanagan's love life, there are a few red herrings being bandied about.

Her favourite man appears to be the Manchester City footballer Micah Richards who, the Sun claims, she has been dating for about six months. She has been seen at the soccer player's luxury Cheshire home but ...

... she has been caught out supposedly 'passionately snogging' Adam Thomas from Waterloo Road, who is the brother of Corrie's Ryan Thomas but ...

... she is quoted as telling The People about a builder called Daniel Scott. She said of him, "It's hard to explain, but since he has been in my life, it's been the best times for me. And of course, he's really really hot as well." but ...

... she's denying anything to do with Micah Richards - which is where we started. Does she protest too much?

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