Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Are You Ready To Get Your Denim Wet?

Did you experienced swimming with your jeans Are You Ready To Get Your Denim Wet?on? It's heavy, right? Don't worry because there is now a new denim swimsuit concepts. Designers like Chanel reinvigorated the 'denim as swimwear' trend.

According to Trend de la crème, as you probably guessed, not one of them is the least bit practical (which might suggest that designers either don't anticipate their wearers taking a dip in them, and/or designers just don't give a shiny s*@t.).

The gallery shows fashions collected by Trend de la Creme by Rock & Republic, True Religion, Diesel, Chanel, Ashley Paige, Victoria’s Secret Denim, Totem, Delias, and for the men, Trigger Denim Swimsuit by Rufskin.

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