Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's never too early to order a Valentine's Day Gift

Men are notoriously bad at planning ahead, especially when it comes to shopping for a gift for their partner. But wake up guys, shake off the Christmas tinsel and get ready for the next big shopping spree!

Valentine's day is only 6 weeks into the new year and so now is the time to be choosing and ordering that special gift. And what could be more special than luxury lingerie?

Buying online is by far the easiest way to get your loved one that cheeky little bra set or that glamorous long nightdress. It doesn't involve the embarrassment of standing among the racks of lingerie exposed. You don't have to hand over that naughty little g string to the lady at the till who just happens to look just like your mother and there is no danger of bumping into your boss.

Online lingerie shopping could not be easier as long as you follow two simple rules. Shop early and be prepared. Shopping early means ordering before January 14th for anything required for Valentine's Day - this is because it can take weeks for international deliveries to arrive and if you want something that is made to order you need to allow some time for that as well. The second rule, be prepared, means having your partners correct measurements to hand. Bra size including cup and dress size is the minimum you will need but ideally you should have your partner's hips and waist measurements, especially if you intend buying something really special like Diki made to measure lingerie. But don't worry guys, finding this information is not so difficult. The laundry basket or your lady's wardrobe should provide the answers you seek.

While you are seeking those all important measurements take a moment to consider the style and look of the garments your partner already owns. It will give you clues to what your woman really likes. Are all her bra's light and flimsy or are they boned and padded like a suit of armour? Are her nighties sheer and revealing or buttoned right up to the neckline? Use these clues when you go online and browse the vast selection of fantastic lingerie and nightwear to be sure you buy her something that will be a perfect fit and she will really like and wear. Happy Valentine's Day.

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