Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Private Shop Style guide red lingerie

欧美内衣专家Private Shop引领红色内衣风尚Private Shop, one of the major brands of Aubade, as France's most famous and most expensive classic underwear brand, has always been its hundred years of history and the top hand for the Queen each other in hot pursuit of the aristocracy. At Chinese New Year "Red War" staged a full swing, Aubade also lonely and at the launch of Chinese-based fighting series Asako red series products. Asako series of design inspiration comes from the Japanese geisha costumes - exquisite kimono and elegant folding fan to create the Meiyan tenderness female charm to make Lingguang flash designers. Top flouncing lace embroidery on the silk yarn Ruled fold up to create a fan-like visual effects; 3-tipped stamens and meticulous strung together like pearls on the decorative flowers on the shoulder strap; exquisite embroidery and delicate lace top will mellow and sexy women demonstrated most vividly. At the bold colors on the application of colorful red, on black lace soft red unassuming, gorgeous at the same time save a little introverted added will be the brand has always been meticulous and luxurious interpreted.

And Aubade Like any series, Asako series in the design of human-based study on the structure, emphasis manufacturing exquisite hand with ergonomic professional, in the creation of visual Taotie products at the same time focus on functional, unique and elegant brand blooming atmosphere.

Private Shop's another to specializes in designing elegant sexy and fashionable sleepwear see the famous Italian lingerie brand, said Andra, is also quite the occasion to add, in its Medium red element. Advanced chiffon with fine thin silk slip a combination of materials, create a lightweight and comfortable next to the skin texture; design on the sexy style of bold, in the chest with the use of translucent lace embroidery design, highlights the beautiful female figure; while rendering a red fatal temptation, more people are optic nerve.

At Chinese New Year shopping in the red, Private Shop in his noble elegance and romance sexy out to touch the latest lingerie trends outlined in red, so closely echoed the romantic red Chinese.

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