Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chinese Ministry of Industry

Wireless mobile communication technology makes great strides in the 21st century, especially 3G technology has a robust development on a global scale. After entering 2008, the accomplishment of the reforming of six carriers of China's telecommunication industries and the act that custom made prom dresses Chinese Ministry of Industry and Informationization had issued licenses of the third generation mobile communication (3G) to China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom have opened up an new chapter for the development of 3G in China.The source of the paper is China Telecom Mobile Network Construction Some Capital City Local Wireless Network Project. According to the thought and goal of China Telecom's this project on the wireless network construction, the paper cheap womens nike shoes proceeds from coverage goal with great emphasis, carries network coverage cheap ralph lauren polo shirts designing on CDMA 1x system. Specifically, the installation of base station system which contains its principle and plan were introduced, as well as the existed network's DT (Drive Test) data were combined with the paper to give an custom made prom dresses example on how to select the location of base station. Besides, the existed and lace wedding dresses planned networks were emulated in the paper, verifying the validity and feasibility of the plan on base stations. The results of emulation show that the planned network has an obvious improvement on coverage scope, as well as the depth. Finally, the CDMA lx system's frequency plan and pilot pollution were discussed and analyzed.

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