Monday, November 23, 2009

Helen Flanagan's Rosie Wants A Boob Job

Helen Flanagan boob jobStrewth! Helen Flanagan to have a boob job? Not exactly but that is what Rosie Webster wants in Coronation Street - and Helen is Rosie.

It seems that Rosie wants to be a glamour and promotions girl so feels that a larger cleavage may well help her along her career path.

Rosie is so keen that she's even willing to sell her beloved car to pay for her enhancement. That is, until the agency boss tells her that he'll cough up the money - and in return ... well, lets leave that to the imagination.

While this is all going on Rosie's Mum, Sally, has to tell her family that she has breast cancer and needs a lumpectomy. So a bit of a controversial story line coming up for Helen in the New Year.

Helen Flanagan Pics.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Helen Flanagan Flashes Her Cleavage At The School Disco

Helen Flanagan cleavage and legsHelen Flanagan played the part well as she partied the night away at the School Disco club in London's West End.

She was dressed in a short mini skirt schoolgirl style with an open white shirt and loose tie showing off her impressive cleavage.

She spent much of the time sucking on a lolly and, according to the News of the World, she was even dancing on the table - not exactly the thing to do in a short skirt! But she had fun.

As far as her private life goes, Helen is now said to be dating the Manchester City footballer Reece Wabara.

Friday, November 13, 2009


It's a cat! With shark teeth! Or maybe it's a bear?


If anyone has any idea what the story behind these tattoos is, I would LOVE to know!

Why Would Anyone Get Feet Tattoo?

Here are some pictures of foot tattoos
foot tattoos designs
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The question is a valid one. People usually get tattoos because they are a visual representation of something important to the wearer. If a person really wants to physically exhibit a pictorial image, why get feet tattoo?
foot tattoos images
foot tattoos
First of all, people don’t always wear footwear that fully covers their feet. Women especially wear open footwear, and feet tattoo would be seen more often than not. This would apply to men as well who live in warmer climates, since they would often be wearing sandals or flip-flops.
beautiful female foot tattoos
foot tattoos
Secondly, feet are a very attractive part of the body for many people. Having a foot fetish is not as uncommon as many people think it is. In this case, getting feet tattoo could be an extremely titillating enticement to attract some wanted attention to an area of the body that can be a real turn-on for some people. An erotic bit of artful ink on an ankle or an instep would be a welcome surprise to a new partner if they were seeing feet tattoo for the first time representing some exciting sexual iconography.
foot tattoos
foot tattoos

Another reason that someone would get feet tattoo could be the very reason that feet are covered the majority of the time. Not everyone gets a tattoo to boldly let the world know their feelings. Some people are more subtle. Feet tattoo would suit this kind of person perfectly, because they would have the satisfaction of wearing ink without anyone knowing, unless they decide to let someone in on their little secret.
foot star tattoo for girls
feet foot tattoo

Latest New tattoo designs

Here are some latest tattoo designs.
heart-wing tattoo on the back
heart-wing tattoo on the backfemale back flower tattoo
female back flower tattoocool tribal dragon tattoo designs
cool tribal dragon tattoo designs

Fish Tattoo

Fish Tattooa cool fish tattoo on the back

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My favorite thing in the entire world!

Zombie Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Ryan, your tattoo is truly amazing!

Click here for more amazing zombie jesus tattoos

Cowboygirl up!

This gem was submitted by a reader. It's actually not that bad... technically it's good, and I get the funny "cowboy up" twist on phrasing. The floating hat is a little weird, but I've seen a million worse tattoos. It did get me into searching for some cowboy tattoos though, and look what I found!

Same artist or inspiration? I kind of like it...

However, there are some truly terrible cowboy tattoos out there, which I am happy to share with you.

I love his tiny feet! They're so dainty!

This poor cowboy only has one foot.

And this is from the anime series Cowboy Bebop, so it's a different kind of cowboy... but it's so terrible I had to share.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pop Helen Flanagan's Cherry

Helen Flanagan cleavage and legsIn a new storyline for Helen Flanagan, in her Coronation Street role of Rosie Webster, she will be flaunting her chest in a boob tube emblazoned with the caption of 'Pop My Cherry'.

Yes, Rosie Webster will be back to her sexy best wearing hot pants and a boob tube as she takes on a job as a roller skating promotions girl for a cherry flavoured vodka.

About the job Rosie tells her father, "It'll be so cool. Some of the places I'm going will be wall to wall with footballers and TV stars. And I'm paid for it."

Kevin, of course, doesn't agree!

As for the photo on this post, not too sure where it originated other than it was sent to me by 'scavenger', so thanks.