Sunday, March 28, 2010

For many brides, wearing a lingerie very sexy on her wedding day is as important a requirement as clothing, shoes, bouquet and other accessories.
Thus, many choose to take into account the wedding night and honeymoon next enjoy coming alongside their husbands.
Therefore, there are some recommendations you should consider when choosing: 
Lingerie: eroticism and history 

Within the collection of books published on the occasion of its 25th anniversary, which pooled quality and low price, Taschen published last year this '1000 dessous. A History of Lingerie 'a journey through the history of lingerie that aims both to excite and increase our knowledge about these garments object of desire.

"Chastity belt was an element of fashion? How many women's bodies shattered the corset?When did using lingerie? Why are men so excited? Why women use both?
These and other questions answered Néret Gilles (1933-2005) journalist and historian in this interesting book, divided into three parts, the lingerie over history, Lingerie in Lingerie in film and advertising, although it is the first that bears the weight.
The first part is the largest and has a long text that examines the lingerie from its beginnings in prehistory to the present, a complete review of the various ages who have lived these items and the many changes they have experienced. Just move on to the pictures (and pictures to a lesser extent) to full size, arranged chronologically, with the corresponding footer shelling will best kept secrets of each of these intimate apparel.
So we will see pictures of some bras in 300 BC, some very interesting graphic studios brace and physical destruction that occurred in women, but also the release over the years they succeeded. A garment of great importance in the nineteenth century was the crinoline, uncomfortable and cumbersome to say enough is enough.
The following visual review by the panties, stockings, suspenders, tights ... It also makes a special review by the magazines that have particular relevance to the topic, like Paris or major Hollywood mail order catalogs that served to energize the sexuality of the era, such as those run by Yva Richard. The review can not ignore some of the masters of photography fetish as Elmer Bates and Eric Kroll or some of the women who have done most of the lingerie, voluntarily or involuntarily, as Madonna and provocative shows, appearing onstage in underwear designed by masters such as Jean Paul Gaultier.
The section devoted to film takes a look at the hottest moments featuring women who assert their charms used as a weapon lingerie. In most times had to struggle with fierce foe of censorship, but directors like Tinto Brass, Vittorio de Sica, Fellini, John Huston and Luis Buñuel got erotic scenes of great power.
Some of these actresses who got the respectable left stunned by their strip teases, or "oh, she has seen me a garter belt" were: Sophia Loren, Kim Basinger, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardott, Jane Fonda, Claudia Cardinale or mythical Sylvia Kristel of Emmanuelle.
Finally, the book devotes the last pages of advertising, and begins with some beautiful ads of the early twentieth century, also photographic ads where the models pose fully static and inexpressive because of censorship and just remembered campaigns of brands as DIM, Lou or Audabe.

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