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Temptation sexy lingerie cell phone chain

One to see these lovely mobile phone chain, can not help but laugh. Although the lingerie chain is a small mobile phone accessories, but it is not sloppy workmanship, use of fabric also popular lace fabric. Is indeed a temptation, and sexy.

诱惑性感的内衣手机链 - jkhua08 - jkhua08的博客

诱惑性感的内衣手机链 - jkhua08 - jkhua08的博客

诱惑性感的内衣手机链 - jkhua08 - jkhua08的博客

Long ago I heard through the MM's underwear color can know MM's personality, but must actually MM underwear private matter, coupled with more traditional Chinese people generally wear white, want to know what color MM really enjoy purely difficult. How do?

^ 0 ^! Super creative sexy underwear cell phone chain, to help you do. Sent to the mobile phone chain MM, MM definitely happy, and now more are sent to a super-sexy underwear cell phone chain to her, not only won the MM favor, but you can through this opportunity to know the minds of MM in the end you like to wear what color underwear Oh! Then do it immediately!

1, white: girls type, do not grow up love, full of pure fantasy and little girl thoughts.

Likes to wear white underwear, must also have a lot of white jacket, skirt and so on with. This is certainly the image of the distinguished people love the female, and there are so obsessive point, but also very naughty. conservative and wait for people to love the girl type.

White underwear suitable constellations: Taurus, Virgo and so on.

2, black: sexy introverted, the type of deep depression.

Black usually gives the feeling of mystery, self-protection of a strong color, but often fragile heart, but the appearance has mounted a strong, once people break through psychological barriers, it will be like a dam breach flood like.

Black underwear suitable constellations: Capricorn, Scorpio and so on.

3, Red: Unit has inner fire of enthusiasm in general.

Like Spain, like girls, with the surging Unused Forever warm, red, red, red can be called Her philosophy of life. The color of the women enjoy a relatively personalized rash impulse, the opportunity to happen Male high.

Red underwear suitable constellation: Sagittarius, Leo and so on.

4, yellow, green, blue: quiet, self, surface personality is not prominent, and the lack of a sense of security within the heart

These types of color underwear, are more cordial, would be the kind of talent great foresight underwear dare pick the flower. Usually very cordial and a little bit with the tide, enjoy the trendy fashion of things, not will hide themselves inside the preferences. Casual, fear of loneliness and boredom.

Fit these color underwear constellations: Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra and so on.

5, purple: noble mysterious, not love things too realistic

Since he thinks he is the mysterious noble Queen, personality, a bit small metamorphosis, installed in front of others enjoy noble, loaded temperament. Purple can be elegant strokes, lack of class can wear. Feel that they need to be loved, but can not take the initiative in order to face courtship, it is recommended to use purple to make, albeit not very clearly the sense of beauty, seduce sweetheart.

Purple underwear suitable constellations: Cancer, Scorpio and so on.

6, brown, gray or other dark: low-key calm, no ambition

weight, doing things a low-key, pessimistic, moderate and no ambition at groups like wearing a shirt invisible stealth-like people, are the majority of home-based women's favorite color. Desire to have their own space at home for you, Gray can let you have a feeling at home and not smell a bland, non- beauty is for you.

Purple underwear fit Constellation: Libra, Pisces.

7, there are a variety of colors (leopard): multiple personality, a rich inner

On a variety of colors are not picky about the people, is certainly rich in personality, or their very "Fa Sam" the man. Either there is a pair of good build, put their models as are generally narcissistic woman. Fantasy-loving, likes romantic vision of the pursuit of beauty of women, may have serious romantic feeling.

This is certainly able to attract U.S. attention sexy mobile phone chain, to buy a set play? Pure hand-made, sexy cute.

诱惑性感的内衣手机链 - jkhua08 - jkhua08的博客

诱惑性感的内衣手机链 - jkhua08 - jkhua08的博客

诱惑性感的内衣手机链 - jkhua08 - jkhua08的博客

诱惑性感的内衣手机链 - jkhua08 - jkhua08的博客

诱惑性感的内衣手机链 - jkhua08 - jkhua08的博客

诱惑性感的内衣手机链 - jkhua08 - jkhua08的博客

Watching everyone must want to buy it, right? Hee hee. Prices are at 10 yuan, 12 yuan even postage.

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