Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Change of Style

Lola Luna is undoubtedly one of the best brands for erotic French lingerie. They specialise in tiny g strings that are both novel in design and glamorous. Using Calais lace and Swarovski crystals to create little works of art. The designs are made in limited quantities to maintain exclusivity and each year several new designs are launched.

Ever-so-Sexy chose Lola Luna to be one of the first designer bands to offer on their site back in 2006. The quality and the exquisite design was a no brainer for a new e-tailer looking for a quality product to promote. And three years on Lola Luna reamins a premier brand with

Lola Luna Sahara has been in the Lola Luna collection since late 2007. A very popular sand colour lace open thong with amber coloured crystal decoration. Now it is about to change with the sides and bands changing to a contrasting chocolate colour from the original co-ordinated sand colour. We're showing both styles here. The current stock at Ever-so-Sexy has the pale side straps but this will change as the stock is sold and replaced - so if you prefer the pale version, don't delay - visit the Ever-so-Sexy site today and order Lola Luna Sahara.

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