Friday, March 6, 2009

Men see through through lingerie secret

Willing to pick a good underwear are the most unmarried woman, a married woman received because of "long-term meal ticket" and become conservative and relaxed, underwear is not broken do not fit.

When the mother's, when you discover that your daughter's underwear great changes have taken place, you have to pay attention to her private life has been. Ah brilliant, are from .

Say they are a woman's underwear, I also said, Men's underpants run.

Underwear, whether it is a man or a woman should wear, except it has to protect our fragile parts of the role of physical or sexual life essential elements of a visual. Possess a sexy underwear can increase your sexual charisma index. The other hand, would greatly reduce the quality of sexual life.

Underwear, the requirement is to clean, this means that this person has a good attitude. Imagine, if you met a refined appearance and prudent men, can be crazy when you go to bed before the show after trousers, though, has seen his underwear is perforin is also loose hair are yellow, also emitting a musty , wrinkled like a bunch of pickles do, you can have interested you?

Except clean underwear style of course is also very important. Men's underwear such as Men's clothes on, like a woman's relative, the subsection like too little, also the following:

Ping pants: sport shorts similar appearance, but also has tight and loose at the two, these pants are popular at colleges and universities, male students in general are permitted to enter the girls in a hot day, wearing pants that could have been avoided the embarrassing. A few years ago, according to my observation over the years at colleges and universities, to wear pants Ping Men are generally the Virgin. Virgin approximately equal experience clones. Ah? You said you are not a virgin to wear pants-ping? Then you definitely leave the Virgin.

Briefs: look at the shelves of supermarkets knew briefs underwear are the most common, and generally enjoy such underwear Male attitudes towards sex, more traditional, if you attach great importance to "interested" and to stimulate, he definitely let you down. But this kind of comparative Man, you do not have to worry too much about what derailed his behavior.

Men wear these pants are sure to bed put to bed as the stage as performed. If you enjoy open window have sex, then please choose men like to wear .

Cute cartoon patterns have small underwear: buy Kavalan Oh, Uncle, you this year ah? Such Men are usually super-Web bugs, if the age is not too old, maybe that is mixed cat's head. If older, and that is the talk of the approximately.

Forget that in fact there is a not wear underwear. Personally think that wearing underwear is actually a manifestation of lack of security, do not wear underwear to illustrate the environmental protection people have a strong spirit, but also indicates that the people without Ayutthaya, kind-hearted, pure.

I always do not understand is: Why underpants in front of a good narrow buttocks after the mask is the place to do the very generous, are behind than in front of true danger ?

Man afraid of mistake on bed, afraid of many female male mistake. If you like him, then his trousers examine him in the end are not what you want your Man.

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