Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sexy Helen Flanagan Cleavage And Lingerie Photos

Helen Flanagan Lingerie Cleavage Photos

Helen Flanagan sexy hotel cleavage
She's exhausted - Helen Flanagan that is. It's those storylines that she is involved with on Coronation Street. It must be strenuous for Helen being in her underwear as in the photos above!

Helen said, "Doing these storylines has been exhausting, but at the same time, it's exciting. I feel so lucky to have such amazing plots. I get home absolutely shattered but my boyfriend Danny Scott, who I have been dating for four months, is so sweet. He watches Coronation Street and says things like, 'You were amazing!' He is really proud of me."

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Helen Flanagan Says She Doesn't Want To be Known For Her Boobs

Helen Flanagan Sunday MirrorWhat on earth has the Mirror done to Helen Flanagan? Yes, that is her photo on the left.

The Mirror did a fashion shoot with Helen supposedly wearing this seasons hottest looks - and this is one of the photos, the rest you can see here.

Helen told the Mirror,
"I like to look sexy, but not tarty. I’ve learnt that less is more. Luckily, I do pretty well as Rosie – she’s a glamorous girl, kind of a sassy secretary, so it’s all pencil skirts, which I love, and a lot of low-cut tops.

I don’t want people looking at my boobs or want to be known for my boobs, but Corrie is a family show, so thankfully they never go too far with it. And I’m so chuffed Rosie’s goth stage is over, because that went on forever."

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Helen Flanagan Crying And Undressed

Rosie Webster cryingFollowing the scenes with John Stape, where Rosie Webster is seen crying in the back of his taxi after her kidnap - if you can call it that - there will be lots more of Helen Flanagan on show in the coming week - in more ways than one.

Helen Flanagan in the hotel bedroomOn Friday Tony follows Rosie, i.e. Helen Flanagan, to a hotel room and finds her 'semi naked' lying on the bed.

Her services are declined and Rosie is humiliated. But she still has one more card to play - her mobile phone photos of Carla with Liam.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Helen Flanagan Would Like To be A Barmaid

Helen Flanagan sexy cleavageDigital Spy has quite a long interview with Helen Flanagan in which she says that she would love to become a barmaid at the Rovers. Helen said,
"I've had quite a few scenes in The Rovers lately and that's been fantastic, but I'm definitely looking forward to more. It'd be great if Rosie had her first drink thrown over her and I'd love for Rosie to be a Corrie barmaid. I don't know if the producers will ever go down that route, but it'd be amazing if they did."

Helen also talked about the sexy hotel scenes coming to Corrie soon where she's seen just wearing underwear and she was asked her reaction to doing this:
"It didn't bother me to be honest. I'm quite comfortable about my body. And with the show going out at 7.30, we have to be quite careful and make sure everything's thought through because children might be watching, so I knew it wasn't going to be too risqué."

As the screen capture photo shows Rosie Webster would be great in the Rovers, just imagine the trouble she could cause with the right story line. Plus this would be a good opportunity to show off her cleavage - or is that too much of a stereotype!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Helen Flanagan's New Corrie Boyfriend

Junade KhanThe photo on the right isn't Helen Flanagan in disguise.

This is Junade Khan who we hear is to be a young man in the life of Rosie Webster while she is on holiday in Coronation Street.

Don't have any more details than this at the moment.

Helen Flanagan cleavageJunade is 20, 5'9" tall and weighs in at 11st. He has black hair and eyes and is of slim build.

He's been in Waking The Dead on television and also done theatre work. He's also set to be in Hollyoaks as well as Corrie. Could be a name to watch.

Hopefully this will bring out the best in Helen.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Helen Flanagan Will Do Anything!

Helen Flanagan stockings picHelen Flanagan pleads, "I'm begging you. I'll do anything for you and promise not to tell anyone what you've done."

No it's not some fantasy! It's what Helen, in her part as Coronation Street's Rosie Webster, supposedly says to John Stape when he holds her hostage at his gran's house.

Rosie makes a bid for freedom when Snape opens the door to give her food and water.

It will be nice to see Helen get her teeth into a decent storyline again.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Helen Flanagan Top Ten Photo Gallery

Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan cleavage
Helen Flanagan cleavageHelen Flanagan cleavageHelen Flanagan 2006

Helen Flanagan cleavageHelen Flanagan low cut dress

Rosie Webster

Helen Flanagan big cleavageHelen Flanagan glamour poseHelen Flanagan

A selection of photos of the different faces and cleavage of Helen Flanagan, in and out of her role as Coronation Street's Rosie Webster.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weird Requests To Sleep Where Helen Flanagan Filmed

Helen Flanagan and Michelle Keegan
Helen Flanagan with Michelle Keegan
Midland Hotel ManchesterHelen Flanagan thinks 'it's a bit weird,' and I guess it is.

As Helen Flanagan and Coronation Street fans no doubt know, some scenes for the character Rosie Webster were filmed recently at the Midland Hotel in Manchester.

Because of this the hotel are getting calls, wanting to book the room that Helen used, for a night's stopover. And that's what she thinks of as being weird.

Of course the reality is that this sort of thing happens all of the time. Movie buffs, and the like, want to see where their favourite scenes were filmed. With Helen though, I suppose this may possibly also have some sexual connotations!

For those so inclined the Midland Hotel website is here!

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Thursday, September 4, 2008


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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Helen Flanagan Meets 12 Year Old Charity Fund Raiser

Helen Flanagan cleavage picHelen Flanagan met Kirsty Howard a 12 year old girl who was given just six weeks to live back in 1999 because of a rare heart condition.

Kirsty, however, has defied the doctors predictions and has also help raise an unbelievable £5 million to secure the future of the childrens' hospice which is a second home to her.

Kirsty is 13 this month and had an early treat when she met her favourite Coronation Street stars Helen Flanagan and Samia Smith on the soap's set in Manchester.

She had previously asked to have her hair cut like Rosie Webster and was able to show this off outside of Audrey's hair salon.

To help support Kirtsy and the hospice Francis House please go to The Kirsty Club for more information - thank you.