Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lulu and Lush at

Just to prove that Ever-so-Sexy is probably the fastest growing lingerie web site online today they've added yet another new design brand to their line up today. The fantastic Lulu and Lush, designer lingerie and corsets.

Already there are four stunning corsets to choose from plus satin bra sets and frilly knickers, with new designs in nightwear coming very soon.

Time to bookmark another page on the ever-so-sexy site so not to miss the Lulu and Lush designs as they arrive on site.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Unusual Properties of Silk

Silk lingerie and nightwear can be regarded as the ultimate luxury. Often used in top end designs and by design brands such as Sonata, Liliana Casanova, Diki and Jane Woolrich which are certainly not low budget products.

Soft to the touch and with a really delicate feel it is only natural to think of silk as a fragile fabric only for use on special occasions. So you might be surprised to learn that it is a very strong material, Kevlar (used for bullet proof jackets etc) is only 7 times stronger by tensile measurements. But you are not going to want to go to sleep in a Kevlar jacket! Strength beyond what you would expect is not the only unusual property of silk. Silk has interesting thermal properties which make a silk garment cool to wear in summer and warm in winter. Just what you want from underwear or sleepwear. And if that is not enough good news about silk then remember that silk is a naturally non allergenic material, so it is perfect to be worn against any skin but most especially for sensitive skin.

The downside is that silk underwear, nightdresses and pyjamas are typically more expensive than their counterparts in man-made fibres, even when comparing quality and designer brands of man-made fibre garments agains silk, the silk generally comes out at a higher price. So when budgets are tight it is a real temptation to cut costs and go for the less expensive option... but is it truly less expensive?

There's an old saying in the UK which goes like this; "You get what you pay for". Put simply, it means if you buy a cheap item it is likely not to last or wear well and you end up buying again in a very short time. If you buy quality it will last, sometimes for years and years and years...we are back in an indirect way to the strength of silk. A strong fabric, used in a well made garment and cared for properly can last a decade or more. So do the sums. Spend £55 on a cheap man-made fibre nightdress which lasts 12 months or spend £285 on a real silk nightdress which lasts ten years - the silk nightdress is actually less expensive.

Monday, August 17, 2009

How to Tattoo- The process of tattooing

The art of tattooing is not a difficult task at all. The people who seek to join this profession will know that a little training is all they need and they can become tattoo professionals. The basic technique of tattooing involves a stencil and the gun machines that engrave the tattoo in to the skin with a proper ink. First the customer selects the design that he or she wished to support on their body. Then an outline or a pattern of that design is made. The right body part for the design is selected and the outline of the design is tattooed on that body part using a stencil. For the outlining a gun machine is used which engraves the outline in black ink. Then the lines are filled with colorful ink giving shape to the proper tattoo that the customer wanted to wear.
tattoo studio
So the next time you ask yourself ‘how to tattoo?’ just follow the above techniques or search for the detailed process on the internet. But it is to be taken care of that no one should try to tattoo with out any professional guidance as it can be very dangerous. A little training from the professionals is necessary. The art of tattooing involves a good imagination and creativity. It is the talent of those who can think innovatively and come up with new ideas that can catch the attention of all. A tattoo needs to be striking to look at and endearing to one who supports it. The art of tattooing involves talent and is not a cup of tea for every body.

Cute tattoo for girls

Hi there, today I will present a cute tattoo to you.
cute tattoo girls
Yes, Every girl love cute things,including a cute girls tattoo which looks fantastic. However it can be hard to choose a cute girl tattoo as there as so many cute designs out there! How to choose one without regret? You can browse tattoo galleries online and find the perfect one.
You will find the cute girls tattoo designs are often small, but very adorable! This is due to females having smaller bodies than males are choosing to have a small cute tattoo rather than a large tattoo – like the sleeve tattoo for example. As these appear more cute and more feminine but this opinion varies between girls.

Some other cute girls tattoos include: Butterfly tattoos, tribal tattoos, star tattoos (shooting star especially), heart tattoos and zodiac tattoos to name a few. These are all amazing designs and look great on a female.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

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We've been at this for a long time now, and we know the photographic needs of both actors/performers and executives. We know how to make you look your best, whether it's against our high-key white background, or something darker and little more dramatic.

Headshot photographer in Dallas can travel to your place of business or other location to handle shots of your entire staff, from two to two hundred. There is a road fee involved with that, but it's pretty reasonable.

We are ready to help you take care of your photography needs. If you need quick service, we'll have you in and out in no time. And no matter how long we take, you'll still get the same great headshot quality we've been known for in Dallas for years.

Visit Their Web Site

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aubade lingerie - French lingerie at it's finest!

Aubade lingerie is based in Paris, France. Aubade is typified by brilliant design, imagination and quality. Sexy swimwear and lingerie that can be described as deliciously sexy and totally erotic.

Aubade is a historic French designer lingerie master that can trace its history back to the 1800s when Dr Bernard began producing corsets and created the fine lingerie company that would eventually become to Aubade. Now, Aubade is among the best luxury brands that act as ambassadors for France's fashion image throughout the globe. Aubade has been cherished and developed by generations of the Pasquier family whilst remaining true to the ideals of a century ago...superb craft and superb quality.
The Aubade lingerie name embodies the mastery of this company and their devotion to lingerie, having spearheaded many of the current day innovations we take for granted. Aubade was first to dare to use colour, to launch the concept of matching sets, to develop the string briefs with the creation of the tanga model.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Helen Flanagan Splits With Boyfriend

Helen Flanagan cleavageHelen Flanagan has split from boyfriend Daniel Scott about whom she had previously said, "He's the love of my life. It was a bit quick but we're pretty much inseparable now."

Helen hasn't talked of the split or made any comment as yet but Daniel said, "I'm really down about it. We split up a week ago. It was a mutual decision and no one else was involved."

The couple were living together in a flat close to the Coronation Street studios. Helen has been upset while working and is said by a friend to be 'devastated'.

Helen Flanagan Pictures.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Italian and French lingerie sale.

Designer lingerie from high-end Italian lingerie and French lingerie designers including huit, Cotton Club, Janet Reger, Suzanne Ermann, Argentovivo, Elise Aucouturier and Princesse tam tam.
All on sale with up to 70% 0ff in the summer sale at Mio Destino – other lingerie sale items include the sexy HOTmilk maternity lingerie designer.

Sale while stocks last. Corsets are hand made and are not on sale.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Helen Flanagan To Strip To Underwear

Helen Flanagan cleavageIt seems like we'll be seeing Helen Flanagan in her underwear again as Rosie Webster in Coronation Street.

Reports say her outfit will be even more revealing than 'that' corset she wore to try and seduce Tony.

Rosie will be flashing herself to ex lover Luke, played by the lucky Craig Kelly.

Helen said, "I can't wait but I hope my real boyfriend Daniel understands. Everyone else can look but he's the only one allowed to touch."

Helen Flanagan Pictures. Pics and bio of Helen Flanagan and in her role as Rosie Webster on Coronation Street.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Helen Flanagan Shoes Off Her Legs In Hotpants And High Heels

Helen Flanagan legs in hot pants
Helen Flanagan shows off her legs when her Coronation Street character, Rosie Webster, cleans her sports car. Wearing hotpants and high heels Helen looks dressed for, er, car cleaning.

Helen Flanagan Pictures.