Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Too Late for Christmas?

If you did not get organised in time to order Diki Lingerie for Christmas then now is the time to get your act together for St Valentine's Day.  

It is easy to get caught out, thinking there is plenty of time, but Valentine's Day is only six weeks into the New Year and worldwide customers need to order in early January to ensure that there is enough time for their bespoke lingerie to be made and sent to them from the UK.  

Each exquisite lingerie set takes approximately 2-3 weeks to prepare and depending where you are in the world it can be another 2 weeks in transit.

If the prospect of another disappointment is not motivation enough for you to order your Diki lingerie now, Ever-so-Sexy are running a little incentive campaign.  Order Diki real silk lingerie from Ever-so-Sexy before the 1st January and you will save 10% off the purchase price of luxury real silk made to measure lingerie like this Francesca Bra Set shown here.    

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