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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Foot Lingerie at Minisock

It's another great and quality product of Minisock! Foot Lingerie at MinisockMinisocks, designed by Delphine Murat, resemble something you’d see worn on the bodies of Victoria’s Secret models, but they are truly pieces of lingerie for your feet.

Murat created six distinct, sexy Minisock styles with 41 colors from which to choose. The bottom portion is fashioned like a ballerina slipper and made from elastic to protect the feet.
After the feet are comfortably in place, all that’s left to do is tie them up and head out on the town—and perhaps fight off a few men with a foot fetish who’ll be drooling all over your tootsies.

According to, Minisocks are unexpected. To be worn just like a small open sock and tied like a bellerina shoe. Minisocks are comfortable. They come in many different colors, each one creating a unique look. Minisocks are refined. They will give you a chic parisian touch and will enhance your favorite pair of shoes.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Puma “Chinese New Year” First Round Sneakers

In honor of the Chinese New Year, which happens to Puma “Chinese New Year” First Round Sneakersbe on January 20th, Puma has released a pack of First Round sneakers dedicated to the “Spring Festival”.

Puma has decided to give consumers plenty of time to get their holiday kicks in advance of the holiday. The Puma “Chinese New Year” First Round sneakers come in two colors and feature the Chinese Zodiac on the tongue and Chinese characters on the side panel.

The shoes themselves are a combination of either dark brown or red leather and patent leather, with a corresponding Puma stripe that is either black or gold, respectively.via

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Tarantula in Freaky Shoes

We've already seen lots of weird design shoes like the High Chair Tarantula in Freaky ShoesShoes – Furniture for Feet,
Gun Footwear - Chanel Vice Heel and The “Killer Heels” Shoes designed by Patricia Field.

Now here is another one weird, strange-looking and dangerous shoes that should definitely be included in that long list.

The bizarre, tall-heeled metal sandals look like an exquisite and excruciatingly painful torture device from the time of the inquisition.

The tall, see-through stripper shoes with the insects inside the humongous platforms are really a total riot!

What would be the next design to come up? Let's wait and see as the fashion designer continues to think what would be the next trend in fashion.via

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Female Tattoos

Female Tattoos - Tattoo Ideas For Women

Why should guys be the only ones to enjoy the permanent body art of tattoos? Although some people might have the idea that tattoos detract from a woman's essential femininity, nothing could be farther from the truth. A tattoo is a banner telling the world something about you, and it can be as feminine as you want it to be!

One thing that can make a tattoo really pop is its placement and there are plenty of places on the female body that can really work for this purpose. Think about the natural curve of your hip and imagine how well a tattoo could fit that curve.

For instance, many women who have floral or vine tattoos curve them over their waist and down to their thigh, creating a design that works with their body. Many women also consider getting a tattoo at the small of their back; there is a lovely flat piece of skin there that can display a tattoo wonderfully. If you're looking for something especially cute think about a tattoo that winds its way around your ankle or foot. This is one place to get a tattoo that doesn't stand out immediately and can add a delightfully whimsical touch to your entire look.

If you don't mind mixing and matching, why not consider a feminine tattoo placed in a typically masculine place? Tattoos on the arms are usually associated with tough guys, but what about something delightfully girlish taking its place? Instead of a ring of barbed wire around the upper arm, what about a flowing Celtic design, or a twining vine of leaves and flowers? Forearm tattoos are often considered masculine, but remember that it's all in perception. Think about about an elegant design of snakes, or butterflies. Either of these designs can be ideal, depending on what your view of femininity is.

If you are looking for a tattoo that reinforces your femininity, there are plenty of subjects to choose from. You can go with cute and adorable, or you can go with sensuously beautiful, anything that matches how you feel. Remember that a tattoo is above all a statement and whatever the message, it should be one that you don't mind projecting for the rest of your life!

Tattoo For Girls

Tattoos have grown in popularity over the past 10 years. The idea that tattoos are rebellious, shocking or reflect a girls moral character have dissolved. The popularity of tattoos has increased and so has their acceptance.

This is due largely to an increase in celebrities happily sporting them. It is estimated that thirty six percent of those ages 18 to 25 have at least one tattoo and forty percent of people ages 26 to 40 have at least one tattoo. With that being said it is still true that more men than women have tattoos.

Tattoos for girls are typically more feminine in nature. They are generally smaller and more delicate with thinner lines and are usually isolated to one or two parts of the body. Almost like accessories or accent pieces.

The most popular spot for girls to get tattoos are the lower back, left shoulder, ankle, upper breast or bikini area. The lower back is a popular spot because it is not always shown but can be flashed. The shoulder is also a sought after spot.

The left shoulder is traditionally known as the feminine shoulder and a tattoo there can be a great accent when wearing tank tops or halter tops. Ankle tattoos are cute and many girls are now getting tattoos on the top of the foot or small delicate ones on their toes. They are a great accent when wearing sandals or flip-flops. Like the lower back tattoo, tattoos on the upper breast or bikini area can be hidden.

Some tattoo ideas for girls that are feminine and have a long history include: sun, flower, angel wings, fairy, star, butterfly, Celtic and Zodiac symbols, dolphin, rose, and heart. Although traditional, these tattoo ideas are always unique by meaning to the person wearing them, and most tattoo artists are happy to create a one-of-a-kind design.

Female Tattoo

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Designer Lingerie from Sally Jones, Australia

A truly sexy brand is the Sally Jones lingerie brand - an Australian lingerie label that is designed and made in Australia.

Sally Jones Lingerie was started four years ago and has been shown in Paris and New York every year, the line is inspired by Black and White films and screen icon Marilyn Monroe.

Sally Jones Lingerie is now stocked in over twenty countries and the label is renowned for its unique and beautiful combinations of French laces, Silks and Tulles which are used in Intimate apparel and soft feminine Outerwear. Many of the lines go well with stockings to give a very sexy sensation.

Other great designer brands for Christmas presents are:

Moontide swimwear, Miraclesuit swimwear, Marlies Dekkers swimwear and Aubade swimwear.

Le Monde d’Alba Pyjamas, Bedhead pyjamas
....and if you are pregnant then how about some maternity lingerie from Hotmilk.

Designer lingerie from Fleur T

Fleur T is the gorgeous designer lingerie creation of Fleur Turner who began this delicate and stylish brand in 2001.

Fleur T lingerie utilises the finest materials such as hand drawn printed fabrics and always aims to achieve a perfect fit.

Fleur T uses superior French Leavers lace and luxurious silks to construct her lingerie. Her inspiration for her prints comes from many personal sources such as her childhood love of the Ocean and her enduring love of Chocolate.

Vogue magazine in the United Kingdom commended Fleur T for its beauty and it is now an international success with the brand selling in cities such as Tokyo, Paris, New York and London.

In the present Fleur T 'Je Ne Sais Quoi' collection can be found a thong, bra, suspender belt - great with a pair of sexy stockings, boy shorts, balcony bra and a kimono.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Helen Flanagan Party Cleavage

Helen Flanagan Cleavage
Helen Flanagan cleavage
There was a party at Tiger Tiger for the Coronation Street Out Of Africa DVD special. The DVD is available from November 10th but all we want to really say is that Helen Flanagan wore a sensational dress to the party!

Helen spent a lot of the time wrestling with the top of the plum coloured dress to keep her cleavage and modesty under control.

As for the DVD, Corrie fans can get this at a 40% discount on the following link: Coronation Street - Out Of Africa [2008]

Monday, November 3, 2008

Rosie Webster And The Big Escape

Rosie WebsterIt's been a bit of a silly story on Coronation Street about Helen Flanagan's character Rosie Webster. But at last the girl actually does something to try and escape.

There is a two parter on television tonight and it's Fiz to the rescue. So John Stape hasn't been feeding the cat he's been feeding Rosie.

Anyway, tonight Helen as Rosie arms herself with a baseball bat and ... well you'll have to see, but it's all pretty obvious.

At least we should be able to see a more glamorous Helen Flanagan again soon. At least that's something to look forward to.

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