Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Send her a Message with this Lola Luna string

Lola Luna, the French designer brand, famous for their glamorous g strings can be relied on to bring novelty and originality to their g strings. Messenger is an example of this originality. Who else but Lola Luna would consider putting a tiny message cannister as a pendant on a g string. But think of the fun you could have with this open g string... write her a message, tell her how you feel and the rest will follow.

Ever-so-Sexy.com stock the complete collection of Lola Luna g strings. With same day despatch available you could have your new g string by the weekend.

Friday, March 27, 2009

More stick-n-poke radness

Do you remember the post I did about the young man with the butterflies on his feet and the ridiculous home tattoos? Well, he showed me some photos of his friend's tattoos. And boy, are they ridiculous!

First up- booyah! arm!

This poor person has "booyah!" on their arm not once, but at least SEVEN TIMES! I can also see a pterodactyl, a ghost, and "USA GOES UNDEFEATED".

I wish I knew the story behind this one. "Saves Latin"??? ... maybe I don't really want to know.

And this. What is this? An alien-insect with patriotic wings riding a scooter with hello kitty with a mustache in the back? WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?

Seriously, the more I see tattoos like this, the more I shake my head and start to wonder if they are really works of genius instead of being the worst tattoos in the world.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cats with no ears

I just took in two of the cutest cats ever, and so I have had cats on the brain lately. Because of this, I thought I'd do some searching for bad cat tattoos. I am SURE there are worse ones out here, but this is what I found- three cat tattoos without any ears. Why would you ever draw a cat without ears? It just makes them look like weird aliens!

This looks like a Lisa Frank drawing without the pizazz.

This is the most half-assed tattoo I have possibly ever seen. Why are the eyes sideways? Why are the whiskers blue? Where are the ears? So many unanswered questions!

This is a mix of the lady's five cats and some human (the right eye). Why the human has a lazy eye, I don't know. I also think the cat is actually the bark of a tree.

And finally, while not technically terrible, this butterfly-cat holding a flower and inexplicably wearing pants makes me laugh.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Di Murini Rowena Ivory Pocketed Camisole

The Di Murini Rowena ivory pocketed camisole is a beautiful silk camisole that has a soft built in mastectomy bra with a theraputic, Aloe Vera infused, cotton pocket lining. The Rowena camisole has an adjustable back for maximum comfort and security. It has a plunge neckline and is ultra feminine and discrete. The ideal luxury mastectomy lingerie piece.

To view all of the line visit the Di Murini mastectomy bra site.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bad chest tattoos

I think there is a trend of getting bad chest tattoos with bloody writing. Please tell me this isn't so, and it's just these three unfortunate dudes.

"All Hope Is Gone" -- not a very good thing to get when you're young (I cropped his face out of the photo, he looks like he is 17). Also what's the logo on the right? I assume these are bad lyrics of some sort.

"Blood Is Forever" -- I guess this is a way of celebrating family, but there is surely a much better way to do it. Also the bloody cracked Batman logo is an a+ addition there, buddy.

"Pull The Trigger Bitch" -- sdkjfhsdk I can seriously not think of a worse thing to get tattooed on your chest for all time. Do you think he will ever have sex with anyone ever again? I guess he'll just have to keep his shirt on indefinitely!

Corset how to guide released

Mio Destino has just released it's how to guide on wearing a corset and underbust on You Tube.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A PSA against home tattooing

I've posted some awesomely ridiculously terrible and rad stick-n-poke tattoos here in the past, and I will again. I have a soft spot for bad tattoos that friends do to each other. This one, however, is pretty inexcusable, and shows how home tattooing is generally a really really really really bad idea.

ow ow ow ow ow ow ow. This makes me hurt all over just looking at it. So scratchy!!!! I can't even imagine what it must look like healed. I think my favorite part is that he only has one eyeball.

More Zombies

Please excuse me for posting about my own tattoos so much this week, but I can't help myself! I'll post some legitimately terrible tattoos soon, don't worry!

You guys should all know by now that I am fascinated by flash tattoos and tattoos that come from the same drawing but look different. The tattoo I got on Friday was part of a Friday the 13th special, where you could get any flash zombie on a sheet for $40. I chose the classic coming-out-of-the-grave-zombie, and it turns out three of my friends went for the same thing. One of my friends and I got sxe zombies, my other two friends got the zombie as he was on the sheet. Here are all four zombies for comparison (done by three different artists, see if you can spot the two that were done by the same person).

Friday, March 13, 2009


I just got my thighs done. These are beyond awesome. Only the linework is done so far, but I'll get them finished next month. Done by the ever-awesome Myles Karr at Saved in Brooklyn, NY.

the placement is great

sxe god free zombie

So I finally did it. I finally got brainwashed by my bad tattoo blog and got a bad tattoo. AND I LOVE IT!

He is a straight edge god free zombie, in honor of Friday the 13th. I love him because he's just like all the rad old metal zombies that I looooooove and simultaneously make fun of on here. Done by Alex at Three Kings in Brooklyn, NY (who is an amazing tattoo artist, please do not for one second think that I am saying his work is bad!).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sexy Lingerie

Korea Alleygir ☆ ★ invincible youth underwear suite (Jedi Invincible)

The use of cotton + lace baby Materials, colors, 100% bright blue, pink and yellow. Baby gives the visual impact is invincible youth. Aiguillette shoulders can also be cross, love of sport can be assured that the United States and the United States of wear. A Cup with Insert (thickness of 1.5 centimeters) so that a small chest of the United States and the United States may also gather together a charming curve

Gorgeous underwear dynamic

Mm cheerful personality are more enjoy beautiful color selection of underwear, because bright colors and lively patterns, and exquisite embroidery, both from the inside out so that you feel the dynamic, so that you too exciting in the bedroom . Come on, use your sexy vitality with you the enthusiasm to conquer him.

mellow style is full of women

A small bright yellow flowers adorned in white underwear on, full of girls Taste

Put the fruit body wear, sweet feeling felt

Pink series are the first choice for girls

Warm light pink, how can you miss? Bronze skin with the best look

Check underwear, pure girls preferred

Just to Say You Love Her...

At our online lingerie shop we have a privileged insight into the romantic behaviour or our customers. Our gentlemen customers, of which there are many, generously lavish glamorous and sometimes very expensive gifts on their partners and ask us to put romantic messages on the gift tag so there is no doubt that these men are romantic.

But bless you dear men, you are sticklers for routine! Each year we see a surge of orders in February for Valentine’s Day and throughout the year we conspire with secret arrangements to have an item delivered somewhere special at a specific date for a birthday or anniversary, which is lovely but also evidence that your romantic urges are mostly triggered by the calendar.

But why wait until it’s your anniversary or her birthday to show the woman in your life how you feel about her? The world is troubled now and life is a struggle and the best investment you could make at this time is in your relationship. You might not be able to afford a new car or a holiday this year but a random romantic day will not break your bank and will brighten the life of your other half by showing her she is special even on an ordinary day.

Here’s short recipe for a romantic day. It could be a Sunday or a Saturday, just as long as it is a day when she does nothing and you do everything to show her your romantic side.

Start with breakfast in bed - a sure winner that costs nothing but the time and effort to make it.
Add a small posy of scented flowers to the breakfast tray. (Freesia are good in the Spring)
Run her a bath with her favourite bath essence and leave her to soak - or you could share it?!
Lunch out – or you make it at home, leaving your lady to relax.
In the afternoon spend time together doing something simple. A gentle walk on a beach, by a riverside or even the local park. Or if your other half is not an outdoor girl, hire in a DVD to her taste and snuggle up on the sofa together.
Supper – you make it or get a take away. Add one romantic gift and a bottle of bubbly (Cava will do) and the evening is yours!

Suggestions for the gift: chocolates, lingerie, jewellery – the gift does not have to be big or expensive. It’s the thought that counts. But I would suggest that lingerie is more romantic than chocolates (and does not put weight on), plus more intimate than jewellery.

Have Happy Romantic Day.

Sexy Lingerie

点击图片进入下一页点击图片进入下一页点击图片进入下一页compact thin on reveal exquisite feminine bow
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Plump enough chest also do not worry, this selection pressure extrusion-style underwear easy cleavage
Seamless underwear you wear light fabrics to meet the needs of
Pink princess is so small you willingly succumb to the foot
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Fresh and sweet the sky-blue, and pure blend of sexy, who met with will enjoy

Underwear to show the charm of the temptation of a woman

At women who wear the color of the underwear as a woman's temperament, women should note the details of the performance of its own beginning and focus on their own is in the details, from inadvertently, Department, every detail from the beginning of the temptation of their charm. This is a pursuit of sensory happy age, body and mind back to the natural innocence, simple and sentimental. Creative imagination Underwear Designed so that each person can construct their own paradise!

Underwear are not so much a woman's tenderness, it is better to say that more women are on their own a pet, this is a woman to love their own. In appreciation, buy, wearing a series of process, the women of their own hopes, full of pity, there is a little bit of narcissism in this. Compared with outerwear, underwear is a more purely to give his own watch to wear clothes, therefore, pay attention to underwear is a more caring woman must own, the reality of life and full of hopes and illusions. Even if the reality has disappointed so many women, loved her underwear at least there is little comfort, because women underwear unique circumstances. Underwear like another woman's love: twists and turns, the dim, mysterious, crazy Transform a woman modeling underwear color process, and that she release or express their own emotional journey. Woman in underwear emotions, is essentially a hidden Happiness, a woman does not have any emotional energy into it? So, clever woman should make a sexy, modern, elegant, classic, sweet, "multi-faceted woman."

We live in a free time of all the conventions would be callous to abandon, all the customary ethical standards and aesthetic orientation have been coated with a layer of color personality. About the United States, has its own definition of a woman! Woman should use a variety of colors to dress themselves. Life can not be color, when we find fault with the color of underwear when we complain about the weather outside the window, when in fact, room way you can let you change the environment, or even change your mood. Wear their own clothes, too, so that changes color with mood, women, should be the master of its own Living Color.

Oriental women underwear based on the demand, combined with the status quo of China's market opening up another city lingerie consumer brands - . The meaning of underwear, women meet at a variety of "internal" needs simultaneously to pursue a non-traditional style of underwear, but did not in the traditional style of flaunted underwear stereotypes and preaching, high temperament such as a whirlpool-like so that the public unable to extricate themselves. To a woman's "waist" as a watershed to a woman's "chest", "hip" as the main land, through the woman up, in carefully integration, the implementation of a comprehensive outflanking from head to toe, started a three-dimensional omni-directional Raiders close.

Interpretation of the charm of a woman sexy lingerie

Underwear, innocent and charming, mature, fun, and different interpretations of different women's underwear sexy charm. Underwear, women's intimate friends, so that you become a sexy goblin. Apart from a wide variety of bra, small underwear is also their great love MM objects, silk, lace, cotton, different texture, different mood. Occasionally to be , XXX sexy look small.

Rich sexy underwear sexy flirtatious Wizard:



The use of lace fabrics, fashion sexy both wild pattern design, with elaborate embroidery, beautiful without losing custom;

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The world's top ten most extravagant underwear


 The world's most expensive underwear, top ranking in the manual decoration known European brand underwear C. Gilson suite, including silk brassieres, underwear, sexy underwear and nightgown, including a total package price of 2684 U.S. dollars; and Price cheapest VaginPouvoir underwear, including bra and underwear, prices as high as 344 U.S. dollars.



1, C. Gilson Price: 2684 U.S. dollars (including pajamas, brassieres, underwear, underwear and garter)


2, Guia La Bruna Price: 750 U.S. dollars (including underwear and shorts)



3, IDSarrieri Price: 690 U.S. dollars (including the female fitting bras, underwear and garter)


4, La Perla Price: 621 U.S. dollars (including chest and underwear)


5, Agent Provocateur Price: 588 U.S. dollars (including the chest, underwear and tights pants hanging )


6, Damaris Price: 544 U.S. dollars (including the chest and have to bring underwear)



8, Ravage Price: 420 U.S. dollars (including chest and underwear)


9, Strumpet & Pink Price: 365 U.S. dollars (including the shorts have belt)


10, Vagin Pouvoir Price: 344 U.S. dollars (including chest and underwear)