Thursday, March 5, 2009

Two-piece / cardigan sweater

Trade names: sex Linglong Rose

Very short skirts feminine design nuanced. Delicate hanging tether connecting the low-cut lace, pinch back the overall design, highlighting the physical perfection curve. Irregular natural weeping lap up, turning body, immediately MIDNIGHT suddenly become the most beautiful flowers!

Trade names: enchanting two-piece

Bra straps and winding vines outlined in his chest, completely design, vines lace embellishment excellent, charming temptation. Openings between front lace design, with elegant color ribbon. Two-way folding skirt close Edge flower vines. Charming fundus of the show immediately.

Trade names: flowers [yellow]

Aiguillette Designed for the cross-elasticity of the back. Thin shoulder straps. Visual effects back fresh bright, semi-open back. Containing a T trousers.
As thin as cicada's wings on the body of become more lightweight, classical design, distributed wrapped with sophisticated charm of the body, more sexy temptation. Chest-bit color with delicate lace embellishment, in the cleavage expelled from the heart-shaped window Department, shows a romantic tenderness. Will not ask him how crazy! ! ! !

Trade names: the perfect combination of

This product is loaded couple: Man shall: female shall mesh: single pieces of evening wear does not contain

Man shall: male sexy underwear the ultimate embodiment of the use of bold design suite Siamese mesh, black mesh tulle tightly fitting at the body on bodybuilding, parcel out the power and grandeur; back three-dimensional tailoring, his thick arms bodybuilding, most a perfect display of sexy men, women give the illusion of unlimited and expectations; to connect the following are combined span, three-dimensional cut, all-permeability black Net, the male desire to ready, hot to confuse, so masculine mature men not what you ... Wait for the object you ...

Female paragraph: evening wear sleeveless straps, backless design, too saucy buttocks Brisk short skirts, see favorite. Designed boldly at his waist, cut the parts set off handsome well build, with a break is crazy. Have the desire to go to Galapagos. From each root hair to the moving lips, to name just exudes sexy Taste! Designed with hip pack again, it is one of deep, it is difficult to extricate themselves ... ...

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