Friday, September 18, 2009

Helen Flanagan Only Wore Pyjama Tops In Bed

Helen Flanagan perfect boobs, bum and legs'Helen Flanagan's ex boyfriend, Danny Scott, has been telling about how he was besotted with her and her, "... perfect boobs, bum and legs."

He even told bits about their love life:

"We had a great sex life, we were a normal young couple in love. She had a look she would give me with her big blue eyes and I knew I was going to be a very lucky man.

In bed she only wore pyjama tops because we would snuggle up together and she'd get too hot.

I always thought she was sexiest on a morning when she jumped out of bed half-naked and looked amazing."

Danny said they even made love in the kitchen:

"If she was home first I would sometimes find her in the kitchen, cooking for me in her underwear. It was every man's fantasy to find your girlfriend in her bra and pants making you dinner.

We would usually let the food go cold and make love in the kitchen."

Guess nothing is private any more!

Helen Flanagan Pics. Pics and bio of Helen Flanagan and in her role as Rosie Webster on Coronation Street.

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