Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baby doll in tulle with pink print and thong with side draft.Color: Black-Pink Black. History of Lingerie 

The issue may seem trivial, too frivolous, but there as so many other things, traces the history.
Different cultures have expressed through clothing, which can be read, because it has script and own discourse, having authority, in both men and women.

They say that if I spoke, it would be a quarry uncontrollable feedback.
His language, as old as man, every season always manages to seem original and after many twists and turns, sometimes a little battered, but this, the clothes always back the old slogan: "autumn - winter, spring - Summer "and once again we see pass, like new ...
We can not forget that clothing was invented by other inventions, like the needle and sewing technique.
And if female interior is full of messages coming from Olympus Eros, but do not forget the male, and a bit too eroticized abrigadita.
Although from the beginning of the story, the woman and underwear shared very dark days.
The first female undergarments come from Egypt, where celebrities such as Cleopatra and Nefertiti used the "shenti" which was a kind of transparent skirt, she wore a tunic underneath.
The slaves of that time, not wearing underwear, only when it amounted to favorite, accompanying her rise, they received a little bundle of underwear, which was the first of its life.
So she began to wear underwear, which also fulfilled other roles: among them ensured their dependency.
So he invented everything! corsets, lace, petticoats on petticoats, panties, corsets, crinolines, every thought, first to cut the breath and has cost some lives but also served to free the survivors, no?
Let's start with the corset, was invented by a woman Isabel of Bavaria in 1380 and very discreet, put wooden sticks at first, but after he got the macabre to replace them steel rods!
Thus, the torturous corset fashion, began to turn ribs, liver and uterus to shift to cause choking, fainting, depression and anxiety, more than one woman went to another world.
So at this point, doctors, priests, intellectuals also deemed it highly detrimental to health and even Napoleon forbade it, declaring it "murderer of the human species!
However, any attempt to dethrone him in vain, because they said he had some virtues, like carving the body of each, rounding, it lengthens, it is reduced, concealed, reinforced, piled up, that I could do anything !
What would have happened to Scarlett O'Hara, that unforgettable scene from "Gone With the Wind" when, clutching a black slave column tugging at the laces of her corset?
They realize as fashion can be more?
However, over time, women making spaces will also change her clothes and begins to outline the soutiens, vying invention Herminie Cadolle a French and an American, Tiztling Otto, a son of German immigrant bricklayers.
This man, in love with a fat singer, breast ungovernable, conceived an idea to design a garment that does not remove the air of his beloved, at the time of the treble.
And just like that, left the family brick and devoted himself to designing lingerie.
Then, uncovered the female stomach when he pulled out a piece to the brace and caused a real revolution.
Before long it was accepted and it was initially made in secret, only by nuns, corset and women themselves.
But industrialization came, nothing could stop him, stiff with hoops, filling, was the flag of rebellion feminist movements.
However, the Americans sent him into exile, when the fashion imposed a flat chest.
But Madonna rescued him and invaded scenarios, walkways, beaches and even hangs casually on newsstands on streets and squares, without anyone catches your eye.

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