Sunday, April 5, 2009

Plus size can be beautiful

Ever-so-Sexy offer glamorous lingerie for special people and special occasions. Undies to wear on a romantic weekend, or give as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift. Lingerie manufacturers tend to focus their best efforts on the slim and so it is always a challeng to find something for more curvy women. In a year when Ever-so-Sexy have added new design after new design, the bigger girls have not been forgotten. Coemi nightdresses are offered in sizes up to XXL and are beautiful designs that really flatter and are exquisitely feminine. Here is the latest design to be offered. Red Hot Baby... a beautiful chiffon babydoll nightdress in cherry red chiffon with a sexy lace bust. Limited stock available - so buy now if you like it. Only available in Xlarge at sub £30 it is a very affordable treat.

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