Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Helen Flanagan Finds It Liberating To take Her Clothes Off

Helen Flanagan cleavageHelen Flanagan has been talking about that Coronation Street underwear / corset scene and reckons it was 'very liberating'.

Her words were, "I'm an actress so I just decided to get on with it, I wasn't nervous. It was actually really liberating to film those scenes and it was boiling on the day so it was nice not to have to wear very much."

The question a lot of her male admirers will no doubt be asking is whether she is likely to have any more liberating moments, say in one of those men's mags. It looks like they will be disappointed!

Helen said, "I've only just turned 18, and I always said I would wait to do things like that. Plus I would have to see what my boyfriend thought of it!"

It seems that boyfriend Daniel Scott wouldn't approve. But you never know what the writers of Coronation Street might be thinking.

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