Monday, March 29, 2010

Area network

At the present time, as the development of Wireless Local Area network (WLAN) technology、Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) chi flat iron store technology、Wireless Metropolitan Area network (WMAN) technology, etc. the scarceness of spectrum resource hampers the sustainable development of the wireless communication and services; Cognitive radio (sell discount wedding dresses), which has been recently proposed, can make wise use of any idle spectrum sector for the exchange of information without infringing upon the right of licensed users or discount wedding dresses causing harmful interference to licensed operations, sense the wireless environment intelligently, make the wireless communication equipment, which has the cognitive function, can access to the plus size wedding dresses spectrum that is not in use or is lightly used in an“opportunistic way”, utilize the spectrum dynamically, so that the efficiency of spectrum is improved and the capacity of wireless blog lace wedding dresses communication system is increased. This new technology arises as a hot resources topic in wireless communication. As one important technique in CR, spectrum sensing plays a vital part in CR realization.Firstly, this dissertation looks back on the emergence of CR and its definition, corresponding notions, main function, based on which the focus of this thesis is established.

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