Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's never too early to order a Valentine's Day Gift

Men are notoriously bad at planning ahead, especially when it comes to shopping for a gift for their partner. But wake up guys, shake off the Christmas tinsel and get ready for the next big shopping spree!

Valentine's day is only 6 weeks into the new year and so now is the time to be choosing and ordering that special gift. And what could be more special than luxury lingerie?

Buying online is by far the easiest way to get your loved one that cheeky little bra set or that glamorous long nightdress. It doesn't involve the embarrassment of standing among the racks of lingerie exposed. You don't have to hand over that naughty little g string to the lady at the till who just happens to look just like your mother and there is no danger of bumping into your boss.

Online lingerie shopping could not be easier as long as you follow two simple rules. Shop early and be prepared. Shopping early means ordering before January 14th for anything required for Valentine's Day - this is because it can take weeks for international deliveries to arrive and if you want something that is made to order you need to allow some time for that as well. The second rule, be prepared, means having your partners correct measurements to hand. Bra size including cup and dress size is the minimum you will need but ideally you should have your partner's hips and waist measurements, especially if you intend buying something really special like Diki made to measure lingerie. But don't worry guys, finding this information is not so difficult. The laundry basket or your lady's wardrobe should provide the answers you seek.

While you are seeking those all important measurements take a moment to consider the style and look of the garments your partner already owns. It will give you clues to what your woman really likes. Are all her bra's light and flimsy or are they boned and padded like a suit of armour? Are her nighties sheer and revealing or buttoned right up to the neckline? Use these clues when you go online and browse the vast selection of fantastic lingerie and nightwear to be sure you buy her something that will be a perfect fit and she will really like and wear. Happy Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Too Late for Christmas?

If you did not get organised in time to order Diki Lingerie for Christmas then now is the time to get your act together for St Valentine's Day.  

It is easy to get caught out, thinking there is plenty of time, but Valentine's Day is only six weeks into the New Year and worldwide customers need to order in early January to ensure that there is enough time for their bespoke lingerie to be made and sent to them from the UK.  

Each exquisite lingerie set takes approximately 2-3 weeks to prepare and depending where you are in the world it can be another 2 weeks in transit.

If the prospect of another disappointment is not motivation enough for you to order your Diki lingerie now, Ever-so-Sexy are running a little incentive campaign.  Order Diki real silk lingerie from Ever-so-Sexy before the 1st January and you will save 10% off the purchase price of luxury real silk made to measure lingerie like this Francesca Bra Set shown here.    

Monday, December 22, 2008

Just one more online Christmas shopping day left.

It's nearly time to wrap up the presents, set them under the tree and cross fingers that the choice was good.  Lingerie is among the most popular choices made by men buying a gift for their wife or girlfriend.  Despite the discomfort of going into that foreign land of a ladies underwear department or lingerie boutique, many men brave the high street for their purchase even though it can be so much easier to buy lingerie online.  

This Christmas season has been very interesting.  The economic downturn has driven the high street to massive pre-Christmas discounting.  The situation is not much different online with many big name lingerie e-tailers offering discounts throughout December and there have been many great bargains to be had. luxury lingerie e-tailer has been running a number of offers during the month and say that business has held up very well despite the worsening financial climate.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Helen Flanagan To Miss Out On Free Food

Helen Flanagan and Tupele DorguWhat a fuss! Coronation Street actors are said to be furious that the catering van, which dishes out free food to them, will disappear as from Friday.

The likes of Helen Flanagan will have to go to Granada's canteen instead and - gasp! - will have to queue up and buy their own food!

It is said that, "The whole cast are up in arms — they’re absolutely furious."

Personally I have only one word to say about that - tough!

Sometimes soap actors need a dose of reality - even the lovely Helen! That's her with Tupele Dorgu at the free nosh catering van.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

These were bad enough to bring my posting back from the dead

So as I'm sure you can tell, I haven't been posting here a lot lately. I've been busy at work, and haven't really come across many new tattoos that are worth mentioning. However, I got an email a few days ago that seriously shook me up. Check out these terrible tattoos, all by the same artist working out of a "pro" shop.

Was the kanji there already, and the rest of the tattoo worked around it? Or was it all designed in one piece? Why is the kanji overlapping with the star? What is that weird black V at the top? It's all a total mystery, and it's all TERRIBLE.

This just makes me think of a pile of pubes, I'm sorry.

...... I don't even know what to say about this. It's not as terrible as the others but it just seems so... sad.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The New “Wizard of Oz Shoes” Style

The New “Wizard of Oz Shoes” Style

We've already seen different styles of shoes like High Chair The New Wizard of Oz Shoes StyleShoes – Furniture for Feet, Gun Footwear - Chanel Vice Heel and a Freaky Shoes with Tarantula. And now here is another great style of shoes that is good for girls who always wanted high heels.

If the New York Fashion Week paid tribute to the classic story, “The Wizard of Oz” by assembling a collection of red shoes, now Asia is recreating the red shoe collection at the Hong Kong shoe store: On Pedder. 17 international designers participated in “The Kansas Project” working with Warner Brothers, producers of the original film.

“Featuring designs by Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Sergio Rossi and Giuseppe Zanotti, the shoes are on display in an ongoing exhibition at the On Pedder flagship boutique in Central from 21 November – 7 December.There's even a replica of the original pair made famous by Judy Garland from the 1939 film. There’s also an ongoing silent auction which ends on 4 December, with proceeds going to the Hong Kong Cancer Fund.”via

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Helen Flanagan's Rosie Webster Isn't Pregnant

Rosie Webster
Helen Flanagan as Rosie Webster
Coronation Street's Kevin and Sally Webster get it all wrong when they find a used pregnancy test kit. They obviously fear the worst and assume it must be wayward daughter, Helen Flanagan's Rosie Webster character, who's been careless.

But no, they are wrong. Rosie tells them, "I know I get blamed for everything around here, but you have two daughters and this has nothing to do with me."

The question is: Is 14 year old Sophie Webster pregnant? Or maybe it's a cry for attention.

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Le Bourget stockings and Love Me coming soon

Le Bourget stockings and Love Me stockings of Paris are coming soon to Mio Destino.