Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mastectomy bra by designer Di Murini in Pink or Ivory

Mastectomy bras often come as functional, dowdy items in brown paper packets - but no more. High-end designer Di Murini has a new line of bras for mastectomy women called Rowena which is made from the finest fabrics and lace and which looks glorious.
Mastectomy bras are available in Pink and Ivory for the current season with other great styles and colours coming in the next season. The company specialises in bras after mastectomy for women who have had a bilateral mastectomy ( double mastectomy ), single mastectomy or a lumpectomy.
The Di Murini post-surgery bras are believed to aid mastectomy recovery as they use a special fabric that is infused with Aloe Vera to help sooth the skin. The bras and loungewear are specially designed with minimum seams and no tags to prevent rubbing against any scar tissue.

Di Murini is to soon bring out a revolutionary mastectomy swimwear style with a range of mastectomy bathing suit and mastectomy bikini lines.

The mastectomy swimsuit research has involved a great deal of intensive study and trials to ensure security, fit for purpose and beauty during swimming and whilst affected by chlorine, sunlight and salt water and to ensure breast forms remain secure.
The company is committed to producing mastectomy swimsuits that are unrivalled in the industry and that make their customers feel and look gloriously beautiful. Women often find bras after cancer and luxurious mastectomy underwear is difficult to find and what is available is often unglamorous. Also some prosthesis bra designs do not hold the breast form securely which is why Di Murini designed the PRS, Pocket Release System (patent pending).

If you are interested in mastectomy swim suits then sign up on the Di Murini site to get regular updates and to be the first to know.

Research is currently underway into designer matectomy sports bras and luxury mastectomy strapless bras and the company hopes to have luxury lines available in one to two years for women after mastectomy.
The strapless mastectomy bra is a challenge that Di Murini is keen to complete to produce a highly desireable designer strapless bra and longline bra for post mastectomy women.

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