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Joint push up elasticized off-white, cotton onesie.Two centuries of 
Lingerie and underwear XVIII Century A mid-eighteenth century we hear of first quality lingerie in the modern sense, which also have to thank a company like CAT with more than 120 years of history behind it.
Corset, crinoline and bustle were terms commonly used for women between 1810 and 1870.The ladies wore fashionable "wasp waist" that, at the time, was achieved using 'lace bras' and' mechanical corset. " By 1870 this figure also includes artificially exaggerated the back of the body: the 'fuss' in the form of basket is used to create a 'false bottom' as particularly erotic.
The last third of the last century brought an increasing luxury in relation to the lingerie.Netherlands Batista and fine linen, embroidery and lace, heart-shaped necklines and crochet work. The imagination knows no bounds. This is how he began his art of 'couture lingerie. "
The corset, which had hitherto served only to model the figure, quickly gained the status of garment fashion thanks to the so-called 'rubber bands' that today we know as 'league'. Siglo XIX The typical figure of 1900 women shows no sign of "gut" - to be possible even with the belly-bow inward combined with a very pronounced chest and a butt that sticks out. Since 1910 the lower body will be constrained in a straight line.
A walk through the history of industrialization reveals that until the 40s of XIX century corsets were creations of the tailors who sewed corset hand cut pieces of fabric. Later come the mass production process of tissue attached to the brace on a handloom. In 1850 he released the sewing machine in Germany.
The French were the pioneers in the manufacture of corsets in series. Soon after, the mid-nineteenth century, Germany will emerge in the first workshops for making corsets. Among them is a Rappenau Bad company, founded in 1885, which later became known as the CAT.
The first bra was a precursor of the French model 'Callimico' - based molded rubber bands - designed to wear under your corset.
The First World War brought a whole new feminine image - the result of the necessary independence and work activity of women. Suddenly, women gained the appearance of boys.The 'underwear one piece' is the typical garment of the moment. The breast disappears under the first bra. " The brace is replaced in part by the 'strip'.
20 Years In America we show the 20 women characterized as vamps - but with little shapely hips. The basic pieces of wardrobe draper are rounded fasteners that enhance the bust, elastic suspenders and corset shapes the figure. Essential belt, until the invention of pantyhose, will also serve as league.
World War II brought shortages and inventiveness. The fibers from abroad, such as nylon or Perlon break into the German market. The basic outfit is now composed of 'strip' and 'bra'. From 1960 until today
In the early 60's, the West German lingerie industry is experiencing a huge boom. It employs about 25,000 people - of which 2,000 work in CAT. Since that time the fashion industry is unthinkable without such innovations as the lycra, the miracle fiber, the first tights and a miniskirt.
Fortunately he left behind the days when women preferred to buy underwear, especially belts, trying to go unnoticed and with a certain sense of shame. In the last ten years the belts and lingerie have been gaining in the range of fashion items. This is because, first, the openness of our time and, secondly, increased body awareness.
There is no doubt that the evolution of fashion to enhance the body shape as plunging necklines and has also contributed greatly to changing the status of lingerie. To this must be added that many young women with big tits who are not ashamed to enhance her cleavage. In addition to matters related with fashion - from sports cars to other richly decorated - the customers increasingly more important given the fact that a bra feels good. Although, as is natural, that is relevant functionality should not be all prudish or remind the grandmother's underwear.
Precisely women with large cup sizes are very aware of fashion and give utmost importance to comfort, but this does not much less that the fasteners do not have to follow the latest trends and provide optimum quality. Lingerie should not be constrained but must be comfortable to wear and must produce a certain feeling of comfort.

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