Monday, June 29, 2009

Jean Paul Gaultier's - Tube Tops for Men

Jean Paul Gaultier's - Tube Tops for MenIf you are a man, would you wear a tube in order to be a sexy-looking Jean Paul Gaultier's - Tube Tops for Menman? Yes, now, not only women are those who wears tube but men also. The designer Jean Paul Gaultier made a denim tube tops for men that catch the attention during the Men’s Fashion Week in Milan

The button-front tube tops were shown in both light and dark denim—not that either make the look more acceptable. Men, you no longer need to worry about those pesky tan lines on your shoulders, you have your own tube tops now!via

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kanji Tattoos

When choosing kanji symbols is that they are only one of three writing systems used in Japan --which is where kanji is used (not China). Kanji is the oldest and most complicated of the three writing systems( kanji, hiragana and katakana). The other systems are hiragana and katakana, with katakana being the most familiar to westerners. Why the most familiar? Because katakana is used specifically to write foreign words (and science words and a few other things) and foreign names.Characters can be written both vertically and horizontally. Here are some Kanji Tattoo Symbols pictures.

kanji Tattoo Symbols
Japan:Kanji Tattoo Symbols
girl Kanji Tattoos

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Black Satin Chemise

Black satin for sophistication. Pink trimmed ruffle frills for girly femininity. This is Patricia design black satin short nightdress by Irall. A recent new addition to the Ever-so-Sexy lingerie site. Irall are a Polish lingerie manufacturer. Poland has a long history of producing quality lingerie and Irall is a good example of the continued tradition. Beautifully presented and boxed this lovely nightie would make a great gift for a birthday or an anniversary.

Celebrity Tribal Tattoos Design

Monday, June 22, 2009

Full back tattoo designs

full back tattoo designs
All full back free tattoo designs are like paint, only they are on human skin. The first impression is always whoa!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Moontide Monet Sliding Triangle Top

This triangle halter is a classic style with halter neck and back ties giving a flattering shape. The soft padded cups give a great shape. The crisp white background for this swimwear collection sets off the vibrant use of colour in the scattered floral print and the subtle geometric printed flowers perfectly.

Lola Luna New Design G String - Honeymoon

White lace a pendant crescent moon and wisps of white organza ribbon. This is Honeymoon, the latest new design from Lola Luna and available at Romantic and sexy - a perfect combination for the bride on her wedding day. But you don't have to be getting married to wear this delicate open g string. Stock arriving 23rd June but you can already order this lovely g string to be sure to be one of the first to own Lola Luna Honeymoon.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Japanese Character Tattoo and beautiful flower on the back

Japanese Character Tattoo and beautiful flower on the back girls back tattoo from our content sponser:

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Designs Pictures

Latest new Tribal tattoo designsFree Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Designs Free Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Designs
Free Phoenix Tattoo Design pictures
the phoenix incorporates notions of life, rebirth and renewal. This is a great symbol for 'starting again' or 'washing away the old.' If you are contemplating a phoenix bird tattoo you need to take these values into account.
Free Phoenix Tattoo Design pictures
Cool Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Designs free
Cool Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Designs free
Also, a phoenix bird of fire tattoo must be of sufficient size to make an impact. This is a magnificent bird and deserves respect - size is important. You simply can't represent the idea of eternal life and rebirth with a small tattoo!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another New Brand for Ever-So-Sexy.

Ever-so-Sexy must be one of the fastest growing lingerie retailers on the web today. Not a week goes by without the addition of a new style or a whole new brand.

Today is the pre-launch announcement of another new brand, Dalia. Dalia lingerie is a high quality European brand with a range of traditional bras, briefs, strings and shorties sizes that include something for bigger ladies.

The first style, Kaszmir bra set, is already available on the Ever-so-Sexy site for pre order. The first stock will be arriving soon. Kaszmir is a glamorous black soft bra with underwiring for support available in cup sizes from 32A to 36E. The set offers a choice of thong or brief at a price of £55.00 with the usual free UK delivery that makes Ever-so-Sexy stand out from its competitors.

Asked why they had not gone for one of the Dalia styles that goes to larger bra sizes, Ever-so-Sexy said that they have to move carefully with regard to stocking policies when they are expanding on their core market which is still overwhelming the smaller size women. But went on to say that they already have offerings up to 42D and DD in other brands and promise to extend the larger size options over the coming months as they assess the popularity of the new brand. So that is good news for us bigger girls who yearn to wear some of the very glamorous lingerie that Ever-so-Sexy find for us.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Helen Flanagan To Dress In Tiniest Mini Skirt

Helen Flanagan Candid Photo Of Her On The Bed
Helen Flanagan candid photo on bed
At last we'll see a bit more of Helen Flanagan on Coronation Street - in more ways than one.

Her role as Rosie Webster will see her dressed in a short red skirt and a low cut blouse as she goes to meet her previous kindnapper, John Stape, in prison.

Helen says, "I'm going to dress like this because I'm strong and I'm the one that's in control. So anyway, she (Rosie) puts the tiniest little mini skirt on and the highest heels, goes up and shows him who's boss."

John is impressed, well he would be, and tells her he's going to give her £150,000! Could all lead to something interesting.

Helen Flanagan Pictures Lens
Golf Jokes and Golf One Liners

How to look great in Swimwear.

If you want to look great on the beach this summer then you have to know your swimwear. Here is a selection of the different bathing suit styles that are out there.

Bikini swimwear and Swimsuits

The terms bikini-swimwear, bathing suit, monokini, bikini, swimsuit, swimming costume and bathing suit relate to clothing that is designed for the swimming pool or for lazing on a beach, swimming in the sea or for playing water sports.

Swimsuits are often made with an inner lining to prevent the water from making the swimsuit transparent. Swimwear comes in many styles and the latest revolution has come from Miraclesuit swimwear, an American company, which uses a modern fabric which is said to make a woman look up to ten pounds lighter instantly.

· One-piece swimsuit

The one piece swimsuit which is also known as Maillot in French is a form of swimwear that comes in one piece and covers the hip area, the tummy and the breasts and usually has straps going over the shoulders. The one-piece swimsuit is normally very figure hugging and flattering for women and is often the preferred bathing costume for professional swimmers in the swimming pool.

Until bikinis were introduced almost all swimsuits were in one piece with various styles such as the halterneck swimsuit, the surplice (which is a form of wrap-around style) and the bandeau swimsuit style (described below). The standard one-piece swimsuit has two straps and a scooped neck or sometimes a plunge effect which shows more of the boobs. Other styles will have a very deeply plunging back to show off just a little bit more.

· Halter neck and boy short leg swimwear

Some one-piece swimsuits come with halter neck where the straps tie around the neck and attach to the front of the swimsuit leaving more of the back exposed. This is a very sexy style that gives great support to your bust. A style that has reintroduced, having a very 30’s feel to it, is the boy leg one-piece which looks like a classic one-piece with a boy short type leg.

· Surplice swim top

The surplice one-piece has a sophisticated feel to it, almost like a toga, with a diagonal wrap over piece of fabric which is great for hiding a slight tummy. Some women who are looking for maternity swimwear will go for the Swim Dress which has a summer dress fitted feel to it and looks ever so sweet whether you are pregnant or not.

· Bandeau swimwear

The Bandeau style of swimwear is very stylish and very French. A strapless bathing suit with pleats and some have straps or halters for added support and security.

· Bikini

The bikini, or bikini swimwear or two-piece swimsuit as it is sometimes known, is much more revealing than the one-piece swimsuit and is often preferred by younger women. One piece covers the boobs while the other covers the bum and pelvic area.
The bikini was a form of swimwear which had its origins in Greco-Roman times. Floor mosaics from the period of the Emperor Diocletian (286-305 AD) in the Villa Romana del Casale, Sicily show women in bikini like clothes. The ‘Bikini Girls’, as they have become to be known, are shown exercising in garments that to the modern viewer are in fact, bikinis.

However, the modern bikini swimwear was invented by a French engineer named Louis Réard in 1946. The bikini outraged many people when it first began appearing on French beaches in 1947. Réard had named his style of swimwear after Bikini Atoll in the Pacific which was the site of the nuclear weapon test in mid 1946. Réard believed that the burst of excitement created by the bikini would be like a nuclear device, and he wasn’t far wrong. After the introduction Réard‘s business became highly successful. In advertisements Réard kept the mystique of the bikini alive by claiming that a two-piece suit wasn't a true bikini ‘unless it could be pulled through a wedding ring.’

The bikini is said to be the most popular women’s beachwear worldwide. According to Olivier Saillard, the French fashion historian, who said it is due to "the power of women, and not the power of fashion" saying further that, "The emancipation of swimwear has always been linked to the emancipation of women."

The bikini became the official uniform, in 1994, of women's Olympic beach volleyball. It was a turning point for female sexuality and the athletic world and it gave a great increase in viewer numbers, one can only suspect that the majority were male.

· Bikini underwear

Bikini underwear is worn by both men and women and is revealing like the bikini swimwear bottoms. Women’s bikinis are effectively any close fitting, skimpy panties that are smaller than traditional panties or knickers. Men’s bikini underwear is smaller and more revealing than men's briefs.

· Monokini

The monokini, or as it is sometimes known the topless swimsuit or unikini, is a form of swimwear that has only the bottom part of a bikini thereby leaving the boobs exposed.
This style of swim suit is accredited to the American fashion designer Rudi Gernreich who, in 1964, brought it to popularity and is said to have first used the term, monokini.
Monokinis are only for the most daring of women and for those beaches where topless bathing is allowed.

Monokinis come in various styles with some having a fully covered bum and some having a g-string style at the back. In more recent years the monokini has been seen cut high to the waist with high cut legs.

· Bikini tops

Bikini tops come in many styles including a halter-top bikini neck that offers more coverage and support, the strapless bandeau style which is a rectangular strip of fabric covering the boobs which has the effect of reducing large breasts. Then there is the bikini top with cups similar to a push-up bra or the more traditional triangle bikini cups that lift and shape the breasts.

Other variations on the bikini style are the camikini which comprises a camisole top and bikini bottom, the seekini which is a transparent bikini and the tankini which consists of a tank top and bikini bottom. Also mastectomy swimwear is increasingly becoming more stylish and popular.

· Swimsuit coverup

A swimsuit cover-up is a simple and sexy way to make yourself look glamorous and to stand out at the beach. These lovely additions to your swimwear wardrobe come in many forms such as the sarong, or a small triangle of fabric that ties at the hip or the more modest robes or delicate gown styles.

Nowadays many women going on holiday prefer to take reversible swimwear with them to reduce their luggage and to have a wide choice of wardrobe. A popular reversible swimwear brand is Moontide swimwear from New Zealand.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If you don't want to look like everyone else at the pool side.... read on.

Bikinis! Isn't it about time bikini manufacturers found a bit more originality? I know you could argue that there is not much you can do with such a small garment but that is simply not true. If you want to know just how much variety, novelty and sheer glamour can be achieved in a tiny garment, take a look at Lola Luna g strings! So back to the subject in hand, bikinis and how sadly boring most of them are. But there are exceptions and if you want to own something a little different this summer, a bikini that is pretty and feminine and most importantly exclusive, then you need to hurry along to where you will find this exclusive aqua bikini from European manufacturer V.I.P.A.

cool 3d spider tattoo on arm

3d spider tattoo on arm
arm spider tattoo

if you are just looking for spider tattoos, here are a lot cool desings, if you are searching for 3D spider tattoos, here are more 3d spider tatoo pictures
author unknow

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pretty in Pink

A new addition to the Beauty Night collection at Ever-so-Sexy. This pretty pink nightie with matching thong included is a very affordable £29.95. Available in small/medium size and with free UK delivery and delivery time of 3 to 5 working days. This is just one of five new sleepwear additions to the Beauty Night Lingerie collection at Ever-so-Sexy.

Free Chinese symbol tattoos for Love

chinese symbol for love in Chinese [ai]
Here is a chinese symbol tattoo picture for you.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Irall - New Brand at

At the beginning of 2009 Ever-so-Sexy committed to adding new lingerie brands and styles on a weekly basis. One new design a week was the aim, and so far, nearly half way through the year, Ever-so-Sexy has exceeded their own target. With new brands and new styles a plenty there has been more than enough new luxury and sexy lingerie for people to choose from. Today they launched another new brand with a total of eleven products. Irall, a Polish manufacturer whose products are made in Europse and provide excellent quality at reasonable prices. A selection of nightwear that should meet all tastes including a sexy sheer lace nightie to which you can add a very sexy thong and cuff/gloves for a little bedtime seduction. To see the whole new range visit the site.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Miley Cyrus Nude Fashion

Miley Ray Cyrus is an American singer, actress, author and is best Miley Cyrus Nude Fashionknown for starring as Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana in the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana. During the 2009 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, Cyrus went their in nude fashion.

She's not really naked but she wore a Moschino Cheap and Chic nude silk cowl neck halter dress. She also wore Elizabeth and James jewels with Robert Lee Morris which turns her to look mature.

Miley Cyrus won Best Song from a Movie for “The Climb” in “Hannah Montana: the Movie” at the event.via

Planning a seduction?

This sexy set from Luxxa may be just what you need if you are planning a seduction or want to spice up your bedtime. It certainly isn't a nightdress set to just sleep in.

Sheer black tulle leaves little to the imagination, although by wearing the matching robe (deshabille) as seen in this image, a little discretion can be maintained... but if you choose to wear the deshabille on its own, or just the nightdress alone then the sheer material will get his blood pressure rising. And that is not all... turn around in the nightie to find it has a cheeky surprise! This is the Verseau design (chemise or nuisette) and light sleeveless short over-robe from Luxxa.

Luxxa, a French lingerie manufacturer of luxury sexy lingerie and nightwear offer exclusive designs that always have an originality that few other manufacturers achieve.

Helen Flanagan Showing Off Her Cleavage

Two photos today for Helen Flanagan cleavage watchers!

Here's Helen in the back of a car wearing a very low cut blue dress, which shown off her cleavage to the maximum.

Helen Flanagan cleavage
Helen Flanagan sexy cleavage picture
For more celebrity photos and news: Celebrity Insider - Photos & News / In Praise Of Konnie Huq / (over 18's only)

Lingerie Collections

Sexy leather dress with alluring lace-up front, adjustable collar and convenient back zipper opening.


Rokoko baclconette bra from Gracya. Imported from Europe. Back by popular demand, it's the continuation of Gracya exclusive ecru Rokoko collection with embroidery in platinium thread. This beautiful balconette bra features elastic ecru net with characteristic embroidery, underwire support, removeable straps and silicone band on inside to keep bra in place when worn strapless. The Gracya Rokoko bra beautifully enhances the bust! Complete this beautiful bust enhancing lingerie ensemble with the Rokoko string thong and garterbelt, sold seperately. A luxurious lingerie set that is sure to impress!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Girls Cute Heart Tattoos

cute heart tattoo

Heart and star tattoos are the most popular tattoos in the girls.Not only these tattoos are good ofr women, because they are really beautiful! here are some cute heart tattoo pictures for you.
girls heart tattoo on the back

cute heart tattoo on foot
image at

cute heart tattoo designs
cute heart tattoo designs
picture of cute heart tattoo
picture of cute heart tattoo

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mastectomy bra by designer Di Murini in Pink or Ivory

Mastectomy bras often come as functional, dowdy items in brown paper packets - but no more. High-end designer Di Murini has a new line of bras for mastectomy women called Rowena which is made from the finest fabrics and lace and which looks glorious.
Mastectomy bras are available in Pink and Ivory for the current season with other great styles and colours coming in the next season. The company specialises in bras after mastectomy for women who have had a bilateral mastectomy ( double mastectomy ), single mastectomy or a lumpectomy.
The Di Murini post-surgery bras are believed to aid mastectomy recovery as they use a special fabric that is infused with Aloe Vera to help sooth the skin. The bras and loungewear are specially designed with minimum seams and no tags to prevent rubbing against any scar tissue.

Di Murini is to soon bring out a revolutionary mastectomy swimwear style with a range of mastectomy bathing suit and mastectomy bikini lines.

The mastectomy swimsuit research has involved a great deal of intensive study and trials to ensure security, fit for purpose and beauty during swimming and whilst affected by chlorine, sunlight and salt water and to ensure breast forms remain secure.
The company is committed to producing mastectomy swimsuits that are unrivalled in the industry and that make their customers feel and look gloriously beautiful. Women often find bras after cancer and luxurious mastectomy underwear is difficult to find and what is available is often unglamorous. Also some prosthesis bra designs do not hold the breast form securely which is why Di Murini designed the PRS, Pocket Release System (patent pending).

If you are interested in mastectomy swim suits then sign up on the Di Murini site to get regular updates and to be the first to know.

Research is currently underway into designer matectomy sports bras and luxury mastectomy strapless bras and the company hopes to have luxury lines available in one to two years for women after mastectomy.
The strapless mastectomy bra is a challenge that Di Murini is keen to complete to produce a highly desireable designer strapless bra and longline bra for post mastectomy women.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dreamgirl Women's Secret Lover Halter Babydoll

Sexy Lingerie. Dreamgirl Women's Secret Lover Halter Babydoll. Features 50% Nylon,45% Polyester and 5% Spandex, Halter style babydoll, Stretch lace Made in China, Hand wash, drip dry. See Detail

3pc Mischievous Nurse Costume Set

Sexy Lingerie. 3pc Mischievous Nurse Costume Set. Sultry bodysuit with daringly plunging neckline dangerously opened on the back, Features 3pc Mischievous Nurse Costume Set, Bodysuit with daringly plunging neckline, Open back, Includes Gloves and Hat, With Color: White / Size: One Size See Detail

Open Bust and Open Crotch Seamless Fishnet Bodystocking

Sexy Lingerie. Seamless Fishnet Halter Bodystocking with Open Bust & Crotchless. The Open Bust products are our most popular items and are so risque we cannot show the entire photograph. One size fits most 90-175 lbs. Gloves and shoes not included. Hand wash separately in warm water, drip dry, Features nylon, Halter Style, One Size fits most 90-175 Lbs.Front Openings for Easy Access. See Detail