Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just to Say You Love Her...

At our online lingerie shop we have a privileged insight into the romantic behaviour or our customers. Our gentlemen customers, of which there are many, generously lavish glamorous and sometimes very expensive gifts on their partners and ask us to put romantic messages on the gift tag so there is no doubt that these men are romantic.

But bless you dear men, you are sticklers for routine! Each year we see a surge of orders in February for Valentine’s Day and throughout the year we conspire with secret arrangements to have an item delivered somewhere special at a specific date for a birthday or anniversary, which is lovely but also evidence that your romantic urges are mostly triggered by the calendar.

But why wait until it’s your anniversary or her birthday to show the woman in your life how you feel about her? The world is troubled now and life is a struggle and the best investment you could make at this time is in your relationship. You might not be able to afford a new car or a holiday this year but a random romantic day will not break your bank and will brighten the life of your other half by showing her she is special even on an ordinary day.

Here’s short recipe for a romantic day. It could be a Sunday or a Saturday, just as long as it is a day when she does nothing and you do everything to show her your romantic side.

Start with breakfast in bed - a sure winner that costs nothing but the time and effort to make it.
Add a small posy of scented flowers to the breakfast tray. (Freesia are good in the Spring)
Run her a bath with her favourite bath essence and leave her to soak - or you could share it?!
Lunch out – or you make it at home, leaving your lady to relax.
In the afternoon spend time together doing something simple. A gentle walk on a beach, by a riverside or even the local park. Or if your other half is not an outdoor girl, hire in a DVD to her taste and snuggle up on the sofa together.
Supper – you make it or get a take away. Add one romantic gift and a bottle of bubbly (Cava will do) and the evening is yours!

Suggestions for the gift: chocolates, lingerie, jewellery – the gift does not have to be big or expensive. It’s the thought that counts. But I would suggest that lingerie is more romantic than chocolates (and does not put weight on), plus more intimate than jewellery.

Have Happy Romantic Day.

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