Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lingerie exotic and wild. This sexy lingerie continuous cutting off breathing but not to women but to men. The history of sexy lingerie brings us to the ancient civilizations in which the woman sought a practical and convenient way to cover their shameful care areas of aesthetics and the breasts should be subject to the comfort women. 

That consisted of sexy lingerie bras made from silk that enveloped the female breasts.
An important period for sexy lingerie was the era of monarchy and the Napoleonic period, in which the brace was privileged garment sexy lingerie for women seeking to be streamlined and managed acinturarlas corset and reduce the size of the abdomen Another reason why the corset was the element most commonly used sexy lingerie is because it enhances the breasts.The twentieth century is the century in which sexy lingerie is its height but no sexy lingerie forget that lived in a period of decline in the decades of the 30s, 40s and 50s because they are considered very conservative years bit sexy when sexy lingerie make and model. In the '60s with the advent of the hippie movement was a break in terms of sexy lingerie and partly abandoned the use of fasteners. It also adopted new colors that dominated the flowers and spring colors. This helped people to break free of old taboos. In the '70s with the arrival in cinemas and on television series like "The Charlie's Angels" and films like "James Bond" explosive with their women did give a total spin on the look fashionable and sexy visions commitment using sexy lingerie, high heels and provocative clothing. But it would be in the 80's when the sexy lingerie to be back on top. Sex icons like Madonna helped the frequent use of sophisticated lace lingerie. Broke a fashion that made the sexy lingerie was adored by both men and women.
In the 90s the sexy lingerie is simplified, it's "Wonderbra" and women choose to enhance their breasts considerably. There is a change as to the stoical female physicist cobraducha importance and became fashionable new trends that are routed to the diets, healthy living and sport, making sexy lingerie lingerie comfortable.
Lingerie today is sensual, romantic, erotic and comfortable but above all sexy lingerie. Women we like to see us cozy, elegant and delicate lingerie and helps us feel that way. Sexy lingerie is today absolutely essential and it is one of our best weapons of seduction and pleasure that shows the qualities of a woman sexy, strong and bold.

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